Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! A few months ago I made a blog post about 22 things I love in books and it really inspired me to write about my favourite tropes in fiction so today that’s what I’m going to do today! I’ve also put part one in the title because I’m really hoping to eventually add a second post to this and make it a series!

Also, there will be a lot of links to threads on Twitter because explaining my feelings on a subject in great detail is not one of my strong points so I’ll give it my best shot and then link to people who no doubt said it better than me.

I’ll be honest I struggled with coming up with recommendations for each prompt, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments. I’ll be eternally greatful!

Book CoverBook CoverBook CoverJohnlock GIF - Find on GIFERBook CoverBook CoverBook Cover
  • the bodyguard/security guard trope + angst? going into hiding? secret romance? behind doors? – x x American Royals, Winter, Take A Hint Dani Brown
  • two oblivious idiots – x x – aka. Johnlock –
  • Soft boys – Wild Beauty, A Wrinkle in Time, The Kiss Quotient
Book CoverBook Cover
  • cool kid has a crush on unsuspecting “normal” person – xThe Mistake
  • the soft interactions + trauma & nightmares – x
  • ultimate pining to the point of almost combustion on my part + satisfaction when the author doesn’t ruin it after the fact – xThe Wall of Winnipeg and Me
  • hero is actually the villain – x – not something I like to read a lot because I’m quite traditional in that I rarely enjoy reading about villains, but Lost Boy by Christina Henry is the ultimate version of this trope!
  • character a has scars and character b sees them for the first time – hurt/comfort? – x
  • character a sees character b sleeping and just HEART EYES + GIVES THEM A BLANKET – x
  • the invulnerable vulnerable bb who could hurt me but like, I love them??? – x
  • an absolutely unhinged and dramatic love reveal? yes please. bonus points for the utmost angst – x
  • THERE WAS ONLY ONE BED + watching the other character sleep? + omg that was the best sleep I’ve ever had??? – x – i’m ngl this trope makes me go absolutely feral – I Temporarily Do, You and Me on Vacation, Under Locke, Twisted Love
Book CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook Cover
  • to go along with one bed, i also love the “snowed in”, secluded can’t escape tropes – like, the ones where they just can’t escape each other and they actually have to talk to each other and be in eachother’s space and they maybe soften towards each other – Lord Dashwood Missed Out
  • the whole thing where character a is riling up character b and jokingly says “ooh you wanna kiss me i know you do” or something dumb like that and then character b is stright up like “yeah no fuckin duh” and then shit goes down? yes i think i will – xAct Your Age, Eve Brown
  • (in a found family situation/focused story) platonic over romantic love + family isn’t always blood – i go absolutely feral for a good found family dynamic and so often I really do prefer them over a romance because I just feel like there’s so much potential with a friendship (epecially in a group dynamic) that you just don’t get in a romance. – The Weight of Our Stars, Check Please, The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet
Book CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook Cover
  • found family in any form – Spy x Family, One Last Stop, The Diviners
  • the lost hero – x – i don’t totally know how to describe this character trope but basically they’re still the hero but they’ve completely been THROUGH IT and they’re suffering and losing themself a bit. They’re still a powerful fighter and doing all the hero shit but they’re falling a bit inside, if that makes sense? Spoilers for Heroes of Olympus (highlight the whited out words): This is sort of how I view Percy at the end of HOO < End of spoiler. – Heroes of Olympus, The Poppy War
  • so mostly this is just really soft partners who love eachother, but also it’s where one is just completely heart eyes for the other>>> I love a soft relationship okay? – Romancing Mr Bridgerton, I Hear The Sunspot, Act Your Age Eve Brown

+ tropes i would absolutely die for but have never read/ can’t find:

  • enemies to lovers where one of them legit kills the other and is like “SHIT WTF OH NO” + angst – x – I’ve never met an enemies to lovers story that I truly loved but I love the idea of the trope so if anyone has a good recommendation that they genuinely think I would like, I’d be indebted to you forever!

Do you have any book recs to match these tropes?
What are your favourite tropes?

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