Emma (2020) MINI MOVIE REVIEW // Emma: A Comedy???


Emma. Poster

Title: Emma (2020)

Director: Autumn de Wilde


Genre: Comedy, Drama

Triggers: Talk of dead parents,

Release Date: 13 February 2020 (Aus)



This is a surprisingly funny movie. Or, I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise? Because Jane Austen is such an ironic and witty writer that the adaptation should carry that sense of humour too. So, this was a really funny movie that managed to balance the humour with the seriousness of sort of manipulating people into certain situations. I also really enjoyed how the movie handled Emma maturing throughout the movie.

What else? Why should I watch this movie?

  • Bill Nighy hilarious and fantastic the thing with the drafts was fantastic
  • This movie actually gave Emma depth and made me understand her more which has never happened for me before.
  • Emma was really cruel in the beginning and you can really see how sheltered and naive she’s been but she pulls her head out of her ass in the end. this really was the first time I’ve ever understood Emma as a character tbh.
  • I still don’t really understand why nightly likes her tbh
  • Harriet smith actually seems to have a relatively decent head on her shoulders until Emma starts telling her what she thinks and then suddenly Harriet is a full-on dope with a silly smile.
  • first 20 mins are a bit rocky but it gets better!
  • Amazing cinematography and I loved the way the characters moved in each room, like a choreographed dance! really fun to watch!
  • Very faithful to the book while also adding new things that I think added to the story in a really useful way, the draft!
  • Really good cast, though I literally cannot tell the difference between frank Churchill and Mr Elton because they literally look like the same person.
  • Emma was really cruel and has definitely mastered the eye roll and death glare, but I definitely want to watch more stuff with that actress in it in the future.
  • I have no idea how old Nightly is supposed to be in this adaptation, but at least he looked younger so it made it slightly less icky because they clearly get along and can have a good chat without it getting weird and awkward but yeah, I honestly don’t understand this relationship at all. There was more chemistry between Emma and Harriett tbh.




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