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Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog. Today I’m bringing you a mini review (what?? on this blog???) of the latest Hoemance Book Club monthly pick! The Hoemance Book Club is the romance book club that I run with Rebecca from BookishlyRebecca. We started this in 2020 and we’ve been really loving discussing romance books with you each month. We have a discord where we talk about the book club picks and also have a general chat section and channels where we can recommend books to each other and organise buddy reads as well as any other bookish and non-bookish things you can think of!

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You can join the Hoemance challenge here on Storygraph and we’ve also put together two separate challenges for anyone interested! There’s the Romance Buzzword challenge for anyone who wants a more laid-back challenge & there’s also the Reading Romance challenge which is just a list of 13 prompts you can add your read books to over 2022!

The Bodyguard
Katherine Center
320 pages
Tropes: bodyguard romance, fake dating, forced proximity, only one bed, slow burn

I have very mixed opinions on this one. When the audiobook first started I genuinely thought I’d put on the wrong book but then I realised what was happening and it was fine. It took me a minute to get into the story and then I was really enjoying it and thought this would be a 4 star read, but then around the halfway point I changed my mind to somewhere around 3.5 and then around the 70% mark that went down to 3.25 and then in the last ten minutes of the audiobook my rating went down again to just 3 stars. 3 stars is absolutely not a bad rating, it means I liked the book but didn’t love it. That last 10 minutes of annoying and preachy narration literally just ruined my goofy feelings about this book. I really enjoyed the couple and all of the characters though, I do think that Jack and Hannah were slowly getting to know each other (which I enjoyed) and then suddenly it was 0 to 100 and they were in love?? I was genuinely confused and thought my audiobook had skipped ahead.

Most of the time I really loved the story and was having a great time with how ridiculous the story was but, the rest of the time I was reading I was so distracted by the diary-like narration style. It was never explained why Hannah was narrating her love story to me and it just felt so weird. it took me out of the story every time she would address the reader. This was how the end of the last chapter and the epilogue, in particular, were written and they came across as really preachy about love and personal growth that they took me completely out of the story. If I hadn’t already been listening on 3.5x speed, I would have sped the audiobook up even faster just to get the preaching over and done with.

Other than the annoying writing at the end (it pops up throughout the book but it was too much for me at the end) this really was a fun story. It had me smiling a whole bunch and I was definitely cursing Robbie’s name the whole time! If you’re looking for a closed-door romance (no steamy scenes) you should pick this up!

What 2022 releases have you read and loved so far this year?
Have you read The Bodyguard?

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    1. Thank you! πŸ₯°β€οΈ Yeah, I think I noticed that as I was reading too, I just forgot to make a note lol. Same here, I’ll definitely read more from this author, maybe a few years down the line!

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