My 2020 Update + 2021 Goals!

Hi friends, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m bringing you a quick summary and update for my 2020 goals as well as my new and shiny goals for 2021! Obviously 2020 was a bit of a fluke so a lot of my goals became void pretty soon in to the year so, hopefully 2021 is better!


2020 was a mess, here’s to 2021!

  • Followers goal: Throughout 2020 I would like to gain 900 followers By Dec 31 I had 968 followers.
  • Write at least one review a month I did really well with this for the first 8 months in the year but then I stopped blogging and reviewing as much.
  • Write at least two movie reviews in 2020 I wrote three!
  • Read as much as I possibly can, without pushing my limits and stressing myself out. I think I definitely did this, and I read 164 books!

Dec 31 2020 — 968 followers

In 2020 my goal was to gain just under 200 followers so this year I’d really love to say that I want to up that number largely but I also don’t want to get too ahead of myself. So, in saying that I think for 2021 I’d like to aim for 1250 followers, even though, really follower count doesn’t matter and it’s engagement that matters more.

I’d also prefer to stick to posting twice a week, or realistically considering I work a lot and am also a full-time Uni student, I would like to post at least once every fortnight.

2016 ↣ 159 // 2017 ↣ 103 // 2018 ↣ 112 // 2019 ↣ 116 // 2020 ↣ 164

So, my whole major goal for 2021 as a whole is just to be realistic. I had a lot of plans for my life this past year and naturally a lot of them got thrown out the window and have been migrated over to 2021. So, realistically if I can just read one book a week or 52 books in a year that would be amazing. But really, I’d prefer to read at least two books a week which amounts to 104. So yeah, realistically 52, but as an overall Goodreads/Storygraph goal I’ll just put 100 since history dictates that I generally read over 100 books a year.

As another minor goal, I’d also really like to read 12 2021 releases throughout 2021. Outlandishly I’d love to read 12-30 but reaslistically (are you sick of this word yet?) I’ll stick with one a month.

As you can probably tell, I’m a very tired and very stressed Uni student. Really, my only goal for 2021, school-wise is just to do my best and not have a break down at every turn. I’ve had an unexpectedly difficult and trying Uni expererience that is only becoming more difficult as it goes on, but all of that is out of my control so I’ve deccided that for 2021 all I can do is try my best and what happens happens.

Here I am reusing last year’s goal.

I don’t really have any life goals other than doing what I love and trying not to let school ruin me in 2021, like it did in 2020.

How did you go with your 2020 goals?
Do we have any similar 2021 goals?

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8 thoughts on “My 2020 Update + 2021 Goals!

    1. I know, it was a truly CRAZY year! Not gonna lie, so far 2021 has been insane and I’m currently reading my 41st read of the month! Honestly, uni is already killing me and it hasn’t even started yet!


  1. It looks like you did really well on your 2020 goals! Especially reading 164 books! Wow!

    Good luck on all of your goals this year! I like the idea of being realistic and not putting too much pressure on yourself! I think that after 2020, cutting yourself some slack is important!

    I also hope that school goes easier for you this year and that you have a year that is much better in all areas in 2021!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I know, such a crazy number!

      I have high hopes for 2021, so far it’s going well! 2021 is 100% going to be the year of realism and taking life at my own pace!

      Honestly, I hope so too! 2020 was the WORST for school work! But, going into 2021 at least I have a bit more experience with a chaotic uni life!

      Liked by 1 person

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