Discussion Time: How I Got Out of My Reading Slump! + Kicking Off 2020!


Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m coming to you with a discussion, talking about how I got out of my reading slump in January!

I was in a massive reading slump at the end of last year and into the new year, so I decided to write this blog post as I got through my slump! Since I’ve gotten out of my slump I’ve gotten into a really good reading routine, but with the Coronavirus and barely leaving my house thing happening, who knows what’s going to happen now!



books books Stitch! Volume 1Β  Β Assassination Classroom, Vol. 01Β  Β StormbreakerΒ  Β Point Blanc

Honestly, I just put books down and decided to take a break even though I really wanted to read. If you’ve been following me throughout the year, you know that in January I stopped focusing on books and prioritised movies instead, with my Movie A Day Challenge. So, instead of trying to force myself to read, I just waited for inspiration to hit and it did!Β I was watching the production/cast videos in the alex rider tv show youtube and it got me super nostalgic + I figured it was about time for a re-read anyway so I decided to pick up the audiobook for the first book and now here we are. I managed to read the first 2 books in 1 day ( I started maybe 1pm???) which is pretty impressive, even when I’m in a reading mood.

Later on, I also decided to pick up some manga because it’s aΒ completely new format to me and low and behold I guess I love manga now!

So, I really dove into the Assassination Classroom series and found that it’s a lot of fun and something I have certainly continued with since getting out of my reading slump!

I was on a big break for most of Jan/Feb because Uni hadn’t started yet and work hadn’t started yet either (I work on a school term calendar). Honestly, I think having such an unstructured day for me is what really caused the slump, but hopefully having more structure back with school and work + bus trips will get me to keep reading throughout the year!

I also wrote a post about how I was slumping hereΒ and a lot of you guys helped me out with suggestions and advice which was super helpful and definitely what I needed!


Now, I’ve read 50 books and am almost finished reading books 51 and 52 which hopefully I will have finished by the time you’re reading this! What I found really helps me is audiobooks and setting out a set time to read! Outside, of my set reading times, I generally don’t read much unless I’m determined to finish my book. Interestingly, I think reading slumps are the best time to understand what kind of reader you are. It’s certainly been an informative few months for me!

I also have a massive buddy read planned with Destiny that goes for the rest of the year, and I have some other great challenges planned for my blog which have me excited to keep reading!



9 thoughts on “Discussion Time: How I Got Out of My Reading Slump! + Kicking Off 2020!

  1. I’m glad you got out of your reading slump! Sometimes just taking a break can be the best thing.
    I was also in a bit of a slump last year and started reading some manga, and it really helped me too! I think reading in a new format can be refreshing! πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m so happy to hear that you’re out of your reading slump! The fact that you’ve already read 50 books this year despite the slump is amazing!

    I know I use similar tactics when I’m slumping. Sometimes I just take a break, but when I’m feeling the urge to read again, I usually will reread something or pick up a graphic novel, until I feel ready to get fully back into reading.

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    1. Yeah, waiting has worked in the past for me, turns out all I need this time was to change up my reading style! I’ve been trying manga and ebooks!

      Thank you, I’m up to 55 now! πŸ˜‚


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