Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! All of this year I’ve been doing a deep-dive into the Harry Potter, talkign about the general wizarding world and some of my favourite theories that I’ve discovered along the way! I have genuinely loved doing this series on my blog and sharing it with you, it’s sparked some amazing discussions that I’ve really loved! So, in the future I’m thinking I might even do similar deep dives for other series!

However, all that being said, as much fun as this has been and as much as I love the hP series for kicking off my love for reading on my own as a child, we do need to mention she who must not be named because I don’t condone her actions or beliefs. I do not stand with J K Rowling or her beliefs and I am so so sorry to everyone she has hurt and contonues to hurt. I started this series with the entent to discuss one of my childhood favourite series but, I no longer wish to promote the series on my blog so this series will be the end of my focus on the Harry Potter series on my blog. 

Instead of donating more money to JK Rowling by buying new sets of the series or new HP merch, consider donating to one of these organisations isntead:

Homeless Black Trans women fund The Okra Project | Trans Law Center | Black Trans Femmes in the Arts

*spoilers for the whole series*

You can find my thoughts on the other books in the series here.

In part one of my discussion for this book I talked A LOT about certain characters and how I felt about them so for this post, being a part 2 I thought I would talk more about the actual book, rather than a total focus on the characters.


So because I wasn’t to focus more on the actual book let’s talk about the Final Battle and how many angry feelings I have even though I absolutely love this book.

  • The Final Battle & The ENTIRE Slytherin House

McGonagall gets rid of an entire house during the battle. I think Rowling’s reasoning was because they’d be “fighting family” but I can that bullsh*t because I’ve got some family members I’d really love to punch. I think it should’ve been the student’ choices, not McGonagall’s. Also, Harry is as observant as a brick wall so I’d like to believe that half the students who were sent away came back to fight anyway.

Totally random but the weasley’s car was still in the forest, right? Can you imagine if it just sped through the forest and totally creamed Voldemort and that’s how the book ended? Oh, what could have been!


So, I don’t want to gripe about this for forever because we all know about this argument at this point. But, the names! I had to mention them! I know they’re terrible and disgusting – a clear look at how Harry has been surrounded by abuse his entire life and just needs a hug (though not from Mrs Wealey because I have opinions) and a whole heap of therapy.

If it were up to me that kid would have been named Hagrid Hagrid Potter and that would have been the end of that. But, that’s not what I’m here to talk about, and keep in mind that I haven’t read or seen The Cursed Child so I don’t know if this topic comes up. But, did Harry ever think about how his kids would feel about their names? Because there’s got to be some kind of Wizarding Google by this point, or at the very least, they would have heard about their names in a book or the press somewhere.

We’ve got the eldest and youngest kids; James and Lily, both named after Harry’s parents which I hate and have a personal issue with, but also understand. And then there’s Albus Severus Potter, named after two of his father’s abusers, one being known most for being Voldemort’s right-hand man.

Neville had to teach this kid, named after the teacher who terrified him so much he took the form of his boggart as a child. So many people in Harry and Ginny’s lives would have known these two figures and now they will still have a constant reminder of them due to a child that has literally done nothing wrong.

The only way I’ll accept the name is that Snape would’ve hated a Potter being named after him. I still don’t like it though.

  • Okay so I completely believe that Harry should’ve been a DADA professor, but I also think Hermione would’ve been a fantastic Headmistress (also a great Transfiguration or Charms prof) and that Ron should have taken over for Madame Hooch because of his love of Quidditch and he’s just generally good at that stuff and he also strikes me as someone who would be good with kids.


Okay, but can you imagine how famous the Weasley family & the extended Weasley family was by the end of this war? Like, I bet they never got a moment of peace for the rest of their lives. Especially, because most of them went on to have even more successful jobs.


Can you imagine how differently Snape would have treated Harry is he was a girl and looked like Lily? I’m horrified and disgusted and very very scared.


I just… Harry named his son after Snape when he could’ve named him after the man who legit tackled a death eater off a broomstick in midair to save his life or, you know, just loved him with no ulterior motive but just because he was a genuinely nice person. I’m not salty. I’m not.


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  1. Ugh yes I hate that in the final battle the “Slytherin table was empty”. Like there’s no way, NO WAY there’s no Slytherin at all that stood with Harry- they’re cunning and ambitious, not evil! And Slughorn did stood with Harry so I believed some of the students probably snuck back and help with the battle.

    Oh to have Voldemort ended up being crushed by the Weasley’s car 😂😂😂 What a poetic justice to have him ended by a muggle thing 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ughhhhh it was just straight-up lazy writing because JK didn’t want to actually write complicated characters with any depth or character development she just wanted to write a convoluted storyline with the golden child and his 2 quirky and also underdeveloped friends. UGH, the characters in this series had so much potential!

      I agree, there’s NO WAY Slytherins 1/ would’ve stood for being told to essentially, piss off and 2/ they’re also kids, you’re telling me they were all born evil?? I’m struggling with this.
      100% I figure like 90% of those kids snuck back in as soon as McGonagall turned around.

      Haha, what an ending it would’ve been!


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