The top 10 2021 releases I want to read ASAP

Hi friends, welcome back to my blog! I recently created a book tag talking all about new releases which got me all excited about the amazing books coming out this year! So, I figured, since we’re almost halfway through the year I’d talk about the top 10 2021 releases that I either need to read ASAP because they’ve already come out, or that I’m dying to get an early copy of!

Book CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook Cover

MRS DEATH MISSES DEATH ↣ JANUARY ↣ I have zero excuses for not having read this yet and I’m honestly annoyed with myself about it. This is giving me Addie LaRue vibes where you just follow the main character as they go through big events in their life, with a focus on death because the main character is literally death but who also struggles with actual physical death.

THIS IS NOT THE JESS SHOW ↣ FEBRUARY ↣ Aaand next up we have This Is Not The Jess Show because I’m a big fan of books that take on the whole Truman Show vibe, but I rarely find one that I’m interested in! But, I recently found out about this one and it sounds completely up my alley and the cover is majorly making me want to read it asap!

LOST IN THE NEVER WOODS ↣ MARCH ↣ I actually thought this one was coming out later in the year or I would’ve read it by now, but I already have the audiobook downloaded on my phone and I’m just waiting for Rebecca @ BookishlyRebecca to get a copy so we can buddy read it!

ARSENIC AND ADOBO ↣ MAY ↣ One of my top 5 most anticipated reads for 2021 and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to read it! I also have the audiobook already downloaded on my phone and honestly the only hting stopping me from picking this up right now is that I’m buddy reading it with a friend so I have to be patient!

DARLING ↣ JUNE ↣ No I’m definitely not freaking out about how this is coming out NEXT MONTH! K Ancrum is one of my favourite authors and I love everything they write so combine past amazing experiences with the fact that I love Peter Pan reimaginings and I have extremely high hopes for this book!

Book CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook Cover

THE HEART PRINCIPLE ↣ AUGUST ↣ This was originally meant to come out sometime last year but 2020 was a harsh year with a lot of challenges so I don’t blame to author for pushing the book back. Helen Hoang has written some of my all time favourite romances liek The Kiss Quotient and this one focuses on one of my favourite side characters in the series so I absolutely can’t wait ot read more of her work and find out more about Quan!

UNDER THE WHISPERING DOOR ↣ SEPTEMBER ↣ Last year I read The House in the Cerulean Sea and T J Klune completely blew my mind so while I know almost nothing about this book, I am so excited to read it! The cover is giving me weird vibes and I can’t wait!

ONCE UPON A BROKEN HEART ↣ SEPTEMBER ↣ Ahh yes, Stephanie Garber. Queen of cheesy romance and dark undertones. Queen of my heart. I cannot wait to get sutkc into another one of Stephanie Garber’s worlds, especially after how much I loved Caraval!

ALONG THE SALTWISE SEA ↣ OCTOBER ↣ In December of last year I got really invested in the Middlegame series so I picked up the companion series of books that we see in Middlegame, written by A. Deborah Baker. I didn’t love book one but I did think it was interesting and I just can’t resist the author’s writing or these gorgeous covers!

YOU’VE REACHED SAM ↣ NOVEMBER ↣ Lastly, I’ve got You’ve Reached Sam which I actually know suprisingly little about except for the intense Your Name vibes I get from this cover and the small bit of the blurb that I read last year. Your Name is one of my favourite movies so if this is actually anythign like that I’m going to be so happy!!

Have you read any new releases this year?
Which new releases are you excited to read throughout the rest of the year?

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