Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Last month I decided to do a post talking about my bullet journal spread for February and I had a lot of fun doing that so I decided to do go through my spread for this month too! So, today I’m coming at you with my March spread!

Also a quick caveat – I’m not blessed with any artistic talent and my journal is purely for helping me through the year and I’m using it more to keep myself accountable throughout the year. So, excuse the basic spreads but I’m proud of them!


My first spread of the month is pretty basic, it’s just a calendar for the month! I also have my tbr and page count for March!

Next up I have my March blog tracker, haul and my wrap up page!

I also made up a spread to lay out all the shows I plan on watching, so I wrote out the shows and then I cross out the episodes per season as I watch them! I also have a whole page dedicated to Glee, to try and motivate myself to re-watch the show throughout the year!

Do you use a bullet journal?
What kind of spreads do you make?


6 thoughts on “MY MARCH BULLET JOURNAL SET UP // 2020

  1. I kinda love those stamps!

    I used to bujo but I struggled to keep up with it honestly. I’ve switched to a rings planner this year and it works so much better for me. I just find printable inserts easier than creating the entire page personally.

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    1. I really enjoyed using the stamps, tbh! I’ll be honest I haven’t been great at keeping up with it tbh! I think I might try a ring planner next year just to try it out!


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