I Read Mostly 3 Star Books? Losing Confidence in My Reading Tastes Discussion

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time dissecting my reading tastes and paying a lot of attention to my Goodreads page and my general reading tastes and I discovered that my avergae rating on Goodreads (which I’ve actively been on since 2015) is 3.52 (interestingly my average rating has gone down since I outlined this post last week – it was 3.53).

So, my average rating on Goodreads is 3.52 and I’ve always said that I think 3 stars is a solid rating for a book, and maybe that’s why I give out so many 3 star average ratings I honestly don’t know. But, I’ve been noticing lately that while I read a lot of books and I read relatively broadly from middle grade to adult and in different genres within those age groups. soo many of the books I read, while I like them and would recommend them, are usually 3 stars or somewhere within that 3 star range.

So yeah, today I’m sort of rambling on about how I think I’m losing faith, or maybe confidence is a better word? in my reading tastes. and how I’m reading a lot of books and while I’m liking most of them, I’m not loving them and it’s sort of bringing me down? Like, I just want to be loving books again! I don’t want to change how I read or the quanity or where or when or even what because I genuinely love the groove I’ve gotten into. I just want to understand how to get myself to stop pikcing up average books!

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