WWW Wednesday // 14.07.2021

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m finally doing another WWW Wednesday weekly wrap up! Uni starts up again next week and I’m expecting that I won’t have a whole lot of time to read in the coming months because I’ll have some very stressful and time consuming classes + work, so I’m trying to fit in as much reading now as I can before the month is over!

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking On a World of Words and you can find my other WWW Wednesday posts and find my progress here.

My Goodreads Goal Update!

🎧 – audiobook
πŸ“š – library copy (physical)
πŸ” – re-read
🌈 – queer
✨ – 2021 release

Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover

The Mistake, Pretty Violent Vol 1, This Is Not The Jess Show

This is everything I’ve picked up in the last week. I’m only a few chapters into The Mistake so I don’t really have any opinions on it yet. Pretty Violent Vol is an interesting idea and clearly influenced by the I Hate Fairyland comics by Skottie Young, but I feel like it’s not executed quite as well.

And This Is Not The Jess Show is the total oppsoite of what I thought it would be, but that being said I’m only 60 pages in so nothing has actually happened yet.

Book Cover
Book Cover

Act Your Age, Eve Brown + The Deal

I just finished my re-read of Act you Age, Eve Brown and I ADORED IT! I was completely tempted to re-read it again but I thought reading it 3 times in so many months might be too much, but I wouldn’t be suprised it I read it again before the year is over.

And then I re-read The Deal which I’m buddy reading with a friend. I didn’t love it but it wasn’t awful by any means so I’ll definitely read the rest of the series.

Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover

The Road Trip, Yolk, I Hear The Sunspot Vol 3, The Backstagers Vol 3, The Score

These are all the books I have on my immediate tbr! The first four I have out from the library and then I also have The Score as the thire book in the Off campus series that I’m buddy reading!

What are you currently reading?
Are we reading any of the same books?

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8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday // 14.07.2021

    1. IT WAS SO GOOD OH MY GOD! This trilogy was the first of Talia Hibbert’s books that I actually enjoyed so I kind of want to re-read the whole thing now too!


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