TV SHOWS I’VE BEEN WATCHING (aka. I finally watched Stranger Things)

Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new tv chats post! Today I’m talking about the shows I have watched recently. There isn’t that many but still, I am finally getting into a tv mood and I’m not hating it!



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Lately, I have been watching Stranger Things, Sense8 and Jessica Jones. 

I finished Stranger Things and Sense8 last week and honestly, I am so mad that I waited so long to watch them! I had already seen Sense8 season 1 last year, but I just never seemed to watch season 2. Boy, I am so mad you guys. I waited so long to watch Sense8 season 2 and oh my lord, thank god we are getting a 2-hour special. This show has absolutely killed me. I had completely forgotten how much I loved the show and how much I looked up to characters like Nomi, Hernando and Kala.

I also watched Stranger Things for the first time. This has been a long time coming, I have been telling my friends I would watch it for practically a year, so I am kind of proud of myself that I finally watched it, and now I can actually talk about it!

I have to say my favourite character is definitely Jonathon. Of all the characters, I definitely relate to him the most, and I can’t wait to see his character development in season 2. I am also warming to Steve and Hopper. I would actually be interested to know who you guys think Nancy will end up with – Steve or Jonathon.

I also just finished re-watching Jessica Jones yesterday. I loved it the first time I watched it and was feeling a random urge to watch marvel tv shows. I gave Luke Cage a shot but didn’t really care for it, and I still haven’t finished season 2 of Daredevil and it’s been out for a year or something like that. But for some reason, I am able to re-watch Jessica Jones and have a great time. It might be because of The Purple Man, or because I think Krysten Ritter is cool. Either way, the show definitely gives off a completely different vibe to the others. Though, I do think I will try and re-watch Daredevil starting with season 1 because I know that I loved Karen and I would like to know what happens to her in the show.


What tv shows are you watching at the moment? Have you watched any of these shows?


Are Superhero Films Getting Boring?

Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a pretty random post! I was hit with a sudden need to talk about superhero movies today and how I feel about all the upcoming films.

Basically what I want to talk about today with you guys is that I really think the superhero films we currently have all pretty much the same. They all follow the same basic structure:

Intro, fight (lose), aw shucks, motivation revamp yay we can do this, action scene (win)

It’s all the same stuff – how many revamps of Batman, Superman and/ or Spider-Man do we need? I know they make money but you know what would also make money? A Spider-Gwen movie, or you know what would have made money before they destroyed her character? Black Widow. I was so excited for that movie but A2 destroyed her for character for me and now I couldn’t get give two shits.


Movies I want to see:

  • Spider-Verse – I know it’s still Spider-Man but it’s every Spider-Man, the Spidey movie to end all Spidey movies.
  • Scarlet Witch – Maybe some proper back story this time? I want to really get to know here character because at the moment she’s just the chick with magic that hangs out with Vision and that’s basically it.
  • Miles Morales – I know we’re getting an animated movie but come on, I doubt it’s even going to hit my cinemas.
  • Fantastic Four – The F4 are one of my favourite super teams of all time so I need a proper movie. I refuse to see the 2015/2016 movie because no. It looks terrible and I refuse to subject myself to that.
  • Silver Surfer – The comics are amazing and this would be the BEST film. Just SS in space hanging out with Dawn and saving planets.
  • Captain Marvel – I love her she deserves the world
  • Rocket & Groot Buddycop movie – They’re comic series is amazing and seeing it translated into film would be phenomenal
  • Booster Gold – Because come on! I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be getting this movie but they talked about that years ago so I’m not getting my hopes up.
  • Ms Marvel – The comic series has really transformed the comic world and has also gotten new people to start reading comics. Also, it will show companies that we do want to watch films with diverse characters, and we don’t have a problem with main characters who aren’t white or catholic/atheist.


I’m sick of seeing all the standard Avengers and Batman films, I want something different. I want what Marvel did with GOTG, everyone said that movie would fail but it’s one of the best Marvel films there is.

Basically, what I want to see in feature superhero films is more diversity and the companies actually taking a chance. What I really don’t understand is why Marvel, DC, Fox and everyone else refuses to take a chance. I mean, take Deadpool for instance, the only reason that movie made it through and got made was because that 30 second clip got leaked and the fans went insane. If that hadn’t happened we still wouldn’t have a Deadpool movie and we would all be a lot sadder.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me shitting on Superhero movies, because trust me I love them. This is about me really wishing they would branch out and try something new. I want companies to take a chance like Marvel did with Guardians.

I’m writing this post now, mainly because I was hit with sudden inspiration to talk about Superheroes, but also because I think that I’m not alone in thinking that the Superhero movies we have now all feel pretty similar. Also, with companies like Marvel who are finally getting into phase four of the story arc that we’ve been following since 2008, I think that this will really give the company a chance to break out. Infinity War is coming up, and we’re going to be introduced to all these different characters, I think there is something like 60-80 characters in that film, and I am so excited!

With all the deaths and contracts that are going to be finished with the end of Infinity War I think this is a really great chance for Marvel to introduce new characters. I want younger kids to see an ad for Captain Marvel and get really excited because that’s a female superhero and she’s in space!! I want all the little kids who fell in love with Rocket and Groot to have the same experience with other heroes, and not to just watch the same remake until they swear off superhero movies altogether.


Are you an MCU or DC fan?

How do you feel about superhero movies at the moment?



Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new TV Chats post! Today I’m talking about the tv shows I still haven’t started.

We all have those shows, the shows we’ve always meant to watch but for whatever reason just haven’t gotten around to it. For me, more recently it was Lucifer. I’ve been meaning to watch this show for at least a year but hadn’t actually gotten around to it until last month. So, of course as soon as I finally started watching the show I got completely obsessed with it!


dividerarrowleftfeatureRelated image Related image Image result for the office us poster dividerarrowrightfeature

I’m sensing a theme with most of these shows, the first three are kind of older, not that they’ve been out for a long time just that they’re for older audiences, though I suppose Legion would also fit into that category.

This Is Us

I actually meant to start watching this show as soon as it came out, I was SOO excited for this show even before the show had started but watched episode 1 and then completely fell off the wagon with TV. This year, I have really fallen out of love with TV shows, I will occasionally find a show that I love like Lucifer, but I’m either sporadically re-watching Parks and Rec or Ben 10 or I am just not watching TV at all.

I do plan to eventually watch this show, but I think I will probably just binge-watch it once it eventually goes on Aus Netflix.


Late last year (probably August – December) I got pretty obsessed with Gilmore Girls (part of the reason I really want to watch This Is Us) and this is Lauren Graham’s other big series. So of course, I have to watch this one! I really love Lauren Graham and from what I’ve seen of Parenthood I’m like 90% sure I’m going to love it.

The Office (US)

I love Parks and Rec, the show based off of this so obviously I need to watch this. We actually only have the UK version of the show on Aus Netflix so I really don’t know when I’ll actually get around to watching this. I have heard amazing things though, and Steve Carell is amazing so duh.


I honestly don’t know how I haven’t watched this yet. It’s a superhero X-Men series with such an amazing cast. I mean, come on, Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens – how have I not seen it yet??

This series is seriously everything I look for in a TV show so I swear I will watch it by the time the year is up!


what shows have you been meaning to watch but just haven’t gotten around to?


THE 13th DOCTOR IS A WOMAN!!! + Other News

Hey you guys, today I’m coming at you with my second TV Chats post, and I am so excited to chat with you guys about all the tv and big screen news! So, I’m actually writing this a week or two in advance, because I only just got out of school and saw the Doctor Who news and knew I had to talk to you guys about it! I also wanted to discuss some movie news that I’m excited about and thought you might be interested in!

WE FINALLY HAVE A FEMALE DOCTOR AND I AM SCREAMING! I actually am not caught up with the show at the moment, and haven’t even attempted to start the latest season, and I know that even though I’m in such a DW mood right now, I just won’t have time for at least another month or two.

I think that while the show is definitely going to lose viewers (Twitter went nuts with angry old men, it was ridiculous!) when Josie Whittaker’s series comes around, but while that sucks I think the show is also going to gain a whole lot of views because of all the people who are going to watch because of the new casting.

I am now completely back in the mood for more Doctor Who and I cannot wait for information on Whittaker’s Doctor!


This month there was another con (there have seriously been so many lately), I don’t know if it was called SDCC or if it was D23 because I have no idea what goes on outside of Australia, unless it’s politics related. Anywayyyy, so they finished filming Infinity War part 1 late last month or early this month. And so at whatever con this was, for all the people who were lucky enough to go to the Marvel panel, they go to see an early Infinity War P1 trailer AND I AM SO JEALOUS HOW DARE THEY! 😣😣 I’m hoping they release a trailer around November, because I am actually giving myself anxiety over this and that helps literally no one in my life.


Speaking of Daisy Ridley (who I love) we got some casting news and a release date for The Knife of Never Letting Go, which I actually had no idea was being turned into a film but now think I will definitely have to see. I mean, come on, Rey and Peter Parker, what’s not to love?

I actually didn’t love the novel and the writing actually got me to DNF it but I might give it another go before the film comes out. Are you guys excited?

I AM SCREAMING (again, lol what’s new?) WE FINALLY HAVE FOOTAGE TO WATCH ON REPEAT (or is that just me?)

A Wrinkle in Time is one of my top 10 favourite novels of all time, and is definitely in my top 5 classics. I read this in one day (a school day, mind you) and completely fell in love with the story. It’s quirky but tells an awesome story and I love it very much. Also, the cast for this movie is completely awesome, also the diversity is very exciting!

Also, there’s a 2003 movie if you need something to tide you over in the stretch to next March.


Are you excited for the new Doctor? What big screen news are you most excited about?



Hey guys today I’m coming at you with something completely new for my blog. I’ve got my tea ready and I have a BooksandLala Q&A on in the background and I am ready to go! Today, I’m going to try out a new feature (hopefully) on my channel. If you guys follow my blog regularly, you know that I mostly talk about books but really want to branch out and talk about other things, which by no means that I want to stop chatting about books with you guys! I actually have some fun bookish posts coming up for the rest of the year that I just just finished planning out (I am so excited).

So, today, to start off this feature I want to chat with you guys about some of the tv shows that I watch and a pattern that I’ve noticed in my shows lately. So lately I’ve noticed that the majority of my shows are crime or cop related. All of the shows shown below are shows I am actively watching, though I did just (literally, yesterday) get caught up with Lucifer.


asdssImage result for brooklyn nine nine Image result for grimm Image result for ncis la Image result for pushing daisies Image result for lucifer

I know this is a lot of shows to be watching, but don’t worry I’m not actually watching these all at the same time. Currently I am watching NCIS: LA after finishing my binge-watch of Lucifer. I do find that I have a fun collection of Police shows though, I have some comedy, fantasy and cutesy shows sprinkled into my collection. Have you guys watched any of the shows I mentioned above?

My Status:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.15

Grimm 3.03

NCIS: LA 2.18

Pushing Daisies 1.04

Lucifer Up to date

While I do watch other shows like Would I Lie To You?, Sense8 and Doctor Who I find that the majority of shows I watch are all investigative (even though I still think DW fits into the category). I think that I am naturally drawn to these types of shows, probably because I really enjoy trying to figure out the mystery along with the characters (which I seem to enjoy in books as well).


This post was a bit rambly and a lot shorter than I intended but I think that was just because I went into  this post without much direction, just knowing I wanted to talk about my tv shows. I am hoping to continue this feature, so let me know what you guys thought!


Which genres are you drawn to? What show are you obsessed with at the moment?