Hi all! Welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming to you with a new recommendation post! I’m planning on doing a few more of these in the coming weeks because I know most of us are stuck in our homes and possibly very very bored! So, you can expect more movie recommendations from me in the coming weeks, and if there’s anything specific you’d like me to recommend, let me know in the comments!



Every “Show” I’m subscribed to on Spotify

  • Popcorn Culture
  • Classic Faultlines
  • Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
  • Welcome To Nightvale
  • Buffering The Vampire Slayer
  • Angel On Top
  • Hot And Bothered – specifically the Twilight in Quarantine mini-series
  • Office Ladies
  • The Health Code
  • Fantastic Geeks (and where to find them)
  • Charmed and Dangerous: A Charmed Podcast



Starter's Guide β€” WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE

Welcome To Night Vale –Β  So, I think I gushed about Welcome To Night Vale a fair bit at the back end of last year because I was in a “mood” and it was wonderful! This podcast has been printed in book form so you should be able to read it physically in ebook or physical book form (you can also find the transcripts for free here). But, almost always opt for the audio version of a story so I much prefer the podcast over reading the episodes/chapters physically!

WTNV is completely weird, and if you’re not sure what it’s about, well, I hardly know. But, just know that you must not approach the dog park and that angels (legally) do not exist. Also, Cecil is very very gay and it’s very very cute. This podcast isn’t very serious, and it’s mostly just one guy talking about the town he lives in and Carlos the scientist with the perfect hair!

So, if you’re looking for something that has some semblance of normalcy and that actually makes sense, maybe give this one a miss, but if you like weird and a very gay radio host, this is definitely the podcast for you!



About β€” Buffering the Vampire Slayer

Buffering The Vampire Slayer – So, I’m doing my Uni classes from home now because of obvious reasons and for one of my classes we had to watch the first 3 episodes of season 1 of Buffy but I’m an overachiever who loves watching 90s tv shows, so I decided, screw it! I’m going to watch the whole first season, if not the entire show because you’re not my um and you can’t tell me what to do. Okay, that might be a little extreme but it’s also exactly what went through my head. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

Anywayyyy, I should probably talk about the podcast! Buffering TVS, is a podcast that discusses every episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer so if you want to hear two total fangirls discuss each episode because maybe you don’t know anyone who watches the show or you want to reach down deep into your soul to get a glimpse of that 90s nostalgia, or maybe you’ve never seen Buffy and you just wanna know what it’s about. Well, this is the perfect podcast for you!

It’s not something i binge because I’m a slow Buffy watcher who goes at the snail pace of 2 episodes a night, but I do immediately listen to the corresponding Buffering episodes the next morning, it’s a routine! Also, they have a second podcast centring around the spinoff, “Angel” which I obviously haven’t watched yet because I’m still in season 1 of Buffy, but I will listen to it when I eventually watch Angel!



Charmed And Dangerous: A Charmed Podcast | Listen via Stitcher for ...

Charmed and Dangerous: A Charmed Podcast –Β Okay, so this semi-recent trend of people doing podcasts to talk about 90s shows is amazing and I’m hurt that people didn’t start doing this earlier because it’s amazing! I haven’t started this yet because I’m hoping to rewatch Charmed later in the year and then binge-listen to this since it’s only new. But, oh my god, first Buffy and now Charmed? Somewhere out there the 90s tv gods are truly doing the lord’s work!

I haven’t started this yet so I can’t tell you much about this, I can’t even tell you if I think it’s good. BUT, I can tell you that I have a lot of hope for this podcast and I truly hope that it does well and the hosts continue it because it’s completely up my alley!

Do you listen to podcasts?
What podcasts do you recommend?



  1. YES I love Popcorn Culture and Fantastic Geeks! AMAZING I can’t wait for the next geeks episode tHis bReAk Is ToO lOnG tEsSa

    I also really like Nothing Much Happens which is a podcast with stories that calm your brain and stuff and it has the bEST prose so. Also Dear Hank and John is amazing!

    I hope your April is gREAT!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve only listened to a little bit of those so I need to catch up! I love fandom culture so I’m sure I’ll enjoy those casts!

      I might check out Nothing much Happens it sounds right up my alley! Hank and John have a podcast?? I feel like I’ve listened to quite a bit of it but I must have not kept up with it!

      Thank you, Beck, right back at you! Stay safe! πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

    1. WTNV is so good oh my god, no one talks about it anymore and it makes me so sad!

      I’ve never heard of Slumber Party but I’ll definitely check it out, what’s it about?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Slumber Party is a little off the wall–it’s the lead singer from the band Waterparks, Awsten Knight, and his friend Travis, and they have guests on and dramatically read fan fiction xD it’s silly but a good laugh!

        Liked by 1 person

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