MY AUGUST TBR // Using a tbr wheel for the first time!

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming to you with my August tbr, a little bit late, but better late than never, I guess? This month I’m trying something new and using a tbr wheel with a whole bunch of prompts! I’ve never done one of these before but I wanted to change things up and hopefully make my tbr more exciting and randomised!

You can find my tbr wheel here if you also want to give it a go!


  • 5 spins
  • read at least 3 of the prompts

SPIN NUMBER ONE: READ AN ARC (advanced readers copy)

Book CoverBook Cover
The Switch & People We Meet on Vacation

I don’t know how many of the books I’ll read off of my tbr, I think I’m just aiming to fill the prompts and not read a whole bunch of each. I also just rmembered that it’s Arc August so I’m hoping to get a few of my review copies read and reviewed this month so I can get those out and also hopefully boost my Netgalley ratio.

I’m really excited for The Switch and People We Meet on Vacation, I’ve read from both of these authors before so I’m excited to see what I think of these!


Book CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook Cover
Bunny, A Pho Love Story, Honey Girl, Yolk

I have no idea what any of these are about but I’ve heard amazing things and I love these covers so hopefully I get to them sooner rather than later!


Book CoverBook Cover
In The Watchful City & The Sea is Salt and So Am I

These are also both ARCS so they could definitely work for that prompt too, but this month I want to try and balance my new releases with my backlists so I’m hoping I’ll love both of these new to me authors since I think these books are both debuts!

SPIN NUMBER FOUR: A GRAPHIC (manga, comic, graphic novel)

Book CoverBook Cover
Something Is Killing The Children Vol 1 & Heartstopper Vol 4

I’m so glad I got this prompt! I’ve been making a conscious choice to read mroe graphics lately and I’ve been loving it so this is even more of an excuse to add more to my physical tbr!


Book CoverBook Cover
The Sea is Salt and So Am I & Something To Talk About

I have so many wueer books on my tbr at the moment but these are the ones I’ll be most likely to read since I’ve heard about them only recently!

What should I pick up first? Are any of your favourites on my tbr?
What are you reading this month?

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5 thoughts on “MY AUGUST TBR // Using a tbr wheel for the first time!

  1. I LOVE the idea of the TBR wheel! It’s always fun to find different ways to choose your TBR 😍✨ & I’m excited to know what you think about People We Meet on Vacation, it sounds cool! Have an amazing month ❀️❀️


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