www wednesday! | time travel & re-reading dystopian faves!

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’m finally writing up a new post and today I’m going through all o fmy current reads and what’s next up on my tbr! I haven’t been reading very much lately, but I’m hoping that I’ll at least read some good books that I really enjoy this month!

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking On a World of Words and you can find my other WWW Wednesday posts and find my progress here.

My Goodreads Goal Update!

🎧 – audiobook
πŸ” – re-read
🌈 – queer
✨ – 2022 release

The Time Traveler’s Wife | πŸ”πŸŽ§

I am currently watching The Time Traveler’s Wife as it releases weekly on Binge (HBO Max for Americans???) and I’m really enjoying it (if not very creeped out by the discussion/s around grooming). So, I decided to pick up the book so I can finally finish reading it. I’m enjoying it, but not *loving* it. I do think the portrayal of uncontrollable time travel is really very interesting but, it’s actually kind of boring outside of that small part of the book that I’m enjoying. I am enjoying the show at the moment though, mainly because Theo James and Rose Leslie are great actors.

Savage Lover | 🎧

I loved books one and two in this series so I am very sorry to say that this was so utterly boring that I almost DNF’d it three times! It took me almost an entire month to finish this and honestly, I can’t say that it was worth it.

Divergent | πŸ”πŸŽ§

I am once again back on my bullshit and going through another mini Theo James phase in my life. So, I’m finishing up reading The Time Traveler’s Wife and then I’ll (hopefully) be re-reading Divergent which I’m honestly in such a good mood to read at the moment. Divergent is one of my favourite classic 2010 – 2012 YA books that I can actually stand to re-read, so I can’t wait to get sucked back into this world and then never continue on with the series.

What are you currently reading?
Are we reading any of the same books?

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2 thoughts on “www wednesday! | time travel & re-reading dystopian faves!

    1. Haha really? I’ve read book 1 a few times now, but never continued on in the series! I definitely recommend book 1 as a fun quick read but, I think the general consensus is that it’s not worth reading the whole trilogy.

      I hope you enjoy Divergent if you ever decide to pick it up! I’m actually planning on reading it today!

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