FEBRUARY TBR | can i tackle 28 in 28 while working & going to uni???

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today I’m talking about all the books I’m hoping to get to in February! Last month I read some great books so I’m really hoping I can keep that going this month so I’ve got some great books to talk about with you all!

Let me know what books you’ve got on your tbr & what I should read first!

*If you’re interested to know my thoughts on a particular book, please do still tell me because that will definitely give me extra motivation to pick it up!

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My Lady Jane (The Lady Janies, #1)
My Plain Jane (The Lady Janies, #2)
My Calamity Jane (The Lady Janies, #3)
Three Dark Crowns (Three Dark Crowns, #1)
One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns, #2)
The Queens of Fennbirn (Three Dark Crowns #0.1-0.2)
Two Dark Reigns (Three Dark Crowns, #3)
Five Dark Fates (Three Dark Crowns, #4)
Hell Island
Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves (Shane Schofield, #4)
The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata
Book Cover
  • The Lady Janies series
  • The Three Dark Crowns series
  • The Scarecrow series
  • The Wall of Winnipeg and Me with the Hoemance book club
  • & Electric Idol

Uni doesn’t start until the very back end of the month so I’m really hoping that throughout the month I can get into some different series. I get the feeling the JadyJanies trilogy and the Matthew Reilly books will be really quick reads for me so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll read them in the beginning of the month!


Find my graphicsathon announcement post and tbr here & follow the graphicsathon twitter here

🌻 ↣ buddy read | πŸ’• ↣ future blog post | πŸ” ↣ re-read | 🌈 ↣ lgbtqia+ |
✨ ↣ 2022 release | 🎧 ↣ audiobook | πŸ’– ↣ hoemance book club
One Piece, Volume 4: The Black Cat Pirates
Sheets (Sheets, #1)
Our Dining Table
Garlic and the Vampire
Restart After Coming Back Home
My Brother's Husband, Volume 1 (My Brother's Husband Omnibus, #1)
Sasaki and Miyano, Vol. 1
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Vol. 1
Not Your Idol, Vol. 1
There Are Things I Can't Tell You
Blue Flag, Vol. 4
And Yet, You Are So Sweet, Vol. 1
Luisa: Now and Then
Lore Olympus: Volume One (Lore Olympus, #1)

What are your reading plans for February?
Are we reading any of the same books this month?

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14 thoughts on “FEBRUARY TBR | can i tackle 28 in 28 while working & going to uni???

    1. Thank you! I’m really in the mood to read the Lady Janies so hopefully, you’ll see them in my wrap up at the end of the month!
      Garlic and the Vampire was adorable and such a good read, I highly recommend it!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m recently started once again to read.anyway I come across your page while doing research of HoO and here I’m going through ur TBR,so thought to check out Jane series first just to see what it’s about and I’m hooked bcz writing style is good I love sarcastic so yeah I’m reading this as my first book of Feb so thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you found my blog and it’s very exciting that you’re reading again!
      Yes, the Lady Janies is fantastic, I’m so glad you’re hooked! ❀️


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