Scoobathon Round 2 Announcement!!! [Oct 17 – 23]

Hi everyone, welcome to or welcome back to my blog! Today I’m finally posting my Scoobathon round 2 announcement! Last October I ran the first round and had so much fun that I decided to bring it back again for the 2022 spooky season! I’m also cohosting with my fave spooky gal Destiny from Howlinglibraries for this round and I am so excited about this! I highly recommend following Destiny because she’s always posting about spooky/horror books and they always sound amazing!

Follow the Scoobathon Twitter here.

  • Prompts are not compulsory!
  • Comics, graphic novels, manga, picture books, novels, novellas are all accepted! Read whatever you like!
  • You can count the same book towards multiple prompts!
  • I’m not here to control what you read – if you can fit the book to the prompt then it fits. E.g. if the book only has a mystery for the first 20 pgs, it still counts for the mystery prompt!
  • Do I have to read Scooby-Doo related books? No, you can read whatever you like!

We have 15 prompts in total for anyone who wants to pick and choose to help fit with or pick their tbr!

Follow the Scoobathon Twitter here.

I am genuinely so excited to read some fun spooky reads with you all!

you can find this post for some more spooky recommendations!

Are you ready for spooky season?
Will you participate in Scoobathon?

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