The Titan’s Curse (2007) Review // Suddenly My Childhood is Making A lot More Sense…

The Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #3)

The Titan’s Curse – Rick Riordan

Book 3/5 Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Fantasy, (Greek) Mythology, Middle Grade

Buddy read with Destiny

Publication Date: January 1st, 2007

Trigger Warnings: loss of a loved one, grief, dead parents (past), alcoholic parent, high places/heights, fear of heights, misogyny

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Character Guide ⇩

►Percy “Seaweed Brain” Jackson → 14, Dyslexic, ADHD, lives in Manhattan, loves his mum, sarcastic, black hair, green eyes
►Annabeth Chase “Wise Girl” → 14, grey eyes, blonde, Athena’s daughter, has been at Camp since she was 7
►Grover Underwood → 30 (looks 14ish), Likes enchiladas, vegetarian, curly brown hair, Satyr, Keeper
►Tyson → 6 foot 3, Cyclops, Homeless orphan (children of nature spirit and a god), immune to fire, son of Poseidon
►Mr Brunner/Chiron → Latin Teacher/Activities Director at Camp Half-Blood (currently not at camp), brown eyes
►Mr D/Dionysus → Curly black hair, God of wine & Camp Director, Zeus (his father) can’t drink wine
►Luke Castellan → maybe 19, a scar on his face, Hermes’ son,
►Thalia → Turned into a pine tree at age 12 (roughly 19 now because she kept growing slowly but actually according to Apollo she’s 15 (16 in a week, per ch 4), became a Hunter of Artemis, wears punk clothes, has a dead alcoholic mother
►Rachel Elizabeth Dare → 14?, red head, can see through the mist, mortal
►Nico Di Angelo → 10, lived in DC as a kid
►Bianca Di Angelo → 12, lived in DC as a kid
►Zoe Nightshade → one of Artemis’ hunters, says thy a lot
►Artemis → Goddess of the hunt, Apollo’s twin sister
►Apollo → looks 17/18, looks a lot like Luke Castellan, dork who likes haikus, says dude a lot
►The Oracle → the spirit of Delphi, speaker of the prophecies of Phoebus Apollo, slayer of the mighty Python, lives in the attic
►Argus → Blonde, a bunch of blue eyes, Camp H-B Head of Security
►Sally Jackson → Percy’s mum, works at a candy shop, parents died in a plane crash when she was young, too good for Poseidon tbh
►Clarisse La Rue → bully, daughter of Ares (War God)
►Charles Beckendorf → African American, Heaphestus cabin
►Selena Beauregard → Daughter of Aphrodite
►Travis & Conor Stoll → Hermes cabin, tall, skinny, brown hair (not twins)

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“Give me the weight of the sky.” 

Much like with my last review I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet, mostly because I have a suprisingly small smount of notes for this book. 🤷🤷


↣ I love how the world of the gods in this series grows with each book, we learned more abou the mist and how gods can die in this one and I really enjoyed that. I love that we learn slowly throughout the series without it ever feeling like things are being added purely for plot convenience!

↣ I feel like, much like Harry Potter, Percy is NOT a team player, Like, he doesn’t think ahead or stick to the plan he just sees a chance and he takes it and I’m not sure if I love the true Gryffindor spirit or if I should be shaking my head because he has such good intentions but is so so dumb of ass!

↣ Annabeth is hardly in this book and we have a bigger focus on Thalia – are we only allowed one female lead in the trio?

↣ I feel like all the villains in this series have an evil laugh and I don’t know what to do with that information.

↣ Sometimes I forget that the characters don’t see each other for months in between books! What a weird way to experience a friendship, but true to camps IRL, I suppose.

↣ Percy defintiely feels more like a 13 year old in this book, it’s a subtle change but he speaks a bit differently and I feel like he’s a bit more intense about things too.

↣ I honestly feel like all the villains in this series have an evil laugh and I don’t know what to do with that information.

↣ One of my favourite aspects of this series, if not my favourite aspect is how the author incorporates environmental and animal facts about animals and how we’re ruining the planet throughout his books! It’s subtle and not preachy but I appreciate it because I know it had an impact on me as a kid because I would think about these things and now I officially know why. For example, there’s a whole chapter in this book pretty much dedicated to freeing an animal stuck in a net and it doesn’t feel out of place at all, it actually really fits with Percy as a character and was really interesting to read about. Honestly, I love that Percy just casually helps out different sea creatures with their sea problems while he’s at camp.

Who’s your favourite PJO character?
What do you love most about the PJO series?

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