AUGUST TBR | 2022 releases + romances!

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Last month was absolutely wild and I somehow managed to read 31 books while also having covid and feeling like I was in a slump, which is pretty usual for me these days as I seem to have a mini-slump every month. I have some more low-key plans for August but I’m still hoping to read some good books and hopefully get to some new releases since my list of 2022 releases that I haven’t read yet is quickly getting bigger and bigger and I’m afraid at some point it will crush me. So, here’s to a successful August!

*If you’re interested to know my thoughts on a particular book, please do still tell me because that will definitely give me extra motivation to pick it up!

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What are your reading plans for this month?
Are we reading any of the same books?

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7 thoughts on “AUGUST TBR | 2022 releases + romances!

  1. Happy august, and goodluck with your TBR!
    I have two romance yet to read on my summer tbr; No judgements & Love songs for sceptic. I’m taking a pause to read a book in french ;p

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          1. Well lately I read in english, because I find it harder to get books that interrest me in french πŸ˜…. But it is easier to understand and I manage to go through it way quicker


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