Graphicsathon Round 6 Announcement (dates, prompts + my tbr)

Hi everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog if you’re new! I’ve been co-hosting the Graphicsathon since 2020 and we’re officially up to round 6 now! Last round we read for an entire month but we’re officially past the halfway mark of the year now so we thought we’d make it short and sweet with one week of catching up on our goodreads goals and getting to the graphics we told ourselves we’d read in the first half of the year!

So, what counts as a graphic?

Anything with images! Comics, graphics novels, manga, picture books. If it uses pictures/images as a main storytelling device, it counts!

all the links ⬇️

  • Find Graphicsathon on Twitter
  • Find our Year-Long Graphicsathon Reading Challenge on The StoryGraph
  • You can find my β€˜Graphics’ shelf on Goodreads here for extra recs
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