GraphicsAthon Round 2 Announcement! + My Top 9 Host Recs

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming at you with my official announcement for ROUND TWO of THE GRAPHICS-ATHON which is a little readathon Destiny and I hosted earlier this year and LOVED so we’ve decided to bring it back again for a second round! And this round we also have a new host joining us, our friend Rebecca from BookishlyRebecca!

So… what is the Graphics-Athon?

This is a really chill readathon where the aim is just to read anything with images as the main storytelling device! So, any manga, comics or graphics novels count – anything with graphics!

The dates

  • beings October 11th 12:00AM (your time)
  • ends October 19th 11:59PM (your time)

The hosts

Where can I talk about The Graphics-athon?

We have an official Twitter account so you can find us all there!

You can find the Graphics-athon Twitter here.

The Prompts

We did a poll over on Twitter to see how many prompts people usually prefer for a readathon and the general consensus was that 1-5 is a good number but a decent amount of people also prefer more, so we tried to compromise!

We have 5 main prompts and 3 bonus prompts. However, I want to stress that this is a stress-free and relaxed readathon, so you by no means have to participate in the prompts if you don’t want to but they’re there if you want them!

  • BIPOC representation
  • Disability &/or Mental Health representation
  • LGBTQIA+ representation
  • A spooky read
  • A 5 star prediction

+ bonus prompts

  • Has an adaptation (has been adapted, will be adapted)
  • Pink on the cover
  • A genre or storytype you wouldn’t normally reach for

What else?

We really tried to step it up this round so not only do we have prompts, we also have host recommendations, a bingo board and an entire google doc dedicated to recommending graphics to fit the prompts (the latter two will be coming soon so stay tuned on our Twitter!)

Host Recs: My Top 9 Recommendations

Heartstopper | Lumberjanes | A Wrinkle in Time | A Silent Voice | Giant Days | Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur | I Hate Fairyland | Check, Please! | Assassination Classroom

Will you be participating in the GrpahicsAthon?

What are some of your favourite graphics to read?

Goodreads | StoryGraph | Instagram | Letterboxd | TV Time | Twitter | Tumblr


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