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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! I’ve been really loving watching and reviewing the Disney+ MCU tv shows this year so this is my latest review since What If…? just finished a few days ago! I really enjoyed this one (though not as much as I expected to) so it has me very excited for season 2!

This is the part of my review where I remind everyone that all the thoughts and opinions in this blog post are just that, thoughts and opinions. No hate just because you might disagree! I’d love to know why in the comments (as long as you can be nice about it!)

You can find my reviews for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier here and Loki Season 1 here.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the show and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the points I talked about! And let me know if you want to see more posts like this in the future!


  • I really love Jeffrey Wright’s intro! And the animated intro is so much fun! I’m so glad this how is being narrated by The Watcher, they’re one of my favourite Marvel characters!
  • They really brought back Hayley Atwell and Stanley Tucci but not Chris Evans????
  • I really like tha animation!
  • I thought it was interesting how they didn’t hold back on the sexism. It really hurted to watch.
  • I love her outfit and I really hope we get to se Captain Carter in live action sooner rather than later!
  • I really liked the ending!
  • I think this show is going to be a lot of fun in general, but it’s especially going to pay off for people who re-watch the movies regularly!
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  • I love Jeffrey Wright’s intro for this ep! He has such a fantastic voice and it really sets up the episode! This show is written so well so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes!
  • Also, I’ve already cried and I’m only 2 minutes in. RIP Chadwick Boseman
  • This episode is already so funny and I’m absolutely loving the outlaw idolaisation! This reminds me so much of that scene in John Wick 3 and I’m loving it!
  • I absolutely adore the action in this show! I feel like depending on the director/actor the action in the live action movies can be pretty good (aka. The Winter Soldier in Cap 2) but, this show is making me think the MCU needs to update their fighting styles because this is fascinating to watch! Star LOrd’s quick paced and funny style combined with Captain Carter’s inhuman enhanced and graceful style is putting the live action fight scenes to shame and I’m loving it! This just goes to show why animation is such an important story telling medium!
  • I’ve only known this Star Lord for 6 minutes but I already love him more than Chris Pratt’s Star Lord. This show is going to have to be very careful to create compelling stories and characters without overshadowing their main live action ones!
  • The backgrounds and colouring in this episode are literally out of this world and I just know I”ll be rewatching this episode in the future! I’m already loving this more than ep 1!
  • YOOOO Thanos??????
  • I said this for ep 1 but this show really is an amazing pay off for anyone who’s watched all of the movies (especially more than once). We’re getting to see so many different characters from all over the MCU in different settings and storylines and I’m loving the in-jokes and comic references! It’s a lot of fun so far and I already can’t wait for season 2! I hope this is a show we’ll get to see more of in the future!
  • The gasp I let out when I saw Howard The Duck!

Also, a fun note I jsut wanted to add! With each episode I’m watching them twice a week – once by myself and then a second time with my family. This is the first time I’ve done this and I’m really enjoying it!

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  • It’s becoming more and more obvious which characters are being voiced by their OG cast members and who aren’t & THAT is cleary not Scarlett Johnanson and it’s very obvious!
  • I love how this show uses different animation styles as storytelling factors! I love how they use the still drawn images to explain the introductions of Thor and Hulk!
  • I am constantly amazed by how brilliant the action scenes are in this show! We never saw Black Widow fight like this after Iron Man 2! I also loved seeing THor getting to the hammer and just mowing people down! Kudos to the animating teams who worked on this show!
  • I absolutely loved that episode! It was “shot” so beautifully and I really enjoyed figuring out who the killer was!
MARVELHEROES β€” What If… The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?


  • I have never once cared about Dr Strange or Christine but here this episode has me crying about how they could never be together in this timeline. How???
  • I’m usually pretty sick of time travel stories but I really enjoyed this irreversible fixed timeline story!
  • I also love it when characters go from good to bad on screen! It’s one of my favourite things to watch so this has been one of my favourite episodes to watch so far!
  • I love the animation when Strange is losing the plot and absorbing all the power! The neon colouring are SO GOOD!
  • This is the most excited I’ve been watching an episode since ep 2!
  • Absolutely my favourite episode so far, with episode 2 being just right behind it! I loved seeing what would happen if the bad guy won and it turns out in this universe, it’s a world ender!
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  • I truly love The Watcher’s narration for each episode! Jeffrey Wright is perfect in this role! I also love how creative and different each episode is (except for episode 7!). They’re all so original and fun to watch!
  • It’s wild to me that they didn’t actually get Tom Holland to voice Spiderman in this episode!
  • I love Bucky Barnes and his star spangled shower curtain 😍
  • That shot of the shield with zombie cap was absolutely amazing! This show’s powerful animation is constantly amazing me! (this is the shot!)
  • Why yes I did start crying when T’Challa started speaking, That’s my business.
  • I love the end credit panels for each episode! Whoever had that idea is a genius!

I feel mostly positive about this show and I think it’s a great show to binge watch, but I did want to mention that I think if you’re just a casual watcher of the MCU you might have a hard time with identifying characters. Some characters throughout the show aren’t voiced by their live action counterpart and in the animation so many of them aren’t drawn to look like the actor either! Go back and look at how they animated Dr Banner and then try and tell me that he looks like Mark Ruffalo! He doesn’t!

Bucky and Zombie Cap in Marvel Studios What If …? - What if...? (Disney+)  Fan Art (43113025) - Fanpop


  • This episode was definitely one of my least favourites just because I find the playboy side of Tony Stark’s character so boring! But, I did really like the insight into his intelligent Killmonger is. This episode jsut proves that Marvel killed him off too soon in the movies!
  • That last line hurt! Once again, I am crying thinking about Chadwick Boseman!
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  • I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve finally found a version of Loki that I can get behind and it’s Frostgiant Party Loki.
  • This episode had some really funny moments mostly due to Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston’s comedic timing! It was a lot of fun but not one I’ll ever rewatch unless I’m rewatching the entire series!
  • Not as effective as I think it could have been but mostly this felt a bit pointless. The other episodes have felt like a major change from the main timeline but this one just felt a bit too small.
  • Did anyone really dislike Jane Foster in this episode? This is not the kind of female representation I’m looking for, especially from a frnahice that usually pushes women to the side or only uses them as pushovers or love interests!
  • An amazing ending to an otherwise mostly boring episode! I really hope that ending is setting up another episode!
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  • I am still amazed at how we’re on episode 8 and like with Friends and ATLA, I say the intro without fail every time it plays and I never skip it.
  • Hawkeye is such a cool character everywhere except in the movies so this new change from the mcu has me excited to see his show (which I was already going to watch bc duh kate bishop)
  • I’m lowkey sad they couldn’t get back James Spader as Ultron
  • Ultron really said I’m gonna solve multiverse peace and imma do it in a cape
  • It’s baffling how unlike Brie Larson they’ve made her character look and sound. If I was this her agent I would have been on the phone to Marvel ASAP.
  • I love how off the charts animation is. you can do so much that live action creators would never dare/ aren’t able to do.
  • Finally proper scenes with the watcher, this is so exciting!
  • Black widow is giving off big captain carter vibes. It’s interesting to me how similar so many of the women are in this series, if you put stills of them side by side they all look eerily similar too.
  • All the Clint and Black Widow stuff is very skipable! If you’re only putting out a weekly 20-30 min episode you really don’t want people skipping scenes!
  • This show has some truly breathtaking shots! I had to pause the episode when Clint was sacrificing himself because it was so beautiful!
  • wow that episode as a whole was…. so boring
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  • Me whenever I see a man with long hair on this show: Bucky??? πŸ₯Ί
  • Not The Watcher rightfully choosing Chadwick Boseman’s Starlord over Crisp ratt
  • the stupid thor joke is TIRED
  • I am super curious to know what everyone thinks about Captain Carter because I’d be completely okay if I never saw her again.
  • Dr Strange is absolutely my favourite character from this series which I absolutely love because his movie is one of my least favourites to watch!
  • This ep was so boring until 17 minutes in THAT’S BAD
  • I’m just gonna say it. captain carter loves natasha romanoff. shes bi AF
  • The most boring and underwhelming end credit scene in mcu history. Could someone find me a shit to give for any captain that isnt Sam Wilson bc I’m at a loss.
What If…The Watcher Broke His Oath? review S1 E9


Overall I loved the animation and the colouring and I absolutely fell in love with some of these characters which I feel is a Disney+ show trend for me! I do wish though, that they’d taken a bit more care with the writing of the show as a whole. There were some fantastic lines and some of the episodes I really loved but, others I think either could’ve been improved upon or just shouldn’t have been made. That being said, I am definitely looking forward to season 2!


  1. Episode 4 ‘What If Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?’
  2. Episode 2 ‘What If T’Challa became a Star Lord?’
  3. Episode 5 ‘What If… Zombies?’
  4. Episode 3 ‘What If… The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?’
  5. Episode 6 ‘What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?’
  6. Episode 8 ’What If… Ultron Won?’
  7. Episode 7 ‘What If… Thor Were An Only Child?’
  8. Episode 9 ’What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?’
  9. Episode 1 ‘What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?’

Did you watch What… If?
Did you think What If? was as good as the previous Disney+ shows?

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