April Stats Wrap Up ⇀ 2021 Stats πŸ“šπŸ‘€

Hi friends, welcome back to my blog! I’ve been loving going through my stats every month with you all so I’m defintiely making this a thing for the rest of the year! I’m definitely finding it interesting how… comfortable I get with certain genres and age ranges… let’s see how that changes throughout the year (hopefully a lot πŸ˜‚)

So far 2021 is going really well in terms of the quantity of what I’m reading and I’ve almost hit my Goodreads 100 book goal, but if I’m honest I’m not enjoying what I’m reading and I think I need to go on a romance binge or something because I defintiely need a laugh of a trope pick-me-up to put a smile on my face. Anyone have any romance new release recommendations?

You can find my April reading (and move/tv) wrap up here! I always go through all the books I read throughout the month, as well as asny of the movies or tv shows I watched.


2021 Stats

JAN14,327 pages44 books
FEB8,683 pages29 books
MAR2,422 pages8 books
APR3,040 pages9 books

How Much I Read

  • Total books: 9
  • Total pages: 3,040 pages
  • Total DNFs: 0
  • Best book of February: Miss Meteor | 3.75 β­
  • Worst Book of February– The Friend Zone |  2.5 β­
  • Most read genre β€“ Romance
  • Favourite New Author β€“ Tehlor Kay Mejia

How/Where I Read

  • Physical (Library Book) β€“ 1
  • Libby – 1
  • BorrowBox β€“ 0
  • Audible β€“ 4
  • Scribd β€“ 0
  • Libro.fm β€“1
  • Kindle (Ebook) β€“ 1
  • Spotify – 1


Graphs copied from my Storygraph profile & my Notion pages – you can find my blog post about those here.
*Some of the graphs can be a bit hard to read and I’m limited by block sizes and screen so click on the images for a close-up!


So far this year my ‘Pace’ graphs have been domineered by fast paced books but I switched it up (unintentionally, but I’m not mad about it!) in April and suprisingly read more medium paced books! This honestly really suprised me since I feel like the things I read this month, I read really quickly, one of them literally being a short story anthology. But, I’m not complainging and if this is the start of me divervisifying the pace of the books I read then I’m happy about it!

Page Number

Ahh yes, page numbers… my eternal enemy. I love longer books but rarely make the time to read them and I love novella-length books but rarely take the time to research them so I usually get stuck reading mid-lenth books, which is why we have this graph. I read a comic and some shorter romance in April, but other than that it was msotly 350ish page books πŸ™„. Hopefully once this trimester is over at uni, I’ll finally make some progress with different novel lengths instead of just reading what feels comfortable!

Fiction / Non Fiction

I was doing so well in Jan and Feb reading Non-Fic but now look at this graph! I can’t believe I@m saying this but there’s too much pink!

Does anyone have any good non-fic recommendations?

Star Rating & Average Rating

It doesn’t help that I read so few books in April, so this graph wasn’t going to look to impressive or varied because of that but, it’s genuinely so disheartening to see how lowly I rate books, particularly 2000-2015 YA. Genuinely, some of the only books I rated highly in April were re-reads that I read for the soul purpose of getting me reading spirit up. Clearly I need to give myself a little TLC and Marie Kondo my tbr becuase this graph just ain’t doing it for me!

Also, my overall average rating on Goodreads is 3.48 if anyone’s curious 

Average: 2.92 β­


You know what, I’m not even mad at it. I finally read some more adult romance and I got out of my comfort zone and read an anthology, and also finally read my first magical realism of the year. Yeah, the numbers are a little sad and I wish I’d read a more varied list of genres but I’m a busy gal and didn’t have the time, so I’m happy with this!

Also, for reference I’m labelling historical romance as anything set before 1980 and romance as anything after (yes, it’s harsh but I was born in 2000 so everything from the 1900s sounds medieval to me.)

I also haven’t labelled any as β€œmixed” because that just gets too confusing and I like to have straight and easy to read stats. So, a lot of these could easily be Fantasy and Romance but I’ve labelled them as Fantasy just because, to me, it makes more sense as an overal genre vibe.

Age Range

No Middle Grade AGAIN… but, I did read some older YA and read from some new ‘adult’ author so I’m not too mad about it!

Aaaaaand that’s it! These are all of my stats for the month! I think I did pretty damn well this month considering I hardly read anything!

Let me know if there are any other stats you’d be interested in seeing and I’ll add them into future stats posts! And please let me know how February went for you in the comments!

What did your stats look like this month?
What was your favourite genre/ age range?

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2 thoughts on “April Stats Wrap Up ⇀ 2021 Stats πŸ“šπŸ‘€

  1. Those are some pretty detailed stats up here, and reading 90 books already seems mindblowing to me. I have barely reached the two digits yet and then a huge reading slump hit me. Great job!

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