JANUARY TBR ⇀ Kicking off 2021! ✨📚🌻

January is more about getting to know what kind of a reader and blogger and in general, human I want to be in 2021. So, I’m mostly planning on getting my blog schedule sorted and reading as much as I can, since last month I tried to watch a movie every day. I have a few buddy reads planned for this month but apart from that I’m really hoping to just relax, listen to a bunch of audiobooks and play animal crossing.

I haven’t added the comics, maga of graphic novels on my tbr to this post because I’ll have a seperate blog post for those. But, I thought I’d mention here that a mini round of Graphicsathon is happening again from the 16th of January to the 19th in your time zone!

🌻 – Buddy read ⇀ 🎧 – Audiobook ⇀ 📚 – Library book ⇀ 💻 – Ebook/Kindle
🔁 – Re-read ⇀ 🌈 – LGBTQIA+ rep ⇀ ❤ – 2021 release

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