Eternals (2021) Spoiler Review & Discussion | The Most Aesthetically Pleasing MCU Movie I’ve Ever Seen! & The MCU’s first deaf superhero!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜

Eternals' Poster Offers First Glimpse of New Super Heroes | Marvel

Eternals (2021)

Directed by ChloΓ© Zhao

Comic to Movie Adaptation

M – Mature audiences, but works as a family movie

My Letterboxd Review

Hi everyone! Welcome back to one of my first movie reviews of 2021! I’ve been posting mostly tv reviews this year and really enjoying them but I recently watched Eternals and had some thoughts so I figured I’d share them with you! Don’t worry, I’ll be back to talking about books and reviewing shows soon enough. I think my next review will be Hakweye on Disney+ but of course, do let me know if there are any particular shows you want to know my thoughts on!


  • Very funny
  • Harry styles??? Hello???
  • I absolutely loved the family dynamic vibes we got from the 1st half, I just wish they’d been able to maintain some of that throughout the film.
  • Eternals is one of my top 3 favourite mcu movies by far but also very long so I don’t know how I would go actually watching the entire thing start to end at home.
  • I’ll definitely be watching this again as soon as it hits Disney+, though I might have to take a few breaks.
  • Deaf superhero!!! I won’t lie, I cried just about every time Lauren Ridloff came on screen and I don’t care who knows it. She was absolutely fantastic in the movie and definitely one of the standout actors!
  • Eternals doesn’t necessarily feel like a Marvel movie but when you think about how diverse comics are (illustration, characters, language, vibes, aesthetic etc) and how diverse our world is I think it makes sense to have aesthetic and script shifts like this in one universe. I stopped enjoying mcu movies until recently (Shang Chi was amazing!) so this has made me excited for future mcu projects again.
  • Not only did we get our first deaf superhero (with Hawkeye only just arriving on Disney+!) but we also got our first out gay superhero!!


  • Some characters definitely not as fleshed out as others. It’s clear that Sersi and Ikaris are the main characters they wanted to focus on, but that just means that because the film has so many main charcters that the others don’t get as much development on screen.
  • I definitely related to ikaris too much lol but that’s a me thing. Also, please validate me, did anyone really not like Sersi???
  • I really wish we’d had more Ajak in the film. Selma Hayek was absolutely brilliant and now I need to go back and watch all of her backlist projects that I haven’t seen yet!
  • Sprite is 7000 yrs old but still acts like a teenager most of the time??? I can’t suspend my disbelief quite that much, sorry.
  • Does anyone actually care about Dane Whitman? We’ll see.
  • The romance felt really insta lovey with Ikaris and Sersi which was kinda weird to me since they were so much of the focus of the movie but I’m here for Makkari and Druig!!!
  • I really hope the critics score hasn’t scared off Marvel from using these characters again because they’ve meant a lot to a lot of people and I will personally be offended if I never see Makkari on screen again.
  • Hiroshima. I mean, first of all, yikes. I don’t know why they thought it would be a goo didea to use that particular historical event but yeah, yikes. However, I definitely got the impression that he provided the tech but wasn’t the cause of the event and crtainy didn’t gove anyone the idea for that destruction so I don’t know why people are saying he caused Hiroshima because to me he clearly didn’t. I would be really interested to hear other takes on this though!

Ranking The Eternals (1 – best, 10 – worst)

  1. Gilgamesh
  2. Thena
  3. Makkari
  4. Druig
  5. Ikaris
  6. Kingo
  7. Phastos
  8. Ajak
  9. Sersi
  10. Sprite

Have you watched Eternals?
Do you have a favourite character?

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4 thoughts on “Eternals (2021) Spoiler Review & Discussion | The Most Aesthetically Pleasing MCU Movie I’ve Ever Seen! & The MCU’s first deaf superhero!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜

    1. Yes, it made me so happy and so proud to see Makkari on the screen and I really hope we see her again onscreen!! And yes I didn’t think I would like Druig based off the first trailers but he ended up being one of my favourites!!

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