Top 5 Wednesday: *Blue* Books Worth The Hype!

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today I’m writing up a Top 5 Wednesday post! I used to do these all of the time when I first started blogging and I figured it was finally time to get back to my roots and start doing these again! Today’s prompt is books worth the hype, but while I was looking through my favourites shelf on Goodreads, which is in rainbow order, I just kept adding blue books to my list and then somehow ended up with 5 books with blue covers that I wanted to talk about! πŸ˜‚


There is always a new popular book that it seems everyone is raving about and saying how great it. Sometimes that hype can push us to try it and other times, not try it at all. For this prompt, let’s talk about those β€œhyped” reads we did try and indeed felt they were worth the hype!

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the kiss quotient by helen hoang | my goodreads review

TKQ is one of my favourite romances of all time, and it’s definitely in the top 3. I absolutely love the rep and the characters in this book and I definitely think it’s my favourite of all the books in the trilogy. It’s not a perfect book, but to me, it’s pretty close to perfect and it’s one of the first things I gravitate towards when I’m in a bad mood (much like the next book I’m going to talk about. TKQ was one of the first romances I read and really properly fell in love with, so, for that, it will always hold a place in my bookish heart and on my shelves.

act your age, eve brown by talia hibbert | my goodreads review

AYA,EB is another one of my top 3 favourite romances of all time (the top book isn’t on this list, so you’ll have to guess what it is). It’s the perfect slow burn cottagecore romance and it just fills me with the warm and gooies. I absolutely adore Eve and Jacob together and I loved seeing them grow together. I honestly think that if Talia Hibbert had written a shopping list with these characters or if this had been a 800 page book, I would have loved it just as much.

spy x family series by tatsuya endo | my goodreads review

This is one of two books that aren’t actually a romance and actually Spy x Family is an entire series! This is one of my favourite ongoing series that I’m actively collecting and reading as it’s published in English. You can read it physically or on ebook, or if you’re okay with paying for it, it’s also available in weekly instalments on Shonen Jump (I highly recommend this app for manga and anime lovers!). This is a found family chaotic mess with a reluctant parent (he’s a spy) who adores his adopted daughter (who he had to adopt for a mission) even if he is completely confounded by her and her chaotic ways. Also the daughter can read minds, his fake (but, sort of real wife) who he’s slowly falling in love with, is an assassin (but he doesn’t know that) and his dog can see into the future. It’s a whole thing and it brings me so much serotonin just thinking about it! The anime also started releasing weekly a month or two ago so that’s also another way you can take in this ridiculous but wonderful story!

from lukov with love by mariana zapata | my goodreads review

No word of lie, these days I read Mariana Zapata books just to feel something. If you’ve ever heard of, or seen in action, the ice skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir then I think it’s pretty obvious that this book is based on them. So, if you’re a fan of them IRL or of the show Spinning Out from Netflix, I highly recommend picking this one up. FLWL is an easy re-read for me and has so many tropes that I love!!

I absolutely adore Jasmine and Ivan together and I really do think that they’re one of my all-time favourite couples! I loved seeing these two grow together (both individually and together) and just thinking about them and recommending it now, has me wanting to do another re-read, even though I’ve read it twice this year already!

all the tropes

  • forced proximity
  • grumpy x grumpy
  • slow burn
  • caretaking
  • protective hero
  • soft enemies/rivals to lovers
  • the guy falls first
  • the iconic “who did this to you” scene

jurassic park by michael chrichton | my goodreads review

Last but definitely not least, is another one of my favourite books that I 100% think is worth every spot of hype it’s received! Jurassic Park is one of my favourite stories of all time, both the book and the movie and if you know anything about me outside of my blog, you probably know that 1. i love keanu reeves 2. i love the mummy (1999) starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz & 3. i love dinosaurs more than almost anything in life. In fact, I am literally doing a rewatch of the original trilogy right now (I’m on JP3, for anyone curious) as I type this and I’m having a truly wonderful time.

I re-read Jurassic Park for the first time earlier this year and loved it just as much as I did the first time I read it. I truly think that if you love intelligent books with an interesting cast/main character then you really should pick this one up. Or, even, if you’re just a big fan of the original movie that the book is based on (Michael Chrichton also wrote the screenplay) that you should absolutely pick this one up. I listened to it via audiobook and highly recommend that too!

What are your favourite “worth the hype” books?
Have you read any of these books?

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: *Blue* Books Worth The Hype!

    1. Thank you. I thought it was sunny that so many of the books I read are actually blue or green. I wonder why they publish them like that??

      I’ll check out your post!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What I find interesting is that I get so used to a cover on Instagram then when I go to buy or borrow it here in the UK it’s a completely different cover and I have to double check that it’s the same book!

        They must do market research and come up with that πŸ˜‚

        Thank you. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the cover of The Love Quotient and it sounds like the inside is even better! And OH MY GOODNESS, SPY X FAMILY!!!! YESSSSS!! That is a manga I mentioned in my list too because it’s such a fun and wild story!! I’m not even sure if I could pick a favorite! LOL!


  2. The 3 books on this list that I read are all 5 star reads for me! I adore The Kiss Quotient, Act Your Age, Eve Brown, and the Spy x Family manga series! I tried picking up From Lukov, With Love once, but wasn’t in the mood, but maybe I should try it again sometime soon!


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