MY APRIL TBR // The month where I WILL rate something higher than 2 stars

Hi friends, welcome back to my blog! 2021 so far has been completely crazy and very rocky in terms of reading, especially now that I’m back at uni. March was a pretty good reading month in terms of pages and quanitity but, most of them were 2 star reads so overall it was a bit of a mess and aletdown BUT I have higher hopes for April!

Fingers crossed I get to at least some of the books on my tbr, and that I rate them higher than 2 stars!

*If you’re interested to know my thoughts on a particular book , please do still tell me because that will definitely give me extra motivation to pick it up!

Every Vow You Break
Miss Meteor
The Ex Talk
Book Cover
Book Cover


  • Every Vow You Break – Peter Swanson – March 23rd – Literally Dead Book Club pick for April – isolated mystery thriller on an island yes please
  • Miss Meteor – Tehlor Kay Mejia & Anna-Marie McLemore – buddy read with Rebecca – I haven’t read a duo-authored book in a while so I figured it was about time I made up for that!
  • The Ex Talk – Rachel Lynn Solomon – buddy read with Rebecca – Not me hopefully finally reading this after MONTHS.
  • The Friend Zone – Abby Jimenez – I haven;t read a good modern romance in a while so I figure it’s about time I find one I love!
  • White Whiskey Bargain – Jodie Slaugher – I have no idea what this is but i’m trying to broaden my horizons so we’ll see what happens…

Those are the main books on my tbr but I’m also hoping to finally get to these:

  • Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire – don’t mind me just being 3 months behind on my group buddy read. They happen this month or they don’t happen at all!

What are your reading plans for March?
Are we reading any of the same books?

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11 thoughts on “MY APRIL TBR // The month where I WILL rate something higher than 2 stars

  1. I hope you can rate something higher than 2 stars, too.
    Miss Meteor is on my TBR, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it.
    I did, however, enjoy Crown of Midnight a lot more than Throne of Glass, so that’s a plus. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, as always πŸ’œ

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    1. Haha, 2021 has been such a mixed bag for books!
      It was So good, I highly recommend it! The audiobook is good too!
      Yes, I’m enjoying it more than the first book too!


  2. Your description of “Every Vow you Break” made me laugh out loud! Annnnnd I added it to my spring TBR pile. Thanks! Happy I found your blog. It definitely seems like you don’t need any book recommendations BUT that won’t stop me from sharing my most recent favorite read I think you’d really enjoy. It’s called “Girl with the Rose Tattoo” by Larry Weiss( and it’s a new thriller that doesn’t fit the typical thrilled mold. The story follows Tina, a young headstrong rebellious teen who has partnered up with a terrible guy who views her as HIS property. For anyone who has been in a bad relationship this book is for you. Tina ends up pregnant, homeless and still at the mercy of Rob, vengeful/violent jerk(!!!) who keeps coming back. It isn’t until she meets a new friend and protector (her true alter-ego) Jenny that she begins to realize her own inner strength and power. That doesn’t mean her ex won’t be back to make her life a living nightmare though…Tons of twists and turns….heartfelt moments and characters that you really grow to love. Tina’s transformation had me rooting from start to finish. If you end up reading it please let me know what you think!

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