Hey everyone, welcome to or welcome back to my blog! It’s that time of year again! It’s time for round of the Scoobathon! I posted my announcement of the readathon a few days ago and so did my co-host Destiny! I love the Scooby gang so much so I can’t wait to read some bangers and get spooked with all of you!

Scoobathon Round 2 info:

  • dates: October 17 – 23
  • hosts: Destiny (howlinglibraries) + Ellyn (allonsythornraxx)
  • prompts: we have 15 but they’re optional! you can count multiple prompts towards 1 book, make the readathon work for you!
  • what can i read? we’re not here to police what or how you read so it’s all up to you!
  • does my tbr have to be Scooby-centric? Nope, this is just a Scooby-inspired readathon!

You can follow the Scoobathon Twitter account here!

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Scoobathon Round 2 Announcement!!! [Oct 17 – 23]

Hi everyone, welcome to or welcome back to my blog! Today I’m finally posting my Scoobathon round 2 announcement! Last October I ran the first round and had so much fun that I decided to bring it back again for the 2022 spooky season! I’m also cohosting with my fave spooky gal Destiny from Howlinglibraries for this round and I am so excited about this! I highly recommend following Destiny because she’s always posting about spooky/horror books and they always sound amazing!

Follow the Scoobathon Twitter here.

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