RECOMMENDING MORE OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIES! PART 2 // Nicholas Cage + Murder Mysteries + Disney Feel Goods + Classics


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! So I recently did a post recommending some of my favourite movies of all time and I had a blast talking about all of them with you guys so I figured why not do a part 2?

If you wanna here me go off on tangents and talk about Keanu Reeves and Studio Ghibli a lot you can find part 1 of this series here.

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JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH – I also adore the classic adaptation of this film and I will often throw it in the background while I’m working because it’s basically like calming background noise for me at this point. Also, I love Gertrude. (This is also on Disney+, if anyone’s curious)

But, just focusing on this adaptation, it’s got young Josh Hutcherson in it and of course, Brendan Fraser! Please, i you know what’s good for you, ignore the sequel because it’s awful and I don’t like it. BUT this movie? Amazing! Perfection! We truly don’t deserve it! Also, oh my god, it has a dinosaur in it! πŸ˜‚ Thinking back, this and The Land Before Time might have been the beginning of my dinosaur obsession! Honestly though, this is one o my favourite stories of all time and I’ve loved every adaptation I’ve ever seen of it, so how could I sit here and writ about movies I love without mentioning it?

HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE – Do you love Sam Neil? Watch this movie. Do you love the kid from Deadpool 2? Watch this movie. This is one of those movies that you watch and think wow that was fantastic and then you sort of forget about it. But then you re-discover it again a few months or years later and then you watch it like, 3 times in one day.

PRIDE & PREJUDICE – I don’t know that I really need to recommend this movie because everyone knows what it’s about and you probably know if it’s something you’d watch or not. But, when I was younger I never would have assumed that this would be something I’d enjoy but here we are with me loving this movie with absolute certainty. I think, in general, I just love this story but there’s something about this movie – the soundtrack, the chaotic energy that radiates off of Keira Knightley, the dresses – it’s all very compelling! Once you’ve started this movie, like it or not, you have to stick it out til the end!

MEGAMIND – Hell yeah, back to the animated movies because honestly they deserve to be talked about more often! So, Megamind… if you haven’t heard of or seen this movie you need to go and watch it now, it’s probably on Netflix so get on it stat! It’s a wonderful commentary on and also a mockery of the superhero genre while also being a superhero movie and I love it for that! If you’re not sure about this movie please check out the cast list because it’s fantastic and if it doesn’t convince you to watch the movie then I don’t know what will!

PERSUASION – So, I’ll have a post out about this later this month but Persuasion might just be my favourite Austen story! I’m constantly debating this in my mind but this really might be better in my mind than Pride and Prejudice which 14 year old me never would have believed but hey, here we are! It’s a second chance romance which ordinarily I don’t enjoy at all but there’s just something so compelling about Anne Elliot. Her entire family is stinky trash that thinks they’re hot shit but Anne is a truly good and kind person who was persuaded when she was younger to reject the love of her life and now he’s back and he’s rich and it’s very dramatic I love it a lot!

HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE – This might just be the ultimate nostalgic comfort movie. I recently budy-watched this movie with Destiny over @ Howling Libraries and we had so much fun! Everything (excluding the Dursleys) is so bright and happy and optimistic and he’s learning to play Quidditch and he finally has a home and friends and Hagrid is a cutie and ugh what’s not to love?

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SHREK 2 – I’m back to talking about animated movies and I@m very excited about it! Shrek 2 is the best movie in the franchise and it has a truly fantastic soundtrack! It’s really really funny, I mean that scene with the pepper spray? Writing genius! It also has a really well written and complex plot, the fairy godmother is amazing in every sense – a great villain and does a tremendous rendition of I Need A Hero. The movie also a giant gingerbread man. All in all a great movie, good for kids and adults alike with a consistently funny script and great voice acting.

MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO – In part 1 of this series I recommended 3 other Ghibli movies so I figured why not keep going and recommend another one? Totoro is a fun, nonsensical movie about a family who moves into their new home and there are dustbunnies and a gain something or other, basically a teddy bear named Totoro and he’s cute and at one point it rains and he holds an umbrella at a bus stop and it’s very very weird but so cute! Basically, this is a very cute movie for a slow morning when you just need something nice to start your day!

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN – Have you ever wanted to watch Obi-Wan Kenobi and Peggy Carter hang out with Pooh Bear? Me neither but it turns out I love this movie. it’s just a big nostalgia movie where Christopher Robin has been taken over by the adult world and capitalism so Pooh Bear comes to him to basically sort him out and remind him of his childhood and his imagination. Honestly, it’s a little depressing but I think that makes sense if you’ve seen the cartoon. It’s mostly about a man rediscovering who he wants to be feat. childhood heroes like Eeyore and Pooh Bear.

1917 – This is by no means a happy movie, it’s actually incredibly harrowing and difficult to watch but this is the perfect movie to watch on a slow night when all you want to do is really focus on a small story and a few characters. This movie also has very little dialogue and is quite dark on the screen so it’s great if you get headaches when you’re watching on a screen. It’s absolutely one fht best movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

KNIVES OUT – Oh my god, I think this is the only mystery on my list whatttt??? Okay, so I could do a whole post just on awesome movie mysteries but for now I’ll just talk about Knives Out. This is a Who-dunnit featuring a myriad of famous actors and actresses and Daniel Craig who is a Sherlock-esque character here to solve a mystery. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while and it makes me very very excited for Ana de Armas’ career and what I hope will be the resurgence of who-dunnit mysteries because they’re my absolute favourite and this movie is exactly why! It’s so so so good!

NATIONAL TREASURE – It’s finally time to talk about The Cage! I can’t believe I’ve gotten through 29 movies in this series and not talked about Nicholas Cage yet! Who am I? Okay, so I doubt I actually have to say much to convince you to watch this but I love this movie! I love two types of mysteries 1) who-dunnits and 2) action/adventure mysteries where they have to find a mythological land/object and/or break into a impossible place aka. National Treasure! This movie is so so amrt and has a great cast too! Yes Nicholas Cage is in it and either you like him or you don’t but, what about Justin Bartha? Sean Bean? Diane Kruger? Oh, and Jon Voight is also in it! No excuses people, this movie is amazing!

(Also it’s on Disney+ so there really are no excuses if you have access to the service!)

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CINDERELLA – This is one of those movies that I feel like people wou;dn’t ordinarily associate with me because of course, I’m more vocal about my love for movies like The Matrix or The Mummy but, this really is one of my favourite feel-ood movies. Whenver I put this ons it makes me almsot automaticlaly happier and it never fails to put a smile on my face. It’s less of a musical then say, Aladdin or Beauty and The Beast but the acting and the instumental is so good that I don’t even mind.

ALADDIN – Okay, so if you were following me and the movies I was watching at all last year then you know that I completely feel in love with the live-action Aladdin! I saw it a bunch of times at the cinema and it still remains one of my top 2 favourites, along with Cinderella! They had seriously perfect casting in this movie and I love the soundtrack too! Honestly, I’m so happy this movie is getting a sequel because I love these characters and the cast so much!

FROZEN – I mean, you all know how much I love this movie so I probably don’t even need to say anything but yeah, I love the soundtrack, I love the animation and I love the characters too! Honestly, a lot like Cinderella this is one of those movies that I’ll put on when I’m feeling really tired or run down and I just need something fun and calm to watch. Also, I’m always a sucker for a sibling relationship, though of course, I love Kristoff, Sven and Olaf too!

A CINDERELLA STORY – Do I really need to explain my love for this movie? I love Hilary Duff’s outfits and I love that this gal had the audacity to where a literal wedding dress to a school dance! Who does that? And the dude was like, yeah, this is totally normal!! This movie is so much fun, has a popping soundtrack and honestly, it represents some of the better movies that came out in the early 2000s era!

DESCENDANTS – I have talked about this trilogy a couple of times so far on my blog but I’ve never really dived into why I love it! It’s got thoe cheap, colourful Disney channel outfits + the “bad” characters who only sing about being bad + some seriously bad actors and honestly it’s a whole lot of fun, whether you’re just enjoying it or making fun of it! It’s not the best movie in the world but I really love some of the songs and honestly, it’s such a fun movie to watch!

THE SORCERER’S STONE – Oh my god, again?? Yes, absolutely! I’m back again and ending this post with a bad Nicholas Cage movie! And when I say bad, I mean genuinely awful! πŸ˜‚ I think Cage still had a movie left on his Disney contract so they made this movie and oh my lord, what were they thinking? It’s a weird story basically made just so they could do this scene from Fantasia. So this movie is kind of trash but it’s a lot of fun to watch and it’s an interesting idea! It’s also got a great soundtrack and I really like colouring. It’s also got the dude who voices Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon & Teresa Palmer who I love!




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