How To: Plan For A Readathon

Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new how to post! Yesterday I gave you some tips and tricks on how to do a readathon so today I thought I would go into how I plan a readathon!



First up, before you even start thinking about your tbr, you should be contemplating whether you even have time to participate in the readathon. YOu should make sure you actually have days off work, that you won’t be stressing about school or assessments, and that most importantly, you will actually have time to read.

If you don’t have time to actually read and participate in the readathon then there really isn’t any point getting yourself hyped up and stressed out about a readathon. If you have an assessment, then all a readathon is going to do is unnecessarily stress you out and it will probably bring down your mark.


However, if you do have time for a readathon (yay) then the next thing you should do is figure out if there are any challenges. These are usually my favourite types of readathons, though I do also love ReadbyZoe’s 24-hour readathons, they’re pretty chill but still put me under enough pressure that I actually read and feel accomplished by the end of the day.

Anyway, so the challenges, they’re pretty important, if you can’t do the challenges you will probably get stressed out and then the readathon won’t be as fun. Make sure that you are actually on board with the challenges, and be okay with not completing them if you know you won’t be able to. For example, if the challenge is to read outside but you burn really easily or you know it’s going to be raining outside, then you should probably just skip it or buy a cactus and cheat a bit.


Next up, you need to form your tbr. This is probably the most important part. What I like to do when organising my tbr, is to put challenges together and to buy/ borrow books a day or two beforehand so I know I will be excited about them during the readathon, compared to a bunch of books that have been on my shelves for years. For example, I wouldn’t recommend picking a classic if you struggle reading the writing and get bored by them easily. I also wouldn’t recommend going shopping for books during the readathon, you will regret it.

For a readathon, I usually try to organise my tbr like this:

  • A short book
  • A comic
  • A 300-400 page book
  • An audiobook


The last thing I do when planning for a readathon is to organise my week. I try to make sure that I’m not crazy busy, work and school wise and that I know I will have at least one day out of the week where I will be the only one at home, this way I am guaranteed a quiet day.

Next, I make sure that I know what errands I will have to run throughout the week. If I know I have to take my dog for a wash, or that someone has a birthday then I will make sure to incorporate that into my tbr, by organising shorter books. By knowing exactly what I have planned for the week then I can be prepared and know ho much I have to read each day.

For most readathons, I also like to make sure that I have meals planned. I usually just buy a bunch of pre-prepared salads from the shop, r I make them myself. I also bulk buy Up & Gos ( I don’t know if you guys have them in the US, because Weet Bix) just in case I’m not feeling well.


  • Basically, just make sure that you are excited about your tbr and that you are prepared.
  • Don’t feel bad about not finishing every challenge, or reading you whole tbr.
  • Just have fun, join in with the book twitter community who are also participating. Do sprints and try to stay on top of your tbr!


How do you prepare for a readathon? Do you enjoy readathons?



How To: Audiobooks

Hey guys, I haven’t written a guide blog post in a while and I love audiobooks so I figured why not combine the two! I know that a  bunch of you guys don’t listen to audiobooks or have never tried it, so I’m here to give you guys some advice on how to listen to audiobooks!


If you are just now starting to listen to audiobooks then you might want to start off slowly. You should start off with something familiar, as for me, when I first started listening to audiobooks I started off with the Harry Potter audio and then moved onto the Cormoran Strike audiobooks because i was familiar with the writing.

asddasdASDImage result for harry potter audiobooks audible Image result for cormoran strike audiobooks audible

Though you may not always feel like re-reading an old favourite and instead want to try something new. I suggest choosing something with a film or tv adaptation attached to it. By that I mean choose a book that has been adapted on to a screen. If you’re going to give Anne of Green Gables a try why not watch the show as you read, every few chapters you could put the audio down and watch an episode. or multitask, put the film on as you make dinner, or have them in the background as you study or do your chores. My point is, if you’re new to audiobooks you may not be used to the concentration levels necessary for the task, and your brain won’t be used to having to listen to the story instead of reading it.

asdASImage result for classics audiobooks audible Image result for classics audiobooks audible Image result for pride and prejudice audiobooks audible

When I first started delving into books I hadn’t read before that I wanted to listen to I started by using that technique. I started by re-watching Pride and Prejudice and then listening to the audiobook, which is a technique I encourage for pretty much any type of reading, it’s just plain fun!

This is also a big point I want to make in this post, listening to audiobooks isn’t going to break the bank. Yes, there are sites you can subscribe to like Audible and (this isn’t sponsered by the way!) but often you can find audiobooks without having to pay anything!

adsdsdsAudible AudiobooksImage result for overdriveImage result for youtube

I personally use Audible, but because I live in Australia I only have the one audiobook per month option available to me (which I am low key super annoyed about) so throughout the month, because I am primarily an audiobook reader I often use YouTube and my library to access my audiobooks.

Also, I would like to point out that depending on your location Audible doesn’t always have all the books, for example I know that a lot of books that are available in the US are not available to me on Audible, like the Shades of London trilogy.

So, if you’re looking to save some money on books, sites like YouTube and Overdrive (your library) can be super helpful. Especially, if you really don’t like classics but have to read one for a class, because the chances are that you’ll find it one one of the two sites.

when do I listen to audiobooks?

So, the question of the hour: When do I listen to audiobooks? Honestly, I listen to them all the time. I pretty much always have a book with me whether it be ebook or audio, I am prepared.

Audiobooks are my main source of reading but I usually only listen to 1 or 2 a month, depending on how much school is kicking my butt. I prefer to listen to audiobooks when I’m travelling which is why I get so much reading done in the car and on public transport. If you take the bus or the train to school audiobooks are your new best friend, not only can you have headphones in so you can look like you don’t give a sh** about anything but you’re also getting an extra half hour of reading done and that’s awesome!

howto_recommendations.PNGIn this section I’m going to recommend some of the audiobooks that I’ve read and loved! 

My Favourite Narrators

Will Patton – I know his voice from The Raven Cycle audiobooks, but I know that he has also done a bunch of Stephen King’s audiobooks so yay for variety!

Rebecca Soler – Soler is the voice of the characters from The Lunar Chronicles but she has also done quite a few other YA audiobooks like Nimona, Caraval and Empress of a Thousand Skies.

Robert Glenister – This guy! This is the guy that does the voices for the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith. His voice is completely spot on for the main character, Cormoran and I really can’t imagine reading the series any other way.

My Favourite Audioseries

Cormoran Strike – Well, like I said before, I really enjoy the way Robert Glenister does the voice of Cormoran and it’s really made the series for me.

The Raven Cycle – Last year the final book in this quartet came out and I actually couldn’t bring myself to read it visually and so I bought the audiobook. And now I am completely sold on these audiobooks. I have since listened to the first two on audiobook and know they will be the source of many re-reads in the future!

Lockwood & Co. – This a series that I have only recently become acquainted with but so far I am having a tonne of fun! The books are really inventive and fun and the audiobooks seem to really capture the essence of the characters.


So the best thing about audiobooks, in my opinion is the fact that you can do other things while you’re listening to them! I personally listen to them on my phone or on my computer (if I’m using YouTube), I generally listen to them during dinner, because there is no way I am stopping in the middle of a chapter. I also tend to find them most helpful when I’m doing chores or cooking, two things I find the most vexing in my life.

I know also, that a lot of people like to listen while walking their dog, I personally don’t do this because I tend to just talk to my dog when we go for walks, because I am not weird at all.

multitasking – tips & tricks! 

I find what most helps me when I’m listening to audiobooks is that I have something to do as I listen. I usually like to have something to do as I listen, whether that be making a list of everything I need to do for the day or maybe I have a really pressing game of Solitaire to get to. So basically, I need to have something in my hands as I listen, though that may just be because I am a massive fidgeter. I find that I tend to need something else to distract the part of my brain that gets bored by audiobooks, usually that’s just by organising my blog posts or planning my schedule for the week, but occasionally it may also include me playing Angry Birds Transformers for an hour and regretting my life afterwards.

I also suggest that, if you’re new or lacking motivation, you give yourself a reason to listen to the audiobook. If you’re like me you’ll tell yourself that you have to listen to at least 3 chapters by the end of the day and that because it’s on the list, it’ll get done.

Though if you’re not like me, you could also use travel as an excuse. I know that when I’m on the bus or in the car I get really bored. If you’re on the bus it might seem a bit weird to be jamming to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack so listening to an audiobook on your journey can totally help you out.


Ah yes, big books, I am currently listening to American Gods, a nearly 20 hour audiobook, and while I’ve listened to longer, it’s still pretty darn lengthy. For the longer audiobooks my main piece of advice that I can give you is to take your time, and this really applies to all audiobooks. If you rush it or put the speed too high, you’ll find yourself zoning out and missing great chunks of the book. This can especially be a problem as the bigger books generally end to be the more complex ones.

With longer audiobooks, all you can really do is take your time and just remain calm. It may seem daunting but if you just chill out and really enjoy the book it’ll be over in no time.howto_otherguides



How To: Manage Your TBR // How To: Get Out Of A Reading Slump // How To: Readathon


Do you listen to audiobooks? Do you have any recommendations?


How To: Manage A Big TBR

Do you have a big TBR? You do? Me to! But, don’t worry because I am here to help you narrow down your TBr and figure out what to pick up next!

I know that  some booklovers really love having a big TBR, Goodreads or otherwise. Though, I really don’t. I prefer having a clean tbr shelf, that way I can more easily choose my TBR for the month. So, this is how I clean out my tbr shelf.




adsdividerarrowleftfeatureA Thousand Nights (A Thousand Nights, #1) Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things What We Sawdividerarrowrightfeature

My main piece of advice I can give is, if you have a big TBR, or even just an average TBR – if you have a TBR at all, just go through it. What I really want to press with this post is that we all have big TBRs and I think a lot of bloggers, or even just readers in general want to lower the number of books on our To-Read shelves. And so, due to the pretty large scale of books we want to read we don’t always have the time to knock down our stacks of books so what I like to do is narrow down my Goodreads and Physical TBRs.

So, you do yourselves a solid, man or woman up, get yourself a snack and sit down in front of your bookshelf and decide what you are and are not actually going to read. AND GUYS YOU NEED TO BE REALISTIC ABOUT THIS! It’s cool if you wanna hang onto all your books, I don’t blame you. But, if you don’t actually intend to read it then it’s not really on your tbr, is it?

What you really need to do is sit down and look at your shelves or better yet, do what I do and along with cussing out your unread physical books, also check out your tbr on Goodreads.

You never know what books you will actually read, but what I’m trying to point out is that people change and with that, so does taste in books. What I try to do every few couple of months or so is go through my Goodreads shelf, I mean I used to have a massive TBR, but not so much anymore. I prefer to have a smaller TBR, it helps me to narrow down my taste in books and help me to choose my monthly TBRs.

In preparation for this post I actually did a bit of spring cleaning (even though it’s Winter, lol) with my Goodreads shelves, which you can find here! I managed to get my To-Read shelf down from 236 books to 87 – I found 149 books that I didn’t want to read anymore!

Also, one small piece of advice I have is, if you have Goodreads shelves or you write your TBRs don’t add the sequels or next book in the series to your TBR – like, of course you’re probably going to read them but, you’re not up to that book yet so why add it to your to be read count.


adsdividerarrowleftfeatureInkheart (Inkworld, #1) Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood Nova, Volume 1: Resurrectiondividerarrowrightfeature

There’s also another aspect to this whole TBR thing – you have to make sure that you’re looking forward to the books on your TBR, hence the first part of step one. However, now you need to actually get out there, go to the book shop or watch some booktube – find some books you’re interested in and add them to your TBR! I mean, I don’t know about you guys but if I like to be motivated about a book, I’m probably not going to enjoy it if I didn’t even want to read it in the first place.



Okay, so you’ve got your TBR all sorted out. now all you have to do is… READ!

Firstly I recommend trying to finish off some of your series. Pick an author you really like, whose series/s maybe you meant to finish a year or two or go and go forth and binge! Or maybe try reading a few of those standalones you’ve been meaning to pick up but haven’t had the chance to read because of those series.

Although, if you’re not really feeling like reading specific things just to knock some books off your shelves. You can always just pick up one of your favourite authors or pick up one of those books that you’ve been meaning to read by a popular author.



How To: Read More // How To: Readathon // How To: Get Out Of A Reading Slump


How do you guys manage your to be read shelves? Do you go through your Goodreads shelves regularly?


How To: Get Out Of A Reading Slump

Need advice on HOW TO READ MORE?

This past month, I have been in a reading slump and I am now slowly getting out of it. I hate slumps so I thought it might be helpful to tell you guys how I get out of them! 

Anyway, without furtherado, I hope this helps!


Try to ease yourself back into reading, start off with smaller novels or even a novella!

Often when you’re in a reading slump you don’t want to read so in order to get yourself back into the groove you need to read something familiar or simple. To get me out of my reading slump I picked up the Percy Jackson series and just listened to that on audio on Youtube.

Cheesy romantic novels are often an easy way to help get you back into reading.

Some cheesy novels I really enjoy are:

  • Twilight by Stephanie Meyer – don’t judge me I know it’s trash
  • The Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout
  • First & Then by Emma Mills
  • Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen

That being said,  while getting out of a reading slowly is what usually suits me best sometimes what you need to do is read quickly. Readathons can serve to really get you into the reading mood!


I wrote a post with some tips for readathons if you want to check it out!

Depending on who you are as a reader and the type of readathon, this will either help you out of  a slump or put you deeper into your slump.

I usually don’t participate in readathons if I’m in a reading slump because I like to read at a slower pace when I’m in a slump. However, if you think a readathon might be the right thing for you there’s a whole readathon calender that you can check out!

Some of my favourite readathons:


A majority of the books that I read, I listen to via audiobooks. In fact, audio is my favourite type of format I use to read a book.

If you don’t have access to audiobook sites or apps like Audible or then there is also a massive selection on Youtube and libraries usually have a solid collection.

With audiobooks you can always do other activities while listening to your book. My advice, if you’re in a slump or an audio beginner is to start off with a familiar novel that you’d be okay with spacing out on a bit.

Whenever I’m in a slump I feel pretty much exhausted which is why my slumps tend to hit towards during December/ January or the middle of the year around June and July. So what I try to do  is keep busy – I go into the city but don’t buy anything, I just walk around, let my iced latte water down and listen to my audiobook. If you can’t make it to the city or get too distracted while you’re there you could always try your local shopping center (I think Americans call it a Mall??… weird). I get if the noise or the shops are too much of a distraction so if you have a dog you could always take them for a walk or even just go for a jog just by yourself.

Audiobooks I recommend:

  • Harry Potter series narrated by Stephen Fry
  • Cormoran Strike series narrated by Robert Glenister
  • Mistborn series narrated by Michael Kramer

Let me know if you guys would like me to do a How To: Audiobooks because I know a lot of people struggle getting into audiobooks.


I think that changing up the format of what you’re reading can really affect your progress. Even if you just pick up something like a trade paperback comic, once you finish it I assure you, you will feel more accomplished!

Some of my favourite comics:

  • Spiderverse by Dan Slott (Text), Christos Gage (Text) & David Hine
  • Nova by Jeph Loeb (Text) & Ed McGuinness (Illustrations)

If comics just aren’t your style you could always try something different like a graphic novel, which is basically just a larger comic.

Some of my favourite graphic novels:

If you don’t want to read something that has a lot or any pictures than you might want to try just listening to something on audiobook. Or, if you do prefer reading with your eyes then you might want to try reading an ebook  or a shorter novel because even if it’s a slight change to the way you usually read it might kickstart your reading!


Watch a movie based off of a book, this almost always works for me. Watching the movie inspires me to read the book and often if it’s a classic you can find the novel on the internet so it’s not too hard to start the book while I’m riding the high of the movie.

My favourite Book-t0-Movie adaptations:

  • Safe Haven
  • Not Another Happy Ending
  • Harry Potter
  • Gone Girl
  • Mansfield Park

My favourite Book-to-TV adaptations:

  • Shadowhunters (fight me, I really enjoy this show)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (my review for season 1 will be up soon so look out for that!)
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
  • BBC’s Class (not a book adaptation but books were written after the show came out)

If you’re in a slump and kind of want nothing to do with books that’s cool to! 

Here are some other movies I enjoy!

  • Life As We Know It
  • Ant-Man
  • Mystic Pizza
  • The Man From U.NC.L.E.
  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
  • Think like A Man
  • The Wedding Date


  • It’s okay to be in a slump. If you’re not feeling like reading a book then go out and see some friends or see a movie.
  • Binge watch a movie or TV series. Sometimes you just need a break from reading. Catch up on some sleep and watch some Tv, no one will judge you, I promise.
  • It never hurts to read a favourite if you don’t feel like anything new.
  • It also never hurts to try another format.
  • Take a breather! You don’t need to be reading 24/7.

Image result for good luck ron swanson



Books Amino



How To: Readathon

How To: Readthon

Littlebookowl’s Readathon 2016 Calender

General Tips:

01 Schedule Time 

  • Schedule free time. If you are still at school or work full-time you should try to make time on the weekends or for an hour or two during the school week.
  • Also, make sure to read during the holidays. Read some of those bigger books now that you have the time.

02 When To: Readathon

  • Try to avoid readathons when you have big assessments coming, you won’t read as much as you wanted to and your assessment won’t be as good as it could have been had you put all your time into it.
  • You don’t have to participate in every readathon – there’s probably one the next month.

03 Preperation

If you’re doing a 24 hour readathon then you need to prepare. Have ready meals and snacks available.

The day Before:

  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep prior to the readthon.
  • Prepare food before the readathon.Chopped up fruit and other bite sized foods are great to eat throughout the day.
  • Have a sensibly sized TBR. Have a stack of short books, comics and/or graphic novels. It’s a short readathon so you need short content. Graphic novels and comics are definitely great for short readathons.
  • If you’re doing a week-long readathon you don’t need to prepare as much but you do need to make sure that your week is mostly free and that you don’t have many, if any socials during the week.

04 TBR

  • Have a sensibly sized TBR. If you know you won’t be able to read a certain amount of books then don’t overload your TBR.
  • Your TBR is never set. You can always switch the books on your TBR if you suddenly don’t feel like reading them.
  • It is completely okay if you don’t complete all of the challenges for the readathon. If you’re stressing about not completing all of the challenges and feel like you have to complete them then try to make some books fit into multiple challenges.

05 Keep Motivated 

  • Get hyped prior to the readthon, watch some TBR videos and get inspired, participate on social media and post a picture of you r TBR or even post a video on YouTube.
  • If you don’t want to do the readathon alone the buddy read a book with a friend, it’s always really cool to be able to talk to a friend a bout a book and to be able to see what they did and didn’t like about a book.

Stay Motivated

If a book is not keeping your attention then stop reading it, you can always pick it up again after the readathon.

If you are feeling unmotivated go to social media. Usually for a readathon the host/s will have spints going (twitter) and there are always people posting reading updates – if you see someone reading a book on your TBR or that you’re currently reading talk to them about it.

06 Different Formats

Different formats help to break up the bigger novels and make the whole readathoms process WAY less stressful.

Try: audiobooks, graphic novels or comics.

07 Distractions

This step sort of contradicts step 05 but for most people technology is a distraction. Turn off your notifications (or go the extra mile and turn off your phone and shut down your computer) and try to stay tech free during the readathon (this is especially important for short readthons, 24 hour readathons in particular).

08 Take Advantage of The Library

Libraries are there for a reason. A lot of readathons have challenges so in order to fit books into those categories you may have to buy some of the books. The thing is you don’t always know if you’ll actually enjoy all of the books so if you can, try to find the books at the library.

Short Readathons:
  • Short books are a given. DO NOT read a long book because you will never finish it.
  • Comics & graphic novels are great for short readathons. They are a great way to break up all of the shorter novels in you TBR because they’re a different format.
Long Readathons:

Multiple challenges 

  • Most readathons will have multiple challenges (usually 5-9) so that can be a lot of pressure on you to try and read that many books. Where you can try and fit a book into multiple challenges.

Move around

  • Staying in one spot for a really long period of time can be quite boring so try moving around every now and then. Go to the library or go grab a coffee at a cafe and read for half an hour. If you’re an outdoorsy person you could even go sit at the local park or listen to an audiobook as you walk your dog.If you do end up moving around and you do end up going to get that coffee then set a goal. Tell yourself that you will read the next 2 chapters or that you will read 50 pages of your book before you go home. If you have a goal set then you’ll feel much better about your progress in the readathon.
  • It can be very taxing to read a lot of books that are all the same size. But it can also be very annoying to read books that are all really short and have very fat paced plots. Try and switch up the lengths of the books you plan on reading, this may contribute a bit in your enjoyment of them.

Sleep is key

  • Sleep is completely necessary. If you’re tired you will read less and honestly if you’re yawning through the day you probably won’t even feel like reading.Going with the sleep thing, this is a readathons so you’re bound to get tired at some point. If you find that you are tired and that you don’t really feel like reading then watch some TV. No one’s going to judge you if you watch a few episodes of a TV show – although, you should really try to avoid marathoning/ bingeing a show.
  • It’s a longer readathon so it’s completely okay if you do have errands to run. If you do end up with errands try to listen to an audiobook. You’re still reading and it’s a bit of a break from physical books.

How To: Read More

General Tips:

01 Take Breaks

  • Don’t feel pressured to read everything throughout the month. This is something I struggle with constantly, it doesn’t matter whether or not I read 3 books or 10 books in a month I will still feel like I’ve not read enough.
  • Don’t burn yourself out. If you’re not enjoying a book or you just don’t feel like reading then don’t.
  • Take a break. It’s okay to not be reading at full pace all the time – try taking it slow. You don’t have to be reading all the time, listen to some music, watch a movie or even go walk your dog. You’d be surprised by how much a bit of fresh air can do.

02 Set Goals

  • Goals are a great way to get you motivated to read more throughout the year. Be careful though, there’s a difference between feeling motivated to read and feeling obligated to read. Just because you set your Goodreads goal for the year at 100 doesn’t mean you actually have to read 100 books.
  • Speaking of, set a realistic goal. If you know you won’t have the time to read 100 books then don’t set that goal.
  • Don’t feel afraid to change your goal. Plans change and there’s not always anything you can do anything about that.
  • There are a multitude of goals you can try, the most popular being the Goodreads yearly goal. There are also goals that you can find on the internet based around specific authors and genres.

03 Change Formats

  • If you’re having trouble getting through a book or find yourself in a reading slump try changing the way you’re reading the book, it can help a lot.
  1. Audiobooks
  2. Graphic Novels/ Comics
  3. Ebook

04 Stay Motivated

  • Get motivated. Being motivated will have a lot of influence on how much you enjoy a book.
  • Readathons. Readathons are a great way to get back into the spirit of reading. There are often heaps of people participating in readathons which means you have a massive community to bond with over books.
  • Readathons usually also have a multitude of different challenges – if you don’t have a YouTube challenge that doesn’t mean you can’t do the challenge.
  • If you’re feeling a bit low you can always try buddy reading a book with a friend, it’s always nice to be able to talk with someone about a book after you’ve read it.
  • If you not feeling motivated to read a particular novel but you know it has been adapted then watch the film/ tv adaption to try and hype yourself up to read the novel.

05 Always Have A Book

  • Always have a book. Take a book with you everywhere you go, you never know when you’ll have a spare minute to read. If you don’t have an actual physical novel with you then always have some books on your phone.

06 Reading Slumps

  • It’s okay to be in a slump. If you’re not feeling like reading a book then go out and see some friends or see a movie.
  • Binge watch a movie or TV series. Sometimes you just need a break from reading. Catch up on some sleep and watch some Tv, no one will judge you, I promise.

Good books for a reading slump:

  1. The Lux Series – Jennifer Armentrout
  2. Anything by Rick Riordan
  3. The Lunar Chronicles – Marissa Meyer
  • It never hurts to read a favourite if you don’t feel like anything new.
  • It also never hurts to try another format.

07 Schedule Time

  • Schedule time for reading. This is something I really struggle with, if I’m participating in a readathon even, I’m still more motivated to read but I have a lot of trouble with setting out time to read. Before bed and during your lunch break is a really good opportunity if you’re busy to read during the day.
  • Holidays. This is a great time to read and an even better time to participate in a readathon or two. You’re not set down by any school obligations and have a lot more free time so you have the opportunity to get a lot more reading done.

08 Distractions

  • Block out all distractions. Turn off your notifications or, better yet just turn off your phone (and/or other devices) so they won’t be beeping the whole time you’re trying to read.

09 Surroundings

  • Make sure you have a nice and comfortable spot to read.
  • Put some music on if you like to read that way, otherwise find a peaceful and quiet spot.
  • If you can’t find a nice spot inside try reading outside in the backyard or at a local park.

10 Audiobooks

  • I mentioned audiobooks before but they deserve a catergory of their own. Audiobooks are one of my favourite ways to read a book, I can do chores and get some reading done at the same time. Win, win!
  • If you want to try audiobooks they should have some at your local library and they have a great selection on audible.