Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire

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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m bringing you the next instalment in my Harry Potter breakdown series! I’ve been having so much fun exploring each book in-depth and searching for theories relating to each book! I’ll be doing a post for each book in the series, talking about different fan theories and random things I’ve noticed while reading the books! I’m having a blast re-reading the series, especially when I’m thinking about different fan theories in relation to whichever book I’m reading, it’s a lot of fun!

*spoilers for the whole series*

You can find my thoughts on the other books in the series here.


Theory nod: There’s an amazing Rita Skeeter theory that I love so I thought I’d share it for shits and gigs

  • “This Harry Potter fan theory is wickedly delightful. Rita – being Rita – was kicked out of the magical world when it was discovered she made up a lot of her stories. She found it hard making a living in the Muggle world and in a twist of revenge, she followed the cliche writer advice and wrote what she knew: the magical world.”

“Tessela-te” expands on that idea, writing on Tumblr, β€œWhat if J.K Rowling was nothing but a half-blood sellout who betrayed the international statute of secrecy just to make money? The wizarding world could do nothing because us Muggles only know the story as fiction. And if they pursued legal action, it would only result in completely destroying the fragile nature of their secrecy.”

  • theory nod: Harry and Ron predict all the trials in the tournament for the divination hwk

He is put “in danger of burns” during the First Task, “loses a treasured possession” during the Second Task, is “stabbed in the back” by a friend (i.e., Professor Moody), and, finally, “comes off worse in a fight”.

  • Hermione memory charmed her parents

I recently read this theory and I really like it because I think it really speaks to Hermione’s character so I thought I’d jot it down here [link] . But this theory basically says that Hermione placed a memory charm on her parents sometime around The Goblet of Fire because from that book onwards she never goes back home, as far as I’m aware.

(Also, if this isn’t true, do her parents just never see her for a stretch of like, 4ish years??)

In Goblet of Fire, she shrinks her teeth after being hexed by Draco Malfoy and I can’t believe that her parents, who are both dentists would be okay with that. Hermione’s not dumb and I can totally believe that she would have the talent to do this and the smarts to be able to see how awful the wizarding community, particularly death eaters, are towards muggles and she would have done everything she could to try and get them away from the whole situation.


“didYA PUT YA NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE”, he asked calmly. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Okay, so I was doing some reading and I came across this post which is continued here and it really got me thinking about what could’ve been. Imagine, if a Slytherin had been chosen as Hogwarts champion and how nuanced that would’ve made the later books.Β  Imagine how much better that would’ve made the Slytherin x rest of the school’s rivalry and how that would’ve added to Draco’s storyline in book 6. I also think it would have shown how unforgiving and horrible the rest of the school can be to Slytherins, because I refuse to believe that every Slytherin is a bad egg. Honestly, if JK Rowling had just made tiny changes in some of the books, the series would’ve turned out so differently and honestly, I think this tiny change would’ve made the series even more complex and interesting. Especially since, Cedric’s death, unfortunately, didn’t seem to really affect anyone but Harry and Cedric’s family.

Yo Hermione is fucking ruthless. She legit kept a grown woman in a jar from anywhere between a week and a month!

Voldemort is a theatrical bitch. Why make Harry go through the whole triwizard tournament? I know some of it must have been to train harry up a bit to make the fight better for Voldemort, or else why would he have been such a good teacher? But, legit why did Harry have to win the final task (which he almost didn’t do) in order to meet Voldemort at the graveyard??? Like, they could’ve made anything a portkey and killed him easily and it would’ve been problem solved.

I kind of wish Harry had approached some of his problems with a muggle way of thinking. Can you imagine, if instead of using Gillyweed, Harry had rocked up to the lake with some scuba gear and an oxygen tank that he ordered via the post? The other kids would probably be hella jealous and I’m sure Cedric would’ve laughed with him at how low-key ridiculous he looked.

  • Let’s talk about Ron and why he was being a d**k head but also I kind of get it? [link]

Ron has grown up in a terribly poor family. He has 6 siblings (and often has Harry and Hermione over at his house) and that’s a lot of mouths to feed, not even mentioning bills, clothes, school fees and other general costs. He has two best friends; Hermione who has dentists for parents, and is generally well off because of that ( I assume), and Harry – the Chosen One with a pretty large vault at Gringotts. They’re both in single-child families, I might add.

Ron has grown up in a very poor environment with second-hand goods and he’s used to it. But, then he meets Hermione and Harry and they’re both pretty rich and suddenly it’s a big issue. Ron uses second-hand uniforms – no doubt handed down from his older brothers (Percy etc.) and his parents literally have to scrimp and save to get the expensive textbooks required at school. But, Harry and Hermione don’t have these problems. It doesn’t matter to them, but it matters to him. Growing up poor isn’t a fun experience, there are certain things you don’t get to have or do and when you’re in that situation it’s glaringly obvious to you and its something that’s constantly on your mind.

So, Ron has been living very much in his brothers’ shadows at home, and now he’s finally got some space, he doesn’t have to worry about food and he has a bit of breathing room. Then he meets Ron & Hermione and that flies out the window, now he’s living in their shadows; The SMatest Witch of Her Age & The Chosen One. You know, no pressure.

But, Ron loves his friends so he doesn’t talk about it because the first rule of broke club is you don’t talk about broke club. Then, Harry’s name gets pulled out of the Goblet of Fire, because of course, it does and his robes for the ball are DREADFUL and so, so second-hand it’s not even funny and now everyone is laughing and Harry’s robes are good, they’re normal, they’re expensive and no doubt, Hermione’s dress will be amazing as well. And that’s the last straw. He’a teenage boy, he’s poor as all get out, his best friends, quite frankly don’t have a clue and he’s HAD IT.Β So, yeah, in conclusion, this was not what I expected to be talking about today but I love Ron Weasley and he deserves more love than he gets.

  • Totally random but do you ever think about how the judges decided who to kidnap for the second task???

Like, they must have been gossiping a lot that year, did they have student spies telling them all the romance gossip? Did they all have a meeting about who was with who??

  • The Ministry of Magic are a bunch of cowards

Harry: Voldemort killed Cedric
Ministry: no
Harry: Use a pensive to see my memories
Ministry: no
Harry: Give me some truth serum
Ministry: no




  1. OH I LOVE THAT AU OF A SLYTHERIN CHAMPION! ❀ I just read the whole thing and I legit cried because it's just so beautiful and would definitely add more layers to the story. I love HP but one of the things that always bother me is they always have prejudice against Slytherin without giving them a chance to redeem themselves as a whole. I truly believe not all Slytherin are evil and some of them might have stood against Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts (even though the book clearly stated their table was completely empty).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I’m kind of obsessed with the idea now and I’m slightly bitter JK didn’t go down that route!
      The story would have been so much more interesting that way and it really wouldn’t have changed the main outline of the plot, just how the trio & co reacted around Malfoy – the eventual payoff of Slytherins joining in the final battle would’ve been amazing! I truly believe that so many of them would’ve stayed and fought!

      Lol, at this point, I sort of put my own spin on the books while I’m reading – I just assume that because Harry is so unobservant, that he simply didn’t notice when things were happening! Like, all the Slytherins went home??? I really don’t think so!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, you plead a VERY compelling case for Ron. I might be tempted to forgive him… might. πŸ˜‚

    I honestly love these style of discussion reviews. I mean, at this stage we all know what Harry Potter is and I appreciate that you go into the theories and really dissect the books instead. Makes for a very interesting read!

    Also I 100% wish that whole Rita-in-a-jar thing was used in the films. No one messes with Hermione! ❀ I hope you are well x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Ron (though he’s not my favourite Weasley!) and he deserves the world. Honestly, I totally get Ron in this book and I wish people would look more deeply into his character, passed the teenage puberty theatrics!

      Thank you, I’ve been really enjoying writing them! I wanted to be able to discuss the series without it feeling stale, so I’m glad you’re enjoying it! If you have any other ideas for ways for me to talk about the books or even topics you’d want to me to do a deep dive discussion on their own, just let me know and I’ll definitely do some research!
      I’m glad you like the theories, it’s so much fun to read the books from a different perspective!

      I know! Hermione is such a badass in the books, so I don’t see why they gave her most of Ron’s big moments when the Rota Jar scene is right there???


      Liked by 1 person

  3. omg brb, checking out the rest of the posts in this series! I’m a sucker for HP theories, and discussions so this post if legit for me!

    Honestly Rowling being a ‘half-blood sell out’ as you put it probably isn’t too far fetched and I kinda love that theory… imagine…

    I honestly always wondered how they decided who to kidnap for the second challenge, and it always tripped me out that Krums person was Hermione? Like first of all, that could be confusing for Harry if he got there first, and didn’t Krum have someone else he cared about??? I dunno hahah

    Love the style of this discussion, can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed it, Lara! Do you have a favourite book in the series?

      Haha, Rowling is definitely not endearing herself to us, is she?? I love that theory too!

      Right?? Like, did they have student spies?? Where the teachers putting names into a hat?? Gossip sessions??
      I completely agree! It definitely confused me the first time I read it, bc who was he supposed to save??? Like, his 2 best friends are there + the girl he has a crush on??? Also, he straight up has a hero complex and you want him to leave a little girl in the bottom of the lake? Yeah right! Honestly, they could’ve just used another student from DOomstrang for Krum to make it easier for everyone! It definitely says a lot that Krum’s person was Hermione, but yeah, poor Harry!

      Thanks, Lara!


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