I actually did better than I thought I would this month, though I did not really read the books I had set out to. This was supposed to be an arc month for me but because it was also exam month I barely got any reading done.


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Yeah…. I didn’t do too well this month. I think this is actually the fourth month in which I’ve failed to finish Dreadnought.


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Rocket Raccoon & Groot Vol. 0

Read 03/06/2017


I feel like I just reached the peak of my life… this was everything I never knew I needed. I cannot wait to continue this, I have the biggest comic hangover now.

Paper Girls Volume 2

Read 04/06/2017


I am confused and unimpressed. I doubt I’ll be picking up volume 3.

Amazing Spider-Man & Silk: The Spider(fly) Effect

Read 04/06/2017


Meh. Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes going into this as I had never read a Silk comic and knew nothing about this one.

I didn’t like the artwork and found myself relly wanting to skip whole pages, it just wasn’t worth it for me.

Harry Potter – Hufflepuff Edition

Read 26/06/2017



dividerarrowleftfeatureRelated imageThe Hollow Boy (Lockwood & Co., #3)Driving Miss CrazyLast Seen Leavingdividerarrowrightfeature

The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co. #2)

Read 01/06/2017


Loved this. Great ending. Now, I must not wait 6 months to read the next book.

The Hollow Boy (Lockwood & Co. #3)

Read 13/06/2017



Driving Miss Crazy



I was really enjoying this (I recommend it if you’re in a slump) but the last 5-10% was too cheesy for me.


Last Seen Leaving



Meh, I wasn’t expecting to love this story but I didn’t think I would find it as boring as I did, considering it’s a murder mystery.



Amt. Books: 5

Amt. Comics: 3

For a month where I’m supposed to only read arcs I read a lot of library books…😂


Have we read any of the same stuff? What did you read this month?




At the beginning of the month I watched Anne with an E on Netflix (my review should be up next month!) and the show got me into a massive Anne of Green Gables slump. I’ve been intending to read the book again but just haven’t had the time so far. And then I descovered this amazing Youtube show – Project Green Gables, it’s an amazing modern version of the book. Anne is a black, queer teenager – she talks about some social issues but the show also retains the same lightness and brilliance of the novels.

This month I also got a bit obsessed with listening to a Villains Medley on Youtube while I was blogging. I also watched a lot of vlogs in the background as I studied for my exams this month – I particularly enjoyed Perusetopia’s and Haileyinbookland just put up some of her Europe vlogs as well!


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Anne // The Great Comic Relief Bake Off  // Lucifer // Transformers

Like, I said I watched Anne earlier in the month and I really enjoyed it, my review for season 1 will be up half way through next month, it’s not the most accurate adaptation but I did quite like it.  My review for season 1 will be up next month!

I’m watching The Great Comic Relief Bake Off as I write this and I am completely in love with it and hope you all watch it, not only is it hilarious to watch but it’s for a good cause.

Before I had to really get down and study hard for my exams I started watching Lucifer, so far I am only four episodes in, and I actually haven’t watched any of the show in around 3 weeks but since I’m now on holidays I know I’ll be diving back into it. It’s really great and I definitely recommend it!

I also saw Wonder Woman last Wednesday, it was amazing but it didn’t convince me to see all the new DC movies. However, while the trailers played before the movie started the Transformers 5 trailer came on and reignited my love for the franchise. I then went home and watched the movies again. I am now fully obsessed with the movies again and I regret nothing.


I don’t really have a favourite blog post from this month but I did really enjoy writing my Book Haul and my Strange The Dreamer Review.


Waking Gods Review – ★★★☆☆

Strange The Dreamer Review – ★★★☆☆

Our Own Private Universe Review – ★★★☆☆


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Do you have a fidget cube? What did you watch this month?


June TBR | 2017

Every three months I am trying to make an e-arc only TBR, this way I can knock some more books off my ever-growing netgalley shelf. I tried to do this back in March but had too much assessment, and naturally the same can probably be said for this month also. However, I will try to read as many arcs as I can get to!



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What’s that you say? I’ve had Dreadnought on my TBR since March? Why, yes I do believe I have. This is a really good book but for whatever reason it just hits home for me and I find it hard to read. I definitely want to finish (long term goal – finish it by the end of the year).

I also want to read Last Seen Leaving I’ve heard some pretty meh reviews but I’ve also seen a bunch of 5 star ones, so I’m going in with an optimistic view point and a clear head!

And then there’s Driving Miss Crazy, a cheesy chick-lit that does not fit in at all but should help me break up the heavy subject matter of the other two books.

asdasdassdASadividerarrowleftfeature dividerarrowrightfeature

And then, of course there’s the comics, because who would I be without my comics?

I’m taking a small break from all the MARVEL comics I’ve been reading lately and picking up some new Flash comics. The only problem? I haven’t actually read the first volume yet. As I’m typing this I have the first volume on hold at my library. I don’t know when I’ll read volume as my brother will probably steal it from me the moment I get it.

I am also really excited to read Joyride – it has a diverse cast and is sci-fi. I don’t remember a whole lot about this comic but all I know is that it sounds awesome when I requested it!



Our Own Private Universe Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer #1) Waking Gods (Themis Files, #2)

Okay, yes I know I said I was going to write these in May but I was hit with a sudden distaste for writing reviews. Although, I’ll probably jump right back into my rhythm once my assessments are all due. My middle name is Procrastination after all.

What are you guys planning to read this month? Have you read any of these arcs yet?