Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! I’ve been feeling a bit inspired since i posted my last blo gpost about books I think would make great tv shows, so I figured why not make a buddy post talking about books that would make great movies! So here we are, I pulled this out of my draft archives and today we’re talking about books that need to be adapted to the big screen asap!

Let me know any I missed OR if you think any of these would be terrible if adapted!
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I think that while the plots of these book are complex they aren’t super long, like enough for a tv show, so I think a movie-length would suit the series better. But, that’s only if they were planning to do a movie for each book. I also think that because the books aren’t super flowy into one another like they’re all separate adventures, a movie series would just suit the flow of the story better.

*As you can tell, I drafted this post before the Artemis Fowl movie came out. I am now pretending it does not exist. So… yes, an Artemis Fowl would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? Kenneth Branaugh who?


I guess you could do this as a really in-depth mini-series but because there isn’t much plot to these books and they’re mostly just character stuff I think they’d be better suited to a movie format OR you could do companion episodes I guess, sort of similar to Strike (BBC), like you know it’s all related and it still flows but not like a full tv show?? And, you get as many episodes as you need per story. Honestly, I don’t even know if I want these stories on screen, but I do think that everyone deserves to see themselves represented, and I think these stories would look amazing visually so I guess I do want to see them on-screen?? πŸ˜‚


Okay, so I love that rom-coms are coming back I’m honestly living for it, I really enjoy some of the classics and this book really reminds of me of some of the classic rom-coms because of the A+ banter and the total unrealness of it all but like, I’ll totally suspend my belief for this because it’s cute and I’m having fun??? Honestly, I think this would look BE-AU-TI-FUL on screen because it’s set in Maui and the characters spend a lot of the book actively going around the island bantering at eachother and it’s a lot of fun.


So, I’m pretty sure this is going to be a movie and has a cast and everything but, I really do think this would be such a fun movie because the characters are actually pretty interesting and the banter is 100% That being said, I heard a rumour this is being adapted with Robbie Amell which is great but also Lucy Hale and I’ve honestly been burned by too many bad movies from her so I’m feeling less enthusiastic about this. 🀞🀞

Want to hear me talk about books that should be tv shows?

What book would you want to see turned into a movie?
Would you rather any of these were shows or movies?

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