Currently Reading & What I’m Reading Next // Late January 2021 πŸ“šβ€

So, as I’m writing this blog post I’m currently house sitting for some family friends so I’ll have their house to myself for the next couple of days. Because of that, I have a lot ot time to myself and because wok and uni hasn’t started yet, I’ll have a lot of time to read and that’s what I’m really hoping to focus on. (That, and continuing my Fast and Furious movie marathon).

I don’t usually do posts like this on my blog but I’m hoping to do mid to late updates throughout each month because I really like update posts but for some reason, never write them. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magi…
The Bone Season (The Bone Season, #1)
The Assassin's Blade (Throne of Glass, …

A Darker Shade of Magic, The Bone Season, The Assassin’s Blade

I *just* finished A Darker Shade of Magic by V E Schwab and had mixed feelings on it, but I did enjoy it for the most part. I found the world building really interesting but the characters were all pretty lacklustre and need more fleshing out.

As for what I’m currently reading, I’m 25% of the way through my audiobook for The Bone Season and I’ve listened to the first story from The Assassin’s Blade which so far I’m really not loving but I think part of that is me not knowing the characters very well yet, and also me not being used to reading YA fantasy. I am really enjoying The Bone Season though, so that will probably be what I finish next.


Bill & Ted Save the Universe
A Silent Voice, Volume 5 (A Silent Voice, #5)
Batman: The Night of the Owls
The Rig (The Rig, #1)
North and South


Bill & Ted, A Silent Voice Vol 5, Batman: Night of The Owls, The Rig, North and South

I got a few extra comics out for Graphicsathon but didn’t end up reading them all so I’m hoping to get to them throughout the week while I’m house sitting. I also have a (get ready for this…) physical novel on my tbr! I know, so unlike me… but there wasn’t an audiobook available.


Fast & Furious Poster
WandaVision Poster

I originally wasn’t going to talk about the things I’m watching but you all know how much I love movies, so I figured why not update you all?

I’m currently making my way through the Fast and Furious franshise and I’m not gonna lie, I’m having the time of my life! πŸ˜‚ Also, y’all had me prepared to love Tokyo Drift but it was terrible! It was just a bunch of late 30-year olds playing at teenagers and driving cars in empty parking lots… also, a F&F movie without Vin Diesel or Paul Walker? I don’t think so sis.

AS for tv, I’m not a big tv show watcher, but I am currently watching the weekly episodes of WandaWision on Disney+, and while I’m not *in love* with it, I think it will be worth it for the sit com nostalgia and the plot pay off for the overall season. Also, I love Elisabeth Olsen and think she’s a wonderful actress so I’m always heppy to support her!

What are you currently reading?
Are we reading any of the same books?

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8 thoughts on “Currently Reading & What I’m Reading Next // Late January 2021 πŸ“šβ€

  1. I can’t wait to read The Bone Season, glad you are enjoying it! ADSOM is on my list as well but its not high priority so I’ve no idea when ill get around to it. I hope you enjoy house sitting and you get lots of time to read in peace!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t made much progress but I’m really enjoying it so far!

      It’s never been high on my priority either but my mother gifted me with the trilogy a few years ago so I figured I should read it! I do really like the world-building so far!

      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have really been wanting to read The Bone Season and the series that follows. I’ve heard great things about it. Hopefully it turns out to be a great read for you!

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