i woke up at 6̶A̶M̶ 7AM every day for a week + the first thing i did was read: an experiment *fail lol*

Hi everyone. welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today I’m doing something a bit different and showing you a week in my life! Last week I did a mini-experiment with my sleep schedule and I documented it here! This is a bit new for me and my blog but I really enjoyed doing this so don’t be surprised if you see more posts like this on my blog in the future!

the rules

  • wake up anywhere between 6 and 7 (but 6am is obviously the goal) LOL
  • the first main thing I do is read – so no scrolling on my phone, but obviously letting the dog out or making breakfast is okay.

the goal

  • I don’t so much have a goal, as I would just like to see if this is something that I am capable of doing to try and change my daily schedule around to hopefully change my sleeping schedule. I’m an insomniac so I have no idea if this will work for me, but I think it’s worth a shot and, doing this for content gives me a little bit more motivation to actually get up in the morning!
  • I also think this will just be great for my general productivity every day and I’m really hoping I’ll read some great books too since I haven’t been loving everything I’ve been picking up lately.

what i expect will happen

I honestly expect that I will fail hard at this and that reading will not end up being the first thing I do when I wake up each day. But, I hope that I will be able to persuade myself to get up between 6 and 7 and maybe listen to an audiobook while I play some Animal Crossing. Is playing a video game any better than scrolling on my phone when I first wake up? No, but at least working on my island will be more productive than doom scrolling. I’m also hoping that this will at least wake me up a bit more since going on my phone seems to make me more groggy than anything else.

This is my anticipated tbr for the week so far. I’m really hoping to dive into Scarlett St. Clair’s works because I’ve heard great things about them all + I love Greek mythology + all of the books are on Libby at the moment (except for their latest release!).

what actually happened ⬇️


my goodreads review

Okay, so this was originally meant to be me waking up at 6AM but, seeing as I usually go to sleep around 2AM that was a genuinely ridiculous and borderline reckless idea, so I went with a 7AM wake-up instead.

Technically, the first thing I did when I woke up at 7 was read, but if what I read was fanfiction, that’s my business. Around 7:20ish I finally sat up and put my audiobook on. I also decided to do some fishing on Animal Crossing until I finished my book around 10AM. So, it was a long morning in bed, but, I think that’s pretty good. I then spent the rest of the day after that, prepping dinner and writing blog posts.


my goodreads review

7am – wake up + wait for audiobook to download with my slow wifi

7:30am – Pressed play on ‘Boyfriend Material’

9:00am – leave the bed, make breakfast (29% through my book)

I really didn’t want to wake up today and honestly reading was the last thing I wanted to do at 7am but, I sucked it up and grabbed my iPad. Turns out, while actually turning on my audiobook was the last thing I wanted to do, I actually love reading first thing in the morning. I am absolutely loving Boyfriend Material so far and I can’t wait to keep reading it! This has me really intrigued to see how I would do with reading right before I go to sleep.


my goodreads review

7am – wake up and then fall back asleep immediately

7:20am – wake up again and immediately regret it

7:52am – finally turn my audiobook on

10am – I got 65% of the way through and while Luc can be a bit frustrating at times, I am really enjoying this book. Before I started reading this, I really thought this was a YA book, but it’s not, it’s adult and now I wish I had read it earlier!

I definitely wasn’t in the mood to read or get out of bed at all today so I was a bit of a flop dot com when I first woke up, but I did tackle a bunch of graphicsathon work, so at least I feel slightly productive.


my goodreads review

welp, it was bound to happen eventually! I slept through my alarm and didn’t start reading until around 9am BUT, but I did read an entire book. So, while reading wasn’t the first thing I did after I woke up, it wasn’t a total loss!


my goodreads review

Once again, I did read when I first woke up but, I didn’t actually read a book. Sometimes to really wake up when you’re all groggy, you just need to read fanfics on tumblr and that’s okay. 😂 For the rest of the day I just listened to the audiobook of The Wall of Winnipeg and Me.


my goodreads review

Day 6 of the experiment and I did wake up at 7 and start reading, I just forgot to screenshot the time! Today I continued my mini Mariana Zapata binge with Wait For It! This is one of my favourites and I had a blast reading it!


my goodreads review

7am – wake up time!

I’m not gonna lie, the first thing I did was Wordle but, the second thing I did was turn on the audiobook for my all-time favourite romance (also by Mariana Zapata), All Rhodes Lead Here!

I honestly didn’t turn the audiobook off for the entire day until I finished the book and I think that that is a day well spent!


What are your favourite “worth the hype” books?
Have you read any of these books?

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11 thoughts on “i woke up at 6̶A̶M̶ 7AM every day for a week + the first thing i did was read: an experiment *fail lol*

  1. ‘Doom scrolling’ might be the best way I’ve ever heard of describing that automatic and unproductive cycle, haha! I’ve been working hard to break it myself, so I definitely see where Animal Crossing is a better option. Also as a fellow night owl/borderline insomniac, this whole experiment seems like a hellscape to me, so well done for getting through any of it at all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I can’t remember when I started referring to it as that but it seems so accurate lol.
      I;ve been trying again to break it lately and reading before on my phone seems to help. But, honestly just immediately having to get up for work does most of the work for me too. On my days off, Animal Crossing definitely feels more appealing – whatever keeps me awake and doesn’t melt my brain 😂
      It honestly was really hard since I hardly sleep as it is, but I do think I learned a lot from it and read more than I thought I would!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I struggle with sleep too, and I can’t imagine easier self-torture than forcing myself to get up at that time–you are a hero, haha! I’m glad you at least got some solid reading time out of it, and at least it was a learning experience 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I’m trying to implement reading first thing when I wake up, more into my routine and I agree, I always feel better when I do. It’s my day off today and the only problem I encountered was that I accidentally read for 2 hours straight!
      haha thank you so much! It was the generic wallpaper that came with my phone a few phones ago and I honestly love it so much!


    1. Thank you, I thought it was so interesting to see the results tbh. Have you started your new job yet? If so, how’s it going? (I just started a new job too!) I highly recommend reading before bed too! I’ve been doing that for the last could of days and it’s a game changer!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have started my new job! I’ve been there for about a month and a half now, and I’m really enjoying it so far! And I haven’t been reading much, but I just started trying to implement the whole reading before bed routine! Hopefully soon it becomes second nature!


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