he’s a 10 but… | romance recommendations

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today I’m trying something a bit new that I saw recently on Instagram and thought looked like fun. I’ve seen this trend going around Bookstagram lately where people start off by saying ‘he’s a 10 but…’ and then try and explain the guy’s flaws in a fun way. I’m not sure I completely aced this on the first go but I did have fun trying so here are a few recommendations that I hope you at least get a laugh out of!

he’s a 10 but…

  • He’s her grumpy neighbour
  • He hates Kraft Mac & Cheese
  • He’s the only one who can get her son to go to sleep at night

he’s a 10 but…

  • He let his manager bad mouth her behind her back
  • He needs her to marry him for his Visa & live with him?!?!!
  • He’s only focused on work

he’s a 20 but…

  • He’s her rival
  • He humiliated her in her first class
  • He’s the only other person stuck in a groundhog day scenario with her

he’s a 10 but…

  • He proposes a marriage of convenience to secure a business deal
  • She thinks he hates her
  • He’s unattainable

he’s a 10 but…

  • He’s her boss
  • She insulted him to his face the very first time they met
  • He’s an asshole

Have you read any of these books?
How would you describe some of these romances?

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