Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Last month I decided to do a post talking about my bullet journal spread for January and I had a lot of fun doing that so I decided to do go through my spread for this month too! So, today I’m coming at you with my February spread!

Also a quick caveat – I’m not blessed with any artistic talent and my journal is purely for helping me through the year and I’m using it more to keep myself accountable throughout the year. So, excuse the basic spreads but I’m proud of them!


02.1 Feb Calendar

My first spread of the month is pretty basic, it’s just a calendar for the month! because I’ll be starting both uni and work again this month so I know this will come in handy!

My next spreads are my February tbr and pages read for the month!

Next up is my Feb blog tracker (to do list, notes space, follower count, mini calendar for the month). I also included a To Do list for before Uni starts!

Next I did my February haul & wrap up! As well as a bunch of movies I want to watch throughout the year that I can tick off as I watch them. I also did a little list of rom coms I want to watch before Valentines this month!

My last spreads for the month are my 2020 tbr as well as my trimester 1 schedule for Uni & a checklist for the episodes of my favourite podcast, Welcome To Night Vale so I can check off the episodes as I listen to them!


Do you use a bullet journal?
What kind of spreads do you make?


4 thoughts on “MY FEBRUARY BULLET JOURNAL SET UP // 2020

  1. I really enjoy the look of your β€œbasic” spread! Seeing bullet journal spreads like this is refreshing because not everyone has the resources to make super decadent spreads πŸ™‚.


  2. I love how organized you are! I always say that I want to get organized, and start a bullet journal or some other system, but to be honest I’m too lazy to both create and upkeep something this extensive. So for now I’m using Kal from Reader Voracious’s spreadsheet to keep track of some bookish and blogging stats, and a no frills planner to keep track of school work and anything else. Your bullet journal is way more beautiful and exciting!


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