Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! A few months ago I reviewed The Falcon and The Winter Soldier here on my blog and really enjoyed discussing the show with you all, so I figured I’d do the same with Loki… the difference being that I enjoyed TFATWS and… I didn’t like Loki. So, be prepared, this isn’t a completely positive review (thoguh it’s not completely negative either!)

This is the part of my review where I remind everyone that all the thoughts and opinions in this blog post are just that, thoughts and opinions. No hate just because you might disagree and honestly, kudos to you if you loved this show! I’d love to know why in the comments (as long as you can be nice about it!)


  • I’m really enjoying the humour in this show! The show is really well-timed and I’m loving (for the first time ever) seeing Loki on sn-screen because Tom Hiddleston’s timing is fantastic!
  • I really liked the TVA timeline cartoon when Loki was in line with his ticket before he saw the judge. The animation was so much fun to watch! I also thought it was funny how 1. this was sucha serious subject but it’s being told through a cartoon, Jurassic Park style and 2. it was interesting that it was a cartoon and not “real footage” which makes it harder to believe their story.
  • + Also, as a part of this scene I loved Tom Hiddleston’s physical comedy when he was searching for his ticket!
  • After this there was also a scene where they show on his file that Loki is genderfluid which I think is amazing but while also probably never be addressed again, and of course, was never said outloud. I never would’ve noticed this if someone hadn’t pointed it out.
  • An interesting episode. I found the TVA really interesting and immmediatley didn’t trust them. I thought that Mobius was a really interesting character and I liked his dynamic with Loki so I’m really excited to see what happens next with his character.
  • I also think that not a lot was properly explained in this episode, for example I don’t totally understand how the resets work.
  • This episode was called “Glorious Purpose” but it was not very glorious.
Loki Episode 1: Biggest Takeaways From the Premiere | Sideshow Collectibles


  • We finally got to see how smart Loki is! I’m finally starting to like his character!
  • I’m really enjoying Owen Wilson’s Mobius. I wonder if we’ll ever see him again after this season. (Update: I’m pretty sure we will!)
  • I really enjoyed the Pompeii scene, it was a lot of fun to see Mobius and Loki being little shits together!
  • Lady Loki looks very cool but so far this is not a show that I would ever re-watch. I’m also finding that I have a lot less to say about this show than I did about TFATWS.
Loki Episode 2 Casual Marvel Fan Thoughts


  • Really didn’t care about this episode, honestly, I think aside from the great cinematic moments and the better dialogue moments, this show is pretty boring.
  • We got the reveal that both Loki and Sylvie are bisexual!! This is a huge deal and I hope this isn’t forgotten about!
  • You could really feel the loss of Mobius in this episode and honestly, the characters and writing are completely boring in this episode.
  • This really felt like a boring filler episode with too many stops at random places. I loved the pretty bisexual lighting though.
The Very Cute THOR Callback in This Week's LOKI


  • it’s amazing to me that my favourite thing about this show is Owen Wilson. Fucking Lighting McQueen.
  • We got a vampire refernece in this ep! That means Blade!
  • It’s really interesting to compare this show to other Disney+ shows. Wandavisison caught everyone’s attention and everyone was talling about it and theorising. TFATWS was more mainstream but also had everyone talking and had some great messages that I hope will continue into the movies. And then I feel like no one is talking about Loki unless you actively search out discussion.
  • I would’ve thought Marvel had their fight scenes down by now but I really hate the ones from this show.
  • There are points where i think “wow the cinematography is so beautiful” but actually it’s just cgi and a colour change on the screen and nothing special is actually happening.
  • How is Loki the most boring part of this show?
  • There has yet to be a properly good plot twist or comic reference to really excite me so I have my fingers crossed for episode 5
  • Also, random but interesting theory I have: I think it would be really great if Mobius was a Loki variant. He’s deviant and a good liar and they’ve shown that not all Lokis look the same. It would also give another reason as to why he gets along with Loki so much.
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  • The best opening of an episode so far! The visuals! The colours! The music! THE CHARACTERS!
  • It’s so fun to see the Disney+ shows building up the Young Avengers characters, I can’t wait to finally see them all together!
  • They really missed an opportunity by making a loki variant an alligator and not a crocodile! He could’ve been called Croki!
  • I wonder how many people ship Sylvie and Loki because I honestly can’t get myself to like or understand it.
  • Definitely my favourite episode so far but god, the acting in this show is bad. I can’t tell if it’s meant to be funny of it’s just bad most of the time. Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Wunmi Mosaku and Richard E Grant were all amazing, but most of the cast was lacklustre. But, I think part of it is also that I’m just not a Loki fan and so I’m not attached to this show at all. Which is an interesting point since I didn’t really care about Wanda or Vision before their show and I certainly never cared about Sam or Bucky before TFATWS but now they’re some of my favourite characters! But I just can’t stand Loki!
  • It’s so weird how they keep emphasising how they’re all the same and then they keep upping the romance too…it’s Loki so I can see where they got the idea from but I still think it’s weird and gross.
  • Definitely the best episode so far but I just find this show SO boring!
Let's Break Down Easter Eggs From LOKI Episode Five - Nerdist


  • I feel like the music does a lot of the work on this show. Some scenes really work because the actors obviously have good chemistry and so they work well together, but other scenes like the one roughly 8 minutes into this ep just didn’t work for me. They were clearly going for a suspenseful scene but it just wasn’t working for me. Music is a BIG part of the viewing experience but it can’t do the whole job for you!
  • The dialogue is so boring, the plot twists and writing are boring and I just feel like the show is too “quiet”. I liked how zany and different WandaVision was and how TFATWS had something to say, but this show feels pointless to me, but I suppose if you were a Loki fan you’d enjoy it more.
  • Owen Wilson still remains my favourite part of this show! He just aces every scene he’s in!
  • So… there’s gonna be a season 2.
  • A very underwhelming reveal where I think this show desperately needed a good ending. It could be because I’m already a comic reader and fan, but I just felt like the big bad was so obvious? They made it so clear from episode 1 that the Time Keepers weren’t real and it was going to be a Wizard of Oz scenario. And on top of that I knew Miss Minute would be a villain and obviously the big bad was going to be Kang and then the episode ending was so abrupt. Ugh, I just feel like this show had stacks of potential but fell short on every count.
  • The only fun I had in that entire episode was watching Jonathon Majors. I really did love him in this episode acting his heart out and I can’t wait to see how he plays Kang whenever we see him next!
  • This is the part of my review where I, again, state that all the thoughts and opinions in this blog post are just that, thoughts and opinions. No hate just because you might disagree and honestly, kudos to you if you loved this show! I’d love to know why in the comments (as long as you can be nice about it!)
How 'Loki' Pulled Off the Best Finale of the Disney+ Era | Vanity Fair

Overall Season 1 Thoughts:

For once I was actually starting to like Loki as we learned more about him in episodes 1 and 2 but I feel like that all went out the window around ep 3 when he met Sylvie and then suddenly he was in love (which I felt like happened really quickly which was part of why I couldn’t get on board with them) and they just stopped developing his character outside of his love story. I think I would’ve prefered this show a lot more if it had focused on the friendship dynamic between Loki and Mobius, and not the romance, but I’m heavily biased because I always prefer a good friendship over a sub-par romance, anyway. I think I will watch season 2 just because the shows seem to lead into bigger arcs for the future movies and I like to have as much context as possible with the MCU (especially since I feel like the movies are all pretty one-note and rarely flesh out plots or characters) but I really hope they improve the writing and develop Loki more outside of any romance storyline/s.

Also, they better bring back Owen Wilson’s character for season 2 and hopefully Wunmi Mosaku too because they really stood out in the show and were probably the only two actors (aside from Richard E Grant) who acted really well against Tom Hiddleston!

Did you watch Loki?
Did you think Loki was as good as the previous Disney+ shows?

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13 thoughts on “LOKI SEASON ONE (2021) SPOILER THOUGHTS & FULL SEASON REVIEW | far from glorious…

  1. I enjoyed watching the show, but I don’t think it fully deals with timeline issues and with the questions of free will it brings up. If nothing else, it implies that Loki and Sylvie taking over the role of enforcing the Sacred Timeline would have been the “correct” choice since apparently killing He Who Remains was the “wrong” choice that’s going to bring war and death!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I think the idea of the show was really interesting but I didn’t actually enjoy watching it for the majority of the time! Yeah, that was certainly weird for me, can you imagine Lokis being in charge of the timeline???

      The MCU is certainly about to get interesting!


  2. I agree with you on pretty much everything. It really didn’t live up to the standard of the other two shows. I was very bored most of the time and didn’t feel every episode was doing much to further plot or characters, which made it even more annoying that they all ended in a cliffhanger. I also did not feel the Loki/Sylvie romance at all. They could just have stayed close friends and then yes, the show could have given us more Mobius instead. And I’m actually saying all this as someone who liked Loki as a character before the show. Now I’m not so sure about him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree, I found the other shows so much more engaging and Loki just felt boring and slow! I agree, I wish they’d become close friends since I feel like that would’ve made more sense for Loki as a character with his love/trust issues! YES! I wish we’d gotten more Mobius! He was my favourite part of the show!

      Wow, that’s so interesting! Just out of curiosity (because I’m not a fan) what was your favourite movie with Loki?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My favorite movie with Loki in it is probably Thor: Ragnarok, but I wouldn’t say I love that specifically because Loki is in it. It’s just a hilarious movie, and Loki was more of an added bonus. However, I did really like Loki in Thor: Dark World, so even though it’s far from my favorite movie, I think I like it a bit more than the average MCU fan.


  3. I actually liked this show, not as much as FATWS but a bit more than Wandavision. Overall I thought it was good. The romance was so weird if I really thought about how messed up it was which I tried not to so I could enjoy it. I honestly don’t know if I am dumb, but I am not sure I understood what was really happening lol so I’m looking forward to the next season and the next movies in the MCU

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Are you excited for season 2?
      Haha yeah, the romance is unnerving but I know there are a lot of fans out there!
      Ahh, feel free to message me on Twitter if you wanna chat about that last ep or the future of the MCU because I am EXCITED!!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m excited about it too, I just hope they focus more on well-written character and world development, instead of any rushed romances!
          Yay, I’m always down to talk MCU!

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