Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! All of this year I’ve been doing a deep-dive into the Harry Potter, talkign about the general wizarding world and some of my favourite theories that I’ve discovered along the way! I have genuinely loved doing this series on my blog and sharing it with you, it’s sparked some amazing discussions that I’ve really loved! So, in the future I’m thinking I might even do similar deep dives for other series!

However, all that being said, as much fun as this has been and as much as I love the hP series for kicking off my love for reading on my own as a child, we do need to mention she who must not be named because I don’t condone her actions or beliefs. I do not stand with J K Rowling or her beliefs and I am so so sorry to everyone she has hurt and contonues to hurt. I started this series with the entent to discuss one of my childhood favourite series but, I no longer wish to promote the series on my blog so this series will be the end of my focus on the Harry Potter series on my blog.Β 

Instead of donating more money to JK Rowling by buying new sets of the series or new HP merch, consider donating to one of these organisations isntead:

Homeless Black Trans women fundΒ |Β The Okra ProjectΒ |Β Trans Law CenterΒ |Β Black Trans Femmes in the Arts

*spoilers for the whole series*

You can find my thoughts on the other books in the seriesΒ here.


  • theory nod: Harry Potter wakes up in hospital. “Welcome back. You’ve been in a coma for 8 years”, says the doctor. “You ran face first into a wall”.
  • And it gets better! Theory cont: Mrs Weasley makes all her kids volunteer at the hospital, and she gets Ron to talk to the coma patient who no one ever visits. Also, Neville’s parents are in the same hospital so sometimes he talks to Harry. [link]

This is my favourite thing ever and I love it. I think I love it most because it didn’t happen. Can you imagine if this had actually happened? It’s low-key hilarious to think about because it’s such a riduculous way to potentially end a series but if it had been the real ending we would’ve been so pissed! πŸ˜‚


I relate to Harry Potter because I too am undesirable #1

Do you ever think about the parallels between Harry pulling Ron out of the lake in the Triwizard Tournament and Ron pulling Harry out of the lake while they were on the run?

Totally random but can you imagine the kind of hijinx the Hogwarts ghosts must get up to? They’ve all been stuck in the same building together for hundreds of years. Not to mention, the bloody baron literally murdered the grey lady, like, they must be fun at parties… Honestly, I feel like there is so much background stuff that goes on in these books that could be their own story. But, also why the hell did the allow a literal murderess ghost in the castle??? Like, shouldn’t he be in ghost jail or something?

Literally, why did Voldemort have to turn such important things into Horcruxes? Like, why not a coin or a piece of paper or something completely random and obscure? But, noooo he’s got to get a super-secret tiara, his diary and a fucking cup. What in the fuck, he’s a legit an uppity teenage girl and I hate it.

  • Before I re-read this series to write these blog posts I read a lot of theories and analysis’ of these books and characters and something I stumbled upon was a note on Ron & Hermione and their connection with Voldemort & Harry.

Ron and Hermione never legit saw Voldemort until Hagrid was carrying Harry out of the Forbidden Forrest. It’s so terribly sad that the only time they actually have to face him, Harry is gone and they were “alone”. [link]

Harry was alone in The Chamber of Secrets & in book one, Moldy Voldy wasn’t in book 3, they weren’t in the graveyard with Harry in book 4, they never saw him in The Ministry in book 5, Voldemort legit wasn’t even in book 6 and they only see him for real in book 7. He’s a stealthy guy. So, I think this really shows just how much they faith they showed in Harry because they never really faltered in believing him (*coughs* excluding that minor thing with Ron but we forgive and forget, right?)

  • Also, I know this isn’t a fun topic, but I just wanna talk about Percy Weasley for a sec. I know I’ve talked about this before, but I want to dive into how the Weasley children are treated so, stay with me here!

I have a lot to say so I’ll turn my feelings into bullet points [link]

  • For his whole life, Percy has been made fun of by his siblings and constantly the butt of jokes. Whenever he was proud of his accomplishments, it was turned into a joke.
  • He got Prefect & Head Boy and he would have been so proud to live up to Bill & Charlie’s shadows but he was just teased for it.
  • When he got his job at the ministry he was super excited. His parents were proud, his siblings teased him and Crouch couldn’t even remember his name. Not only did Crouch not know his name, but his Siblings found out about it. How mortifying is that?
  • Then he becomes the Junior Assistant to the Minister and he’s only 2 yrs out of school. I’d be shitting my pants from excitement, wouldn’t you? I mean, this is like a dream job for Percy at this point, so he’s proud af. But, when he tells his family they tell him the Minister is using him and all his hard work meant nothing.
  • So, Percy left. Totally understandable, he’s been bullied by his siblings since the moment we met him in book one and no doubt, years before that. He’s constantly looked over by his parents and now, he has his dream job and his parents are telling him, he didn’t earn it, it was handed to him and he’s being used as a pawn. He’s been living in a toxic environment for YEARS and he finally got out. Good on him, I’d say.
  • In book 7, Percy is 100% being used by Scrimgeour but he went to The Burrow anyway. He was welcomed by his mother but not by his siblings. He leaves with mashed parsnips in his face. Wow, why did he ever leave, I wonder?
  • Now we’re at the Battle of Hogwarts and Percy is there. He apologised for leaving and he recognises he was being used and everything he did wrong. He knows he was being a prat and that he hurt his family.
  • (Also, I want to point out that yes, Percy apologised but, his family never did. They forgave him but they never apologised for the horrible things they said and the way they treated him.)
  • He resigns, he fights in the battle of Hogwarts.
  • Then his brother dies, and he’s the last one to make him smile.
  • He cries and tries to protect Fred’s body because that’s all he can do. Can you imagine how guilty he’s feeling by now? He hasn’t seen his family in a year and how Fred’s dead.
  • Percy has a fierce love for his friends and family and Y’all can fight me if you don’t like him.

Also, can we just have a moment of silence for all the teachers at Hogwarts who had to see all their dead students? Yes, they all saw Harry but what about all the teachers who quietly thought Colin Creevey was cute? What about the teachers who taught Remus & Tonks? McGonagall who definitely knows every single student at Hogwarts, walking through the Great Hall and seeing so many faces she’d taught. [link]

Remember back in book 4 when McGonagall said “potter’s a boy, not a piece of meat!” – well, I like to think that one day Harry got a little tipsy while talking to McGonagall and told her all about his horrible childhood and how Dumbledore raised him to die, and McGonagall, the only moderately sensible adult in this series, looked at him straight and told him that none of this was okay, because god knows harry needs someone to tell him that most of the adults in his life were abusive and/or manipulative and absolutely none of that was his fault or okay in any way.Β 


I actually have a suprising amount to say about this book so there will be a part 2! Look out for that in the next couple of days!


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  1. I am glad there is somebody else who feels sympathetic towards Percy. Still remember how in the 4th book, he runs white-faced towards Ron who has just been brought out of the pool during the Tri-Wizard tournament. Wish his family had shown more affection towards him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Percy is probably my favourite Weasley and it hurts me that so many people just look at him at face-value and never actually think about him as a proper character, but they’ll dissect the heck out of a random background character they only meet once or twice?? Fandoms are weird…

      He literally loves his entire family with his whole heart and he gets nothing but crap for it. Like, yeah he likes rules but he would also die for his fam. I love how he acts around his family! In CoS he’s always taking care of Ginny and yeah, book 4 gives me emotions!! I think sometimes people also forget that he’s basically a missle child too and he’s close in age to the twins so the fact that they don’t have a closer relationship is kind of wild to me.

      Honestly, I could talk about Percy Weasley all day, sorry!


    1. Yes, 100%!! I love Percy and I hate that he is viewed through such negative or, oblivious and distant lense unless he’s physically on the page talking. He’s probably my favourite Weasley so I wish that we had gotten to know his character more throughout the series instead of him just being painted as the snobbish older brother and JK leaving it at that.

      I agree, I bet there were only a handful of shitty kids in Slytherin and the rest were fine, the same way not all Hufflepuffs were kind etc. Harry was such an inattentive and oblivious character so it’s lowkey crazy that we had to read an entire 7 book series from his pov!


  2. 1) “Like, why not a coin or a piece of paper or something completely random and obscure? But, noooo he’s got to get a super-secret tiara, his diary and a fucking cup. What in the fuck, he’s a legit an uppity teenage girl and I hate it.” – I am DYING over this, it’s so true

    2) The bit at the end about Harry and McGonagall, yeah, I could see her doing that. It has always broken my heart, ever since I was a kid, how many people I’ve known who HATE Harry as a main character. He’s just an abused, wounded kid doing the best he can to save the fucking wizarding world, almost entirely alone most of the time. Ow, my heart. My sweet little Gryffindor baby. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. He gives off BIG spoilt tantrum child vibes and that’s THAT on that! (omg Voldemort is just Kylo Ren with a magic wand and no hair)

      2. Harry is a literal child forced to fight and die for a war that he had nothing to do with him. From the moment he was born a bunch of adults decided his fate and he was just expected to go along with it??? He’s a sold guy who needs a lot of hugs and a stable and healthy relationship with an adult who doesn’t want to manipulate him. Even Hagrid (whom i love with my whole heart) is a literal raging alcoholic with a tendency to get himself into dangerous situations and never think before he speaks.
      Ugh. Sorry for the rant but I have very passionate thoughts on certain characters in this series and Harry is at the top of that list!


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