My 2020 Reading Stats So Far + A Reading Update

I honestly don’t remember the last time I did a stats-related post on my blog but I recently saw the legend herself, Marija talk about her mid-year stats on her blog and she really inspired me to do the same thing! So here we are and you’d better grab a snack because I really went ham on the stats and graphs today!


The Weight of the Stars
The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #4)

The Weight of the Stars & The Battle of the Labyrinth

I’m currently reading The Weight of Stars by K. Ancrum before I go to bed each night and I’m not very far into it so far but I am absolutely loving it and I already know I’m going to get deeply attached to all of these characters!

I’m also buddy reading The Battle of the Labyrinth with Destiny and I’m not even finished the first chapter yet but I’m excited to dive into this!


The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5)

My next “before bed” read will be Satellite by Nick Lake which I know almost nothing about but I think it’s about teens raised in space who are now coming to Earth and honestly stories like this have always interested me so I’m really interested to rea this. I also plan on picking up The Last Olympian with Destiny in a week or two and I’m super excited to finish this series out!

This year I set my Goodreads reading goal at 100 like I usually do and honestly, I thought I probably wouldn’t even read that number by December 31st but here we are on July 1st and I’ve actually surpassed my goal and I’m still going!

You can find me here on Goodreads!



So far this year I have clearly focused a lot more on fantasy and contemporary, but that’s no suprise. I think the biggest surpise is how big the mystery section is in the graph!


I’m honestly shocked by how many physical books I’ve read this year, I thought I’d read less since so many of the stories I consume are audiobooks!


I had no idea how much YA I’d been reading, I definitley didn’t think 51% of my reading was YA so I’ll have to work on that in the second half of the year. I am happy with the amount of Adult and Middle Grade books I’ve read so far though!


I ususally read a majority of favourite authors each year so I’m pretty chuffed that I’ve read so many new to me authors!


Look how many new to me books I read! Amazing! I hope to keep up with this trend in the second half of the year!


So many 3 stars and a surpising amount of 4 stars which I’m happy about! I wish there were more 5 stars but we can’t have everything.


Look how many books I read between 250 and 400 pages! Honestly, I’m pretty proud of myself for this because that’s such a great amount of pages per book!


And here we see how often I use Audible… *leaves in shame*. Honestly though, Audible is the only service that has the most accessible audiobooks and the largest catalogue + I listen to audiobooks more than any other format so I’m not suprised by this at all, even though 51% is A LOT. I will say though, I have recently acquired Scribd so I will be trying to use that more along with Libby and Overdrive.


Clearly 2020 has been a big year for Assassination Classroom and C S Pacat! I do think that by the end of the year Rick RIordan and Cassandra Clare will be dominating this graphic though since they have so many series and I plan on reading a lot more of their books by the end of the year!


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14 thoughts on “My 2020 Reading Stats So Far + A Reading Update

  1. Wow! All of these stats are so interesting. I have found myself listening to way more audio books this year than ever before. It’s just so much easier and relaxing!

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  2. I love seeing stats, so this post was so interesting! I always love to see the breakdown of what format, genres, and ratings people prefer, and pie charts like these are such a great way to get to know a reader!

    I’m currently using Kal @ Reader Voracious’s spreadsheet to track my reading, and I’m so excited at how easy it’s going to be to make a post about all my stats at the end of the year because of it!

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad!

      Haha, yeah! I was thinking about making my goal 200 books but I think I’ll stick with 100 and just see how I end up and then maybe go higher next year?? Honestly, I think 2020 has been a fluke since I read so much in the first few months of the year!


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