MARCH WRAP UP | Not a whole lot of reading, but a whole lot of uni

Hi friends, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going though my March wrap up and talking about everything I read and watched throughout the month! March was a really busy month for me and I found that I didn’t have a lot of time to do much of anything outside of work and school. But, I’m currently in lockdown in my city and on top of that, I’m down to only 2 jobs so hopefully that means I’ll have at least a couple more hours to either catch up on sleep (which my Insomiac-ass really needs) or to do something that isn’t uni related. 🀞🀞

It’s been a long month and I’m glad it’s over but I have a feeling that April is going to be just as busy, if not more. I’m still going to try and post a couple of times a month – also look out for a super cool recommendations post i have coming up at the end of April because I’m genuinely so excited to chat with you all about it! I’m also thinking about gradually doing more tv reviews throughout the year, along the lines of my Glee season 1 review, so let me know if you’d be interested in seeing that! (and also maybe suggest some shows for me to check out?)

No tbr wrap up this month as I literally didn’t get around to reading any of them!

Quick Stats:

  • Pages read: 2,422 pages
  • Books read: 6 books, 2 comics

🌻 – Buddy read // 🎧 – Audiobook // πŸ“š – Library book // πŸ” – Re-read
🌈 – LGBTQIA+ rep // ❀ – 2021 release

The Secret History
Wanna Bet? (Dirty British Romance, #2)
Klara and the Sun
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler
The Princess Trap
Silver Surfer, Vol. 1: New Dawn


  • The Secret History [01 – 10/03] 🎧🌈 β†’ 1.5 ⭐ ↣ So far, this is my least favouite book of 2021. It was a boring story with subpar writing and I have literally no idea why it’s so popular. I’m seriously mad it took up 10 days of my life and I would really like to know why it’s 600+ pages long.
  • Wanna Bet? [10/03] 🎧 β†’ 2 ⭐ ↣ I wish I could have loved this book because I’ve heard such raving reviews for Talia HIbbert from all different readers so I had high hopes for this but it really fell short for me. I didn’t love the characters and I really don’t understand the hype.
  • Klara and the Sun [12 – 16/03] 🎧❀ β†’ 2.25 ⭐ ↣ Probably the most disappointing book I’ve read all year. This book felt like it had no point and I wish I’d enjoyed it more than I did.
  • The Big Sleep [21 – 23/03] 🎧 β†’ 1 ⭐ ↣ Just… no. No thanks.
  • The Princess Trap [24/03] 🎧 β†’ 2.5 ⭐ ↣ I loved the fat rep but I never fell in love with this book, unfortunately.
  • Silver Surfer Vol 1 [29/03] πŸ“šπŸ” β†’ 4.5 ⭐ ↣ Truly a blast from the past and I’m a better person because of it.
Silver Surfer, Vol. 2 by Dan Slott
Famous in a Small Town


  • Silver Surfer Vol 2 [30/03] πŸ“šπŸ” β†’ 3 ⭐ ↣ Not as good as vol 1 but still fun!
  • Famous in Small Town [31/03] 🎧 β†’ 2 ⭐ ↣ God, I wish I’d loved this but it just wasn’t for me! I’m not big on movies involving small towns or music!


πŸ” – Rewatch // 🎬 – Film shorts // 🌏 – Documentary // 🌈 – LGBTQIA+
// ❀ – 2021 release

*Click on the titles for my Letterboxd reviews!

Speed Poster
Squared Love Poster
One Direction: This Is Us Poster
Raya and the Last Dragon (Warrior in the Wild) | Pyramid International
Fruitvale Station Poster
Fantastic Four Poster


  • Speed [01/03] πŸ” β†’ 5 ⭐ ↣ The best movie ever made and I will take no questions at this time.
  • Squared Love [02/03] β†’ 2.5 ⭐ ↣ I have no idea why these two like eachother and I especially have no idea why she likes him. A bad dub with a strange plot but I’m glad Netflix is delving into more foreign films.
  • One Direction: This is Is [06/03] β†’ 3 ⭐ ↣ I have no excuse for this, who knew they had five albums? I think I knew maybe 3 of the songs in this movie πŸ˜‚ All I can say is that these boys were very young when they rose to fame and they had a lot piled on them from minute one. I guess, I need to catch up and go listen to some 1D.
  • Raya and The Last Dragon [07/03] ❀ β†’ 4 ⭐ ↣ The best Disney animated movie I’ve seen in years! The animation was beautiful and the soundtrack is fantastic!
  • Fruitvale Station [07/03] β†’ 4.5 ⭐ ↣ Oh boy, at first I was like wtf am I watching and then shit hit the fan and suddenly I was crying.
  • Fantastic Four [07/03] β†’ 1 ⭐ ↣ Yikes is all I can say. Everything about this movie (except for the friendship between Ben and Reed) was completely wrong. The Fantastic Four is my favourite supehero group and somehow Josh Trank managed to completely mess everything up.
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 Poster
Batman: The Killing Joke Poster
Batman: Bad Blood Poster
Glee Poster
The Wedding Planner Poster
The Maltese Falcon Poster


  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 [13/03] β†’ 4 ⭐ ↣ An interesting story but there was something missing.
  • Batman: The Killing Joke [13/03] β†’ 1.5 ⭐ ↣ This movie is the real joke. I’ve only ever heard how this movie was the be all-end all when it comes to Batman and Joker lore but honestly it was shite and I won’t ever be watching it again. Justice for Barbara Gordon’s character honestly because she didn’t deserve to be written and used like that.
  • Batman: Bad Blood [13/03] β†’ 3 ⭐ ↣ Why are the best Batman animated movies always the ones that focus more on the Batchildren or the Batfamily as a group? This wasn’t the best BM movie I’ve ever seen but I did really enjoy it and it reminded me of my favourite Batman comic series.
  • Glee Season 1 [2019 – 13/03] πŸ” β†’ 2 ⭐ ↣ Yikes. But, also I wrote an entire blog post about this if you want to check it out.
  • The Wedding Planner [14/03] πŸ” β†’ 2 ⭐ ↣ When you’re totally competent until you meet Matthew McConaughey with a bad hairdo and suddenly you’re terrible at everything ever.
  • The Maltese Falcon [19/03] β†’ 2.5 ⭐ ↣ I think I’m starting to fall out of love with Noir and it’s the most depressing thing to happen so far in my uni experience.
Zack Snyder's Justice League Poster
Blade Runner Poster
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster
Endings, Beginnings Poster
The One Poster


  • Zack Snyder’s Justice League [20-21/03] ❀ β†’ 3.5 ⭐ ↣ not perfect but damn better than Josstice league. All the clois content made me feel things and this really cemented in my mind just how good Cavill is as Superman and how much he will be missed when he’s eventually replaced or recast.
  • Blade Runner [22-23/03] β†’ 2 ⭐ ↣ What is it with famous classics being boring and not as good as the old folks and film professors say they are?
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier [28/03] πŸ” β†’ 2 ⭐ ↣ I’m not going to lie right now. I only watched this movie for Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie. Basically, this is one of my least favourite Marvel movies and I naively thought that if I gave it another chnace I could love it but I was wrong.
  • Endings, Beginnings [30/03] β†’ 1 ⭐ ↣ Not even Sebastian Stan could save this awful movie.
  • The One Season 1 [30-31/03] β†’ 3 ⭐ ↣ Nowhere near as good as the book but still had some interesting elements. I would still recommend the book over the show though. I doun’t think I’d watch a season 2 if they made one.


Who's a Good Boy? (Welcome to Night Vale Episodes #4)
That Way Madness Lies: 15 of Shakespeare's Most Notable Works Reimagined Pop Culture Graphics Pushing Daisies Poster TV 11x17 Lee Pace  Anna Friel Chi McBride Jim Dale: Prints: Posters & Prints
Marvel's The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Poster Released by Disney+


  • Who’s A Good Boy? [18/03 – ??] – Hell yeah I’m back on my Welcome to Night Vale binge!
  • That Way Madness Lies [16/03 – ??] – I’ve only listened to the first story so far but, I’m interested to see what I think of the rest of this collection.
  • Pushing Daises Season 1 [20/03 – ??] – I love this show and honestly I just needed something light to make me smile that I could just turn on and watch for an hour whenever I’m getting stressed and this show is perfect for that.
  • The Falcon and The Winter Soldier [27/03 – ??] – Okay, so I never intended on watching this show but I also realised recently that I stick to a very specific type of genre when I watch tv shows and that we are finally getting a black superhero centre-stage so I added this to my watch list and promptly forgot about it because I took a quick break from Twitter around the time the first episode aired. BUT, I’ve finally binged episodes one and two and I have a suprising amount of things to say about this show, so don’t be suprised if you see a series review for this next month. But, so far I’m really enjoying this show. I like how it’s shot and I like the issues it’s raising. But, most of all I appreciate how it’s getting me to love Sam and Bucky, two characters I’ve never looked twice at in the MCU. BUT, this show does have flaws that definitely need to be discussed, one of the more important issues being queerbaiting. We had it with Bucky and Steve in the Captain America movies and now we have it with Sam and Bucky. Don’t get me wring, I will be one of the first people to applaud Marvel if they have the balls to go there but since I doubt they will, I’m going to criticise them. I love a bit of gay angst, but not when it’s never goin gto lead to anything ever (case in point: Merthur, Destiel).

What did you read this month?
Did we read/watch any of the same things?

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  1. *raises hand* me, I knew 1D had that many albums and songs.
    I am 99% sure that the Netflix edition of This Is Us cut out about 20 minutes of stuff, too. I should find my DVD and have a look.
    I hope you have a wonderful April! πŸ’œ

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