Bridgerton Season 2 (2022) Spoiler Review + Season 3 Predictions & Hopes!

Hello everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! A few days ago I rewatched and reviewed season 1 of Bridgerton and today I’m reviewing season 2! I’ll be honest, this is one of my favourite books in the series that I’m always down to re-read so I had high hopes for this season!

Just a heads up that there will be spoilers in this review and I do talk about future plotlines and relationships from the books!

As always the Bridgertons together were my favourite part of this entire season and I can’t wait for season 3! This is a really long post with an episode by episode mini-review + my thoughts while watching and then at the end, I tacked on my overall thoughts and season 3 predictions. Grab a drink and a snack because we could be here for a hot minute!

Find my season 1 review here + my guide to the book series by Julia Quinn here

Episode 1 ‘Capital R Rake’

  • Okay, but of course, the very first scene of the season includes all of the Bridgertons and is absolutely perfect!
  • “what i need is what i have. and that is a list” no, but why am i swooning right now?
  • This man is quite literally interviewing for a wife and it’s hilarious! Jonathan Bailey plays Anthony so so well!
  • Dare I say, a perfect meet-cute?
  • We’re definitely getting more of a glimpse into Penelope’s life this season!
  • I can see that season 2 will be quite different from the book and so far I don’t mind at all!
  • Benedict has not had one bad line so far!

Episode 2 ‘Off To The Races’

  • I’m absolutely loving how amused Benedict is by Anthony’s antics
  • Anthony is such a shithead and I am absolutely here for it!
  • season 2 is clearly my favourite so far because the acting is brilliant and these sibling scenes are making my day!
  • I’m absolutely loving how all the actors are playing off each other this season! It’s so funny!
  • I wonder how long they’re going to keep up the search for Lady Whistledown. I’ll be honest, as much as I love Julie Andrew’s narration, I find Whisteldown the most boring part of the show.

Episode 3 ‘A Bee In Your Bonnet’

  • Jonathan Bailey is acting the absolute shit out of this flashback holy shit
  • i really do think these flashbacks are going to kill me.
  • the two of them getting stuck in the mud together 😍
  • this season is just so good and this episode is my favourite so far! The writing, acting and story are all better and I think it’s because we’ve actually seen Kanthony in scenes together!
  • Colin has got Benedict absolutely high, oh my God! It’s hilarious and cute but why???
  • “I am honoured to accept your acceptance,” says benedict bridgerton while crying out the window
  • the bee scene!!!!!!!!!!! 😲😲

Episode 4 ‘Victory’

  • its so interesting to me how they’ve made it so Edwina is genuinely interested in Anthony. I was expecting them to have more of a sibling dynamic, since he ends up with Kate.

Episode 5 ‘An Unthinkable Fate’

  • well hey now drama and sexual tension!!

Episode 6 ‘The Choice’

  • does anyone else absolutely loathe the queen?
  • that ending!!

Episode 7 ‘Harmony’

  • the slowest burn to ever slow burn
  • The most ironic episode title yet!
  • Hyacinth’s face when Anthony asked her to dance! 😍 Top tier moment right here!
  • that ending! 🤯

Episode 8 ‘The Viscount Who Loved Me’

  • it’s occurring to me that we are going to have to deal with so much of the featheringtons in Polin’s season
  • Anthony crying really broke me I won’t lie
  • that Polin dance scene!
  • That Kanthony dance scene!
  • I’m so intrigued to know why so many people now know who Lady Whistledown is, particularly Eloise. I’m also so so intrigued to know why they wrote Penelope’s character this way for season 2. They tried to make her seem so cunning and smart, which she already was, but instead made her seem cruel and small. I wonder if her character will change dramatically in season 3 as well.
  • Once again, I am here to say that Lady Featherington is a proper cow but she is also incredibly smart!
  • They changed her name to Kathani Sharma and I love it!
  • Oh god, Benedict shutting his paints case hurt! I’m assuming his season will in part be about him accepting his skill and dealing with his insecurities the same way that Polin’s season will probably be about Colin finding his skill.
  • That epilogue scene is everything to me and I am now going to rewatch it a million and two times!

Season 2 Thoughts:

Anthony and Kate are great together and I am absolutely loving their interactions, especially at the very end of the season. But, I’ll be honest, as someone who really enjoys the book, I really do not understand the decision to make Edwina fall in love with Anthony. I feel like it was just unnecessary and so base-level but obviously, the whole getting to the actual church bit made it so much worse in her mind so then she was so pissed off by it all that it had to take entire episodes to move on??? Unnecessary! We didn’t need an entire episode dedicated to the wedding and then another episode dedicated to getting rid of the scandal from the failed marriage and then ANOTHER episode dedicated to Whistledown drama with like, 10 mins to spare to patch everything up in the end, which, it turns out, the Queen could do the entire time with literally one sentence, and it was fine.

i relate to this gif on a molecular level

The engagement should’ve been called off and instead, we should’ve actually been able to see Kate and Anthony together in their own season. I honestly think we got to see more of the Featheringtons and Edwina then we did of Kate and it bothers me. Instead of Featherington drama, we should have seen more of Kate’s trauma, her connection with her family (and some actually meaningful conversation oh my god) and some actual time with Anthony.

 I don’t want to just compare the show to the book because they’re two different things and I really do love them both, but in the books, we actually got to experience the main couple together as a duo and got to explore Kate’s character so much more. She had fears and worries and trauma, just like Anthony and we got to see all of that instead of dealing with stupid scandals and him quite seriously almost marrying her sister. When a love triangle is done right it can be so fun to watch, but this was absolutely awful and made EVERYONE look bad, including Lady Bridgerton and Lady Danbury who quite literally just stood on the sidelines and watched the whole thing happen! We saw those glances! We know they knew!

Another side note on Kate: I wish we’d seen some more closure for her and how family treated her! Elder siblings so often take on parental roles and Kate did then tenfold so, I really wish Mary and Edwina had been able to really see that and talk with her about her being happy for once which could’ve lead to her marrying Anthony. There wasn’t enough time for the leads in their season and I’m honestly so bitter about it.

Also, kind of a side not but, kind of not – why would an older sister beg a man she was in love with to marry her younger sister??? Knowing full well that she would be in a loveless marriage to a man she had feelings for???? After he fully admitted to her that he would be thinking about cheating WITH HER throughout the entire marriage??? This season really was an ode to elder siblings everywhere, but they really did us dirty with that scene. That was the exact point the writers should’ve called off the marriage, but they went for 3 episodes worth of pointless drama instead. This really doesn’t bode well for Colin and Penelope’s storyline!

Also, back on Edwina for a second – in the last episode she calls off the marriage (fucking finally) and says it’s because she could not stand to be in a loveless marriage where she is seen as an object but isn’t that EXACTLY what Kate told her in episode 1??? If you cannot listen to advice given then I really think you deserve the fallout, Edwina!

A note on Eloise: I loved her in season 1 but could’ve stand her in season 2! She has the potential to be one of the best characters on the show, but she is purely giving off rich white girl vibes and I’m not loving it! I much preferred the relationship between Penelope and Madame Delacroix if we went to explore class structures and female empowerment! This would have also been a really good comparison between Benedict and Sophie if they were going to be the focus of season 3!

A note on the Feathingtons plotline: I have never skipped so much of a show all in one go. I don’t completely hate this family but, surely this plotline could’ve been saved for Penelope’s season??? Or skipped entirely considering Penelope isn’t exactly strapped for cash and definitely could’ve made a secret donation to save her family??? All in all, Lord Featherington and Portia’s little scheming plot was gross and boring and unnecessary. We could’ve had time to properly focus on the main couple of the season but instead we got this??? Or at least we could’ve had time to repair the relationship between Kate and Edwina since it took Kate nearly dying for Edwina to forgive her.

Overall, I loved Kate and Anthony together and while I was watching, I absolutely could not stop to pause the show and I absolutely adored any and all scenes with the Bridgerton siblings together. Especially, the scene where Anthony dances with Hyacinth and then when he talks to Gregory in his study. But, the longer the show was been out, the less enthralled I become. I think Kate and Anthony will always be a favourite, especially after that epilogue scene. But, the script was messy and lacked continuity, episode 5 was absolutely awful, there was too much Featherington screen time and they really hacked Penelope and Eloise’s relationship to pieces.

My top 3 favourite scenes of season 2 (with youtube scene links):

+ honourable mentions

Season 3 Predictions:

All signs are leading to season 3 being about Colin and Penelope’s season and I am not happy about it. I really think season 2 did too much damage for 1 season to fix, so I really wish they’d stick with the books order and give Polin more time to become proper friends. Also, I’m completely biased because I love Benedict in the show, and I was really hoping we’d get his story next!

Also, on that topic, I really wonder how the hell Penelope and Eloise will heal their relationship since, Pen really ruined Eloise (but in the end, also saved her reputation and her family) so, I was kind of assuming that in season 3 Penelope, as Lady Whistledown would help Benedict and Sophie hide their scandalous marriage or something along those lines. Because in the books Eloise was actually the last to find out and that was in book 5 where she honestly thought it was amazing and realised it really wasn’t that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. But, in the books, Lady Whistledown was never really cruel like she can be in the show, she was more so just honest and a bit cutting – in the show she’s ruining Eloise’s reputation and telling everyone about Marina being pregnant so they’ve absolutely dug themselves into a massive hole with this. Also, kind of a side note here but when Eloise and Penelope finally make up, can we please see Eloise actually listening to Penelope for once instead of just talking at her?

All I can say on the Polin stand point, is that I wish they were the season 4 stoyline because I truly need to see Penelope ignoring this dumbass man for what he said and I must see PINING! Colin needs to realise what he had and work for her forgiveness! And on the Pen/El front, the only reason I can think for them exposing to Eloise that Pen is LW is so she won’t be around the Bridgertons in season 3 creating less forced proximity between Polin which will affect Colin and by default Eloise???

I am also really hoping that we will get a post-marriage Kanthony story because I’ll be honest, getting like, 10 minutes at the end of season 2 just really didn’t do it for me. If they could fir and entire Featheringtons subplot into season 2, we can get some more Kanthony goodness!

My last hope for season 3 – More Francesca!! Let the poor girl get some screen time! I was so excited to see her in episode 1 but she disappeared again! She truly has one of the best stories of all the siblings so it would be so amazing to get to know her beforehand! (Yes, I know the actress had to go and film Lockwood & Co, also for Netflix, which I’m so excited about, I just hope she gets more screen time on Bridgerton next season!)

Benophie Thoughts:

Well, season 2 was a wild ride and I am currently working on lowering my expectations for the Polin friends to lovers storyline so let’s talk about Benedict and Sophie for a minute!

  1. Do we think Sophie will be a Sophie or a Solomon? I get major Bisexual vibes from Benedict (and Eloise) but, I’m sure they’ll use the time period as an excuse to only create main character storylines for straight couples!
  2. Everything about season 2 was a bit too dramatic and needlessly scandalous for my tastes. I really hope that Benophie’s season will just focus on them and the class system.
  3. Sophie is a woman with not title, no family and no protection who can’t certain jobs like being a governess or a maid because she’s “too pretty” and so she is seen mostly as an object, often to men. She is assaulted at work (and then saved by Benedict) because of this, so I really hope we get to see the other side of the ton and experience what it’s like to be the one who cleans up after the balls.
  4. I really love Benedict in the show so I really really hope they do his story justice!
  5. With all the scandal and drama they through the Bridgertons into this season I really don’t want to know that they’re going to do to Benedict and Sophie.

I both loved and disliked different aspects of season 2 but overall felt positively towards it! What did you think of this season? Will you ever rewatch it? (I honestly don’t think I will)
Will you watch season 3? Who do you think will be the main couple?

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2 thoughts on “Bridgerton Season 2 (2022) Spoiler Review + Season 3 Predictions & Hopes!

  1. I really enjoyed season 2 but was heartbroken for Pen! Doesn’t Julie Andrews narrate Lady Whistledown? I really hope Pen gets her HE with Colin but it’s hard to see how now!


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