New Girl Season 1 Rewatch Review & Discussion | Rewatching an old favourite! πŸ˜

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Hi everyone! 2021 has been the year of tv reviews on my blog and I don’t plan on stopping!/Ive been loving reviewing different shows on Netflix and Disney+ but they’ve mostly been heavier shows so I thought I’d shale things up and review a comedy. I have seen the first few seasons of this show before but I was in the mood for a rewatch and I figured I’d note down my thoughts while I watched! Enjoy!

TW: relationship cheating, ended relationships

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Episode 1 ‘Pilot’

  • Oh my god, I forgot how cute and #quirky Jess is.
  • I love Coach! I really wish he’d been in the show from the first season but I do understand that he was obligated to be on another show at the time.
  • Nope. Jess truly is like a child with adult words and I don’t know how to handle it.
  • I forgot how awful it was to here Schmidt speak holy shit! He’s so strange and yet so funny!
  • Oh my god, I completely forgot about the Caroline storyline!
  • My god, I love a 20 minute episode.
  • By far, this is the most heartwarming ending to an episode that I’ve ever seen. It’s such a beautiful wya to end an episode and I love what it says about their friendship!

Episode 2 ‘Kryptonite’

  • I absolutely love Nick and Jess working together to take the shit out of Schmidt.
  • I also love this intro! It’s nice and short but also has all the characters personalities in it!
  • It’s so funny to me now watching this and knowing what Winston’s character turns into. They basically tried to rewrite him as coach but he ends up being so far from that and I love it!
  • Oh my God, I love Nick’s characterisation in the ealier episodes. I really wonder why they made him so completely stupid because I really much prefer this version of his character.
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Episode 3 ‘Wedding’

  • Not Nick actually being somewhat in touch with his and other people’s emotions… Nick really is a good character so far and I’m really liking him. The other guys come off way too strong but I really like him and how he always does the right thing in the end!
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Episodes 4 & 5 ‘Naked’, ‘Cece Crashes’

  • Because I have seen up to around mid-season 3 it’s genuinely weird to see Nick as one of the more stable characters who is definitely the most mature character. He devolves into such a strange and genuinely dumb character throughout the show that this version of him is really throwing me for a loop!
  • I just look at Winston and I don’t see a basketball player.
  • Wow, it really is interesting to see how the characters interact with eachother and were written in season 1. Nick works a tonne and is somehow the most mature, Winston is basically nonexist, Schmidt is a kinky workaholic, Jess is a toddler with a bra and Cece is a bimbo model who parties a lot.

Episodes 6, 7, 8, 9 ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘Bells’, ‘Bad in Bed’, ‘The 23rd’

  • I wonder if Schmidt has OCD and if she does, if it’ll ever actually be addressed because so far it seems to be played for low jokes.
  • How is it that Jess is the main character and yet the most boring character on the show???
  • We love how Stephen Amell only has one form of acting andit’s jsut smirking, crossing his arms and then walking away.
  • I really think this is a fun show and I’m enjoying binge-watching it but I can’t imagine watching it an episode per week for years.
  • I love the ending of the Xmas episode, it’s so heartwarming and really shows why this show is so special!!
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Episodes 10 – 14 ‘The Story of the 50’, ‘Jess & Julia’, ‘The Landlord’, ‘Valentine’s Day’ & ‘Bully’

  • We love a weird Schmidt montage! That entire thing must have been so much fun to film!
  • Nick Miller doesn’t believe in dinosaurs. What on Earth?
  • I truly think season 1 Nick is the absolute best Nick!
  • And the Cece x Schmidt saga begins!
  • Wow. So, I know that Schmidt is a little bit a lot intense but Cece is 100% using him and it’s really hard to watch. He’s seriously being treated like a dog at the moment and I really hope this doesn’t go on for much longer.

Episode 15 – 21 ‘Injured’, ‘Control’, ‘Fancyman Part 1 & 2’, ‘Secrets’, ‘Normal’, ‘Kids’

  • Episode 15 has by far been my favourite episode so far! You can really tell that Nick is the glue of the group and it was so heartwarmnig to see how much everyone cares for him, even Cece! I really hope there are more serious episodes like this throughout the show to break up the childish humour of the other characters!
  • I also thought it was really interesting that you can already see the endgame pairs splitting off. Like, when they all got out of the car at the end, Cece and Schmidt walked off together and then Nick and Jess walked off together. I really hope Winston gets a really cool partner and that it doesn’t just happen as a last minute plotline in the last season!
  • I’m starting to see Nick’s personality change and it’s really interesting but disheartening to watch. He started out as one of the more mature ones who just doesn’t have his life totally figured yet. But, they’re starting to get rid of the maturity. Why would you have a massive fight with your friend about how much money you owe them and not just accept it and start to gradually pay it back?
  • We love a Nick storyline where he’s sleeping with 21 year olds…
  • I actually really like Russel so I hope he stays around at least until the end of the season. He provides a lot more maturity and stability which I think Jess can sometimes need!
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Episode 22 – 24 ‘Tomatoes’, ‘Backslide’, ‘See Ya’

  • Oh god Russel is gone and Caroline is back all in the same episode! BUT Cece and Schmidt are together which is nice!!
  • Oh god, Nick’s awful relationship with Caroline is just so brutal, I really hpoe this isn’t a massive plot point for the rest of the season.
  • I really love that everyone knows that Jess and Nick have more of a bond, it makes some of these scenes so much harder to watch!
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Have you watched New Girl?
Do you have a favourite character?

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3 thoughts on “New Girl Season 1 Rewatch Review & Discussion | Rewatching an old favourite! πŸ˜

  1. Loved this recap! I always think of how much the rest of the gang changed, but I never realise Nick did too–or that it’s the endings of the episodes that make the show. You’re right to use the word ‘heartwarming’!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad!
      Yeah I think the other characters’ developments are more obvious but even just in season 1 Nik
      s character changed so much and I honestly think the writers didn’t know what to do with him.
      It really is such a heartwarming show!

      Liked by 1 person

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