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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog!Β This year I decided I wanted to branch out more and get to know other bloggers so I figured why not include everyone in that? I decided to start this series this year and Marilu is my second interviewee! I didn’t know her very well before I did my introduction post but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her through this series! I loved reading Marilu’s answers, and I hope you do too!

Here are some of Marilu’s most recent blog posts if you’re curious to see what she writes about!



My name is Marilu



Well, I’m from Mexico and I’m a bookworm. I became the avid reader I am today around age 14 or 15 when I read The Hunger Games trilogy. Although I’ve always liked reading. The first book I remember reading and loving was Twilight but I think I’m not the only one on that. Anyway, after The Hunger Games, I fell into the bookworm hole and I just never got out, nor I want to.

I don’t have many hobbies, I just like reading, listening to music and bullet journal.Β  My favorite color is blue. One of my all time favorite music bands is the Jonas Brothers. I couldn’t be happier they are back!


Tough question. I really don’t know lol. The only thing that comes to my mind is that I’m super short, I’m like 5’0 πŸ˜…


I usually post book reviews and wrap ups, but since I like bullet journaling, I decided to post all about my reading journal on my blog as well, so there’s also that


Maybe not my content since I don’t post anything original or never seen before, but the fact that I’m from Mexico and I get the opportunity to read in English. That might stand out for those other latinx readers who want to start their blog or join the book community in general


I don’t think I have already found it since I started blogging not so long ago, but I think keeping true to myself and be as honest as I can be, that’ll definitely help me in finding my groove


My only goal is to inspire people in whichever way I can and to make them fall in love with reading


I have learnt to be more organized with my thoughts and personal life, which I’m still struggling with, but I’ll get there haha


Not really, just to remind people to not be afraid of getting out of their comfort zone. Many surprising things can happen when we stop having fear of the unexpected.


You can find me on Instagram at and Twitter at


If you want to be a part of this series or read previous interviews featuring other bloggers check out this link.


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