Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m bringing you the next instalment in my Harry Potter breakdown series! I’ve been having so much fun exploring each book in-depth and searching for theories relating to each book! I’ll be doing a post for each book in the series, talking about different fan theories and random things I’ve noticed while reading the books! I’m having a blast re-reading the series, especially when I’m thinking about different fan theories in relation to whichever book I’m reading, it’s a lot of fun!

*spoilers for the whole series*

You can find my thoughts on the other books in the series here.


I don’t really have any OoTP specific theories, unfortunately but I do have a theory that focuses on the veil from inside the department of mysteries! You can watch the video that talks about it here. This is actually one f my favourite hP theories so I hope you enjoy!

  • The veil has been around as long as the ministry of magic, and the theory is that Cadmus Peverell while trying to create a way to get back to his dead wife, created the veil. But, because it’s only a one way passage, and only from his end he ended up not using it and later got his hands on the resurrection stone which Dumbledore assumes he created (and was not give to by a random under a bridge).

↦ This theory also talks about how Ignotus may have created the Pensive as a precursor to the Invisibility Cloak. AND Antioch may have created the mirror of Erised as a precursor to the Elder Wand. Can you see why this is my favourite theory?? It’s so much fun and so smart! And it legitimately makes sense!

  • I also think it’s an interesting idea that the veil might have also been used by the Ministry of Magic as a way to kill criminals, sort of like the electric chair but with less bodies to clean up, which actually is super disturbing if you think about it!


So we all know want to know what a boggart looks like when no one else is looking at it, but what does a boggart look like to another boggart? You can thank my 3am brain for that.

So, I was just thinking that theoretically Fred & George would have graduated in this book, had they not left early. So, how do muggle parents attend graduation? Is there a graduation at all?


Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Neville Longbottom? Because, doubtless, no one told him that Sirius was innocent but, he trusted Harry enough to break out of school and go save someone he had previously thought to be a mass murderer. Neville is the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

I would just like to point out that Sirius spent more time in Azkaban than he did with James, Remus, Lily etc. or Harry. And now I’m really fucking sad. ( he was roughly 35/36 when he died so minus 10 yrs until getting to Hogwarts, they only really knew each other for around 10 yrs – then Azkaban 12 yrs – then he only knew Harry for like, 3 years??? which is so fucking sad – like, I’ve never really given that much of a shit about Sirius in the past but this makes me appreciate him a lot more because that’s a fucking tonne to go through)

Why didn’t Harry use the chamber of secrets when teaching dumbledore’s army?? Like, legit no one would’ve been able to get in and the giant basilisk corpse totally would’ve kept Umbridge away.


Random joke but, why can’t Snape be a Herbology teacher?

He can’t keep the Lillies alive!





  1. Seriously, why DIDN’T they use Chamber of Secrets!? This post is gold. I just started rereading the books for the 4th time. It cracks me up. Neville is such a lovely character. He needs more appreciation. I loved him and Luna ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Oh we need a secret place Umbridge won’t be able to access” Uhhh, dumbasses you’ve got one!
      Haha thank you! Enjoy your re-read!
      I know, Neville is fantastic!! Yess, I love Luna too!


  2. Love SO much about this! That theory is so good (Super Carlin Bros are amazing!) and I have ALWAYS wondered that about Boggarts. Neville is so severely underrated, and I love seeing love for Sirius (he’s one of my favourites!). And the idea to teach the DA in the Chamber of Secrets made me legit laugh out loud! This is why Harry’s not a Ravenclaw 😅


    1. I’m glad!
      Yes, it’s one of my all-time favourite HP theories!! Haha, yeah Boggarts are so elusive, aren’t they?
      I agree, Neville is SO underrated!
      Haha, true!!!

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  3. 😀 😀 😀 That thing about Snape is funny! Hahaha…

    Your theory about the veil as to being used to kill off criminals is quite possible you know… So many odd things happen inside the Ministry like how many prophecies can you store?!!!

    About the book, I honestly thought Sirius would come out of the veil sometime in Book 6 or 7… it sucked when he did not.

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    1. Haha, I thought so too!

      The Ministry is honestly so shady and I wouldn’t put it past them!

      It honestly really sucks that JK really had to kill off ALL of the characters (except for Mr and Mrs Wealey + Hagrid) that Harry had formed any real familial connection with. The poor boy!


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