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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! This year I’ve been focusing on getting to know other bloggers in our bookish community and right now I think it’s more important than ever to be staying positive and engaging with each other online, so today I’m interviewing Jeimy @ A Novel Idea!

Jeimy frequently posts book reviews, great book recommendations and insightful discussions! She also has a bomb bookstagram which I highly recommend you check out!

I loved getting to know Jeimy more thoguth reading her answers to my questions! She’s such a fun personality and I cant’ wait for you all to get to know her too!

Here are some of Jeimy’s most recent blog posts if you’re curious to see what she writes about!

A Novel Idea


A Novel Idea



Hi! My name is Jeimy and I run A Novel Idea! Im a small book blogger living in Ambler, PA. Aside from being a book blogger, I am a fullstack web developer and dabble in some digital art from time to time. My favorite book of all time is Two Princess of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine.


I used to ballroom dance!


I do a little bit of everything at the moment. It’s my first year blogging so I’m slowly finding my rhythm. You’ll see tags and memes, a few reviews here and there. There’s a small section on writing and planning/bujo-ing.


My blog is recently Bilingual! I will be posting both in English and Spanish from now on.


I haven’t yet. I’m still seeing what works and what doesn’t πŸ™‚


Yes I do! I want to continue to grow as a blogger and make A Novel Idea a place where my readers can be comfortable sharing their thoughts!


Blogging is HARD. There are so many components that you don’t think about when you aren’t a blogger. SEO? ENGAGEMENT? It’s all intimidating at first.




If you want to be a part of this series contact me at

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