The Hoemance Book Club’s November 2022 Read: The Romantic Agenda by Claire Kann

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Back in 2021 Rebecca and I started The Hoemance Book Club and we’ve absolutely loved discussing romance books with our book club every month with everyone on our Discord! We’ve read so many exciting romances lately and we can’t to read some new favourites this year too!

Earlier this year we read some real bangers like Weather Girl, Book Lovers and Fake It Till You Bake It and last month we read Only When It’s Us by Chloe Liese. For the month of November, our book club read is The Romantic Agenda by Claire Kann!

Find out more about this month’s book here ↓  & find our catalogue of past books here.

Joy is in love with Malcolm.
But Malcolm really likes Summer.
Summer is in love with love.
And Fox is Summer’s ex-boyfriend.

Thirty, flirty, and asexual Joy is secretly in love with her best friend Malcolm, but she’s never been brave enough to say so. When he unexpectedly announces that he’s met the love of his life—and no, it’s not Joy—she’s heartbroken. Malcolm invites her on a weekend getaway, and Joy decides it’s her last chance to show him exactly what he’s overlooking. But maybe Joy is the one missing something…or someone…and his name is Fox.

Fox sees a kindred spirit in Joy—and decides to help her. He proposes they pretend to fall for each other on the weekend trip to make Malcolm jealous. But spending time with Fox shows Joy what it’s like to not be the third wheel, and there’s no mistaking the way he makes her feel. Could Fox be the romantic partner she’s always deserved?

what this book is about (in bullet points) ↓

→ fake dating
→ weekend getaway
→ asexual main character
→ BIPOC main character

if you want to chat with us about The Romantic Agenda by Claire Kann join us on Discord here!

Do you have The Romantic Agenda on your tbr?
Do you read romance books often?
What books are on the rest of your 2022 tbr?

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