an in-depth wrap up of my reading so far this year (Jan – Jun)

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’ve been really loving doing stats and mini analysis on my blog this year so I figured since we’re over halfway into the year, it’s about time for some mid-year statistics! So, here are all of my January – June 2022 stats as well as my favourite and least favourite books, movies, tv shows and blog posts!

The results:

  • I read 61.7% romance, 68.3% adult & 81.7% female which all checks out for me. I read quite a lot of action books (written my men) in January, but since then I’ve mostly just stuck to romance books which are typically written by women!
  • I also read A LOT of 3 star reads and 47.2% of the books I read were between 201 and 400 pages.
  • Interestingly, under 10% of the books I’ve read so far this year have been 2022 releases.

I haven’t watched a whole lot of movies or tv so far this year but, some of the media has been absolutely fantastic! Some of it has been completely atrocious though and I highly do not recommend them!

  • Persuasion – the bunny? the beret? my soul hurts.
  • Anchorman – I am not a man, so I don’t like this
  • Doctor Strange 2 – lizzie olsen yay
  • West Side Story – ansel elgort ew

^^ all of the books I’ve reread so far in 2022

I highly recommend all of these!!!

What does your mid-year wrap up look like?
Have you read any 5 star favourites so far?
Do you re-read books often?
Do you like looking at your reading stats?

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7 thoughts on “an in-depth wrap up of my reading so far this year (Jan – Jun)

  1. I love these sort of reading wraps, and yours was so in-depth! Weather Girl is on my TBR, so I’m glad to hear you liked it so much. I’ve also heard so many terrible things about the new Persuasion, they might save me from actually reading it, haha. Great post, and congratulations on a great reading half-year!

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    1. Thank you, I really tried to put in as many stats as I could think of! Weather Girl is so good, I highly recommend it!!

      Haha, the new Persuasion adaptation is abysmal for fans of the book and I think it does a really bad job of showing why the two mains actually work as a couple. I highly recommend the book! I’m constantly going back and forth on whether Persuasion is my favourite of Austen’s novels, or if I prefer Pride and Prejudice. πŸ˜‚

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      1. I’ll definitely get around to it!

        I read Persuasion in May, so it felt like excellent timing to have that adaptation when the book is so fresh for me–but I have not heard anything to encourage me to actually watch it now, haha! I definitely prefer Pride and Prejudice, but Persuasion has grown on me more since I’ve thought about it after reading, oddly enough!

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    1. Haha I thought of you when I wrote this post because I know how much you love stats!!
      I’ve really put an effort in this year to read some more backlists so I’m glad it shows!
      Happy reading to you too!

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