Hi friends, welcome back to my blog! I feel like I’ve been a bit slack with my blog this year, posting mostly just reading updates so I thought I’d pull an old post out of my draft archives and see if there was something I could do with it now, and this is what I got! Today I’m going through a few books that I think would make really good tv shows! I love talking about screen media so if you like this kind of post let me know and I’ll make more of them!

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I think that visually this series would be AMAZING and whenever I read the books the scenery is always what stands out to me the most, but I also just think this would be a really successful series if you packed the whole trilogy into just one or two seasons because you’ve got the insta-love which you can’t really escape and really Caraval isn’t a long game. I would love to see Caraval come to life because as bright and happy as the story sounds, Caraval is inherently a very scary idea and I think visually it could be amazing on screen. Also, I’m a Scarlett stan so I’d love to see her and Julian on screen running across the pebbled streets of Caraval!


A historical fantasy mystery series with amazing scenery and massive spooks? Hell yes give it to me! I think at the moment the media is a bit oversaturated with detective stories – especially since we already have a relatively new and fantastic one (Miss Scarlet and The Duke, is amazing and I highly recommend it!) but I think SJTR would fit in really well on Netflix or Amazon, especially after the success of Enola Holmes.


I know, I can’t believe this is on my list and honestly, I’m a bit torn on whether or not I would really want to happen. I really really hope that one day when someone eventually remakes Twilight, that they make it less problematic and get rid of the weird plot holes. Honestly, I really hope when they eventually remake this, and we all know they will. they make Bella more capable and less twitchy, and they actually give us a couple of healthy and un-problematic reasons to like Edward. I also would love to see little inclusions similar to what we got in Midnight Sun. I feel like in MS we got a different view of Bella which made me like her a lot more because we actually leant about her outside of falling over, not liking PE and her gawking at Edward. Basically, I just want more character moments!


Okay, so at this point I think we’re defintiely getting a pjo show but I wanted to talk about it anyway!

This needs to be a series and we all know it. The movies were a let down so this book series really needs to get a glow-up on the screen! I think this would be fantastic as an animated tv series but I also think it would be amazing to see this with a live-action cast. Either way, if it’s done right I really think this could be such a great series because the cast and the mythology is so interesting! Also, can you imagine how bright and visually interesting those show could be? And with the right script and cast, I really think that for a lot of people this will be the new mainstream fantasy series, like HP was in the early 2000s.


This comic series is fantastic and has some really interesting characters (*coughs* Wiccan and Hulking), I think this would be a really fantastic show because the characters all have a really cool group-dynamic and even by themselves, are really interesting. Honestly, this is just a fantastic comic series and I really think it would translate really well to screen! (I have a hunch we’ll be seeing them team up in the MCU sooner or later)


A tv show about men trying to win back their partners by reading historical fiction romances??? Amazing! I think this could be a really good show, with lots of hijinx and general romance drama while also being super modern and feminist (without overdoing it) I also think this could be a super inclusive show that doesn’t cater towards a specific gender. I’m honestly really shocked that there isn’t a bidding war over this series because I think it has so much potential on-screen!

Want to hear me talk about more books that should be tv shows? Check out one of my older posts:

What would you want to see turned into a tv show?
Would you rather they were shows or movies?

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  1. Loved this post and all your suggestions for the books to be made into tv shows – I would love to see all of these, especially Caraval, The Bromance Book Club and Stalking Jack the Ripper – I hope a tv exec somewhere somehow sees this post and makes it happen haha πŸ’›

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  2. Caraval would be SOOOO good.

    I agree with you about Young Avengers. With Hawkeye, Wiccan and Speed already set up and it looks like Patriot as well, I think we’ll be seeing either a movie or a Disney+ series sooner rather than later. Maybe in phase 5.

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