January Statistics Wrap Up! ⇀ 2021 Stats ❤

Hi friends welcome back to my blog! So far 2021 has been a good year reading-wise so I’ve been making a lot of progress with my monthly graphs, so I figured why not show you all? Yeah… that’s right, today we’re talkin’ stats!

You can find my January wrap up here. I always go through all of the books I read throughout the month, as well as the tv and movies I watched.

How Much I Read

  • 7 picture-based books (aka. comics, graphic novels, manga). I usually call these ‘graphics’ because I can’t think of a better umbrella label for them.
  • 37 books
  • Total books: 44
  • 14,327 pages read
  • Best Book of January– Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer
  • Worst Book of January– Hammer and Tongs by Lara Kinsey
  • Most read genre – Regency Romance
  • Favourite Series – Spindle Cove by Tessa Dare
  • Favourite New Author – Tessa Dare

How/Where I Read

  • Physical (Library Book) – 8
  • Libby – 19
  • Audible – 1
  • Scribd – 13
  • Libro.fm – 3


Graphs copied from my Storygraph profile & my Notion pages – you can find my blog post about those here.
*Some of the graphs can be a bit hard to read and I’m limited by block sizes and screen so click on the images for a close-up!


In January I read a lot of historical romances which are all pretty fast paced books, so I think this graph is mostly due to those. Ordinarily, I think I read a good mix of differently paced books, so this month’s graph, is an exception for me, I think.

That being said, according to The StoryGraph, I usually read fast-paced books less than or around 300 pages… so maybe I don’t know anything about my reading tastes?

Page Number

I usually read a variety of different books each month, with all different page numbers and funnily enough I read an *almost* 50/50 split in January. I read a lot of novellas and quite a few 300-400 page books which is pretty common for me. I only read two 500+ page books but considering how many books I read in January I think that’s a pretty good number.

Fiction / Non Fiction

I think for the majority of 2021, this graph will be pretty much 100% Fiction since I rarely read any non-fiction books, but this month I read actually managed to read one and it was also my first book of 2021!

Star Rating & Average Rating

I think I usually read 3 star books because I like to read a large variety of books from all kinds of genres. I also like to read series which means that I get a lot of varied ratings because obviously not every sequel is going to be the same and series can change a lot from book to book.

In January, unfortunately I only had one 5 star read but I’m impressed that I had any at all since I only had a few throughout the whole of 2020. But, I did have a few 4.5 star books which means they were almost 5 star reads and I’m really excited about that!

Also, my overall average rating on Goodreads is 3.51 so my average for the month being 3.44 is actually pretty impressive in my mind!

Average: 3.44


Romance was definitely the name of the game this month but I also read a few fantasies this month too due to re-reading the Wayward Children series and starting some other fantasty stories, which I’m sure will make an appearance in my stats for future months.

Also, for reference I’m labelling historical romance as anything set before 1980 and romance as anything after (yes, it’s harsh but I was born in 2000 so everything from the 1900s sounds medieval to me.)

Age Range

I read barely any Middle Grade in January a well as a suprising amount of Young Adult. However, my biggest age range was BY FAR Adult which was the majority of what I read this month. This isn’t a suprise to me at all since I read A LOT of romance this month and I’m really not a fan of YA romance. I had a blast reading adult this month and I wouldn’t be suprised if there were more Adult-centric months ahead of me this year too.

What did your stats look like this month?

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4 thoughts on “January Statistics Wrap Up! ⇀ 2021 Stats ❤

  1. What great graphs!

    I barely read any YA in January which was a bit weird, but I’ve been focusing on reading classics again, which I’ve been really enjoying.

    I’d like to read more nonfiction but I generally find that by browsing new nonfiction at the library and picking up things that look interesting, and I don’t really go to the library much now obviously.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed doing a deep dive into my Jan stats! It was so interesting to actually recognise what I’d read in that way!

      I’ve barely read any YA this year either and I’ve been reading a few Agatha Christie classics. What have you been reading?

      I feel your pain! I’m a library reader too so I’m relying on Libby at the moment. I’ve found that some of my favourite Booktubers have been reading interesting non-fiction lately so I’ve been searching for the audiobooks on my library apps and YouTube.


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