Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! This month I’m mostly working on wrapping up 2019, and starting off 2020, so today I’m coming at you with my top 9 books of 2019! These weren’t necessarily published in 2019, actually, only 2 of them were, but I read them last year and of the 115 books I read these were my absolute favourites!

You can find all of the books I read last year here as well as my Year In Books here.


In no particular order…

and andPractical Magic and Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl, #1) and The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)

  • Practical Magic

This was a very different read for me but earlier last year I was really making more of an effort to challenge myself to read out of my comfort zone and more diversely in terms of genre and age range. So, I picked this up because I had previously read other books by Alice Hoffman that I had enjoyed, and I loved Practical Magic just as much! Alice Hoffman has a beautiful writing style that always draws me in and she also always has amazingly complex and well-written characters who always give the story extra depth and meaning. Sometimes there’s not even much story there’s just a general theme and you’re just experiencing a snapshot of someone’s life but because of the way Hoffman writes her characters, you will care for them a lot while you read the book and even after you put it down, the characters will stick with you. Practical Magic is one of those timeless books that I know I will re-read many times in the future

  • Artemis Fowl

Okay, so even though I have read this multiple times now I somehow have very little to say about it. Listen, this is an amazing book and even though I have read it multiple times now and it never gets old. Artemis is a fantastic pov to read from and him being an anti-hero makes it even more fun. It’s an intelligent and fun story written for kids and adults, it really can be enjoyed by anyone, and I recommend reading it before you watch the movie because it’s such a quick read! (The audiobook is also fantastic!)

  • The Gilded Wolves

This was truly one of my favourite reads of 2019 and I will forever recommend this to people! It’s very National Treasure in France ft. found family and I love it! You can find my spoiler-free review here if you want more of my in-depth thoughts but this was the book that got me back into reviewing books regularly and it also is the first book I ‘ve read in a while, that made me go, hey! Books can actually be fun to read! Which was such a refreshing change for me!

and and The Unhoneymooners and The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1) and Let's Talk About Love

  • The Unhoneymooners

I don’t really have much to say about this one other than it has perfect banter ft. stress baking and a Hawaiin holiday & I will definitely be re-reading this in the next year or two. This was one of the books that really got me into reading romance in 2019 and I had an absolute blast reading it! I also thought it was really interesting how the book talked about weight fluctuation especially since the main character, Olive had a stress-baking habit, much like myself. Basically, it was so good I had to buy my own copy, which is high praise from me! Everything from the relatable MC to the hilarious banter was so much fun to read!

  • The Kiss Quotient

Truly, one of the top 2 books I read in 2019. So good I read it twice.

I never read a book more than once in the span of a year so the fact that I read this twice in 2 months really says something. Long story short, I loved it. This book was a culmination of new experiences for me. I was laughing and crying while I read this book. I don’t know how she does it, but Helen Hoang has such an in-touch way of writing that she manages to make you understand and feel for her characters in a short amount of time (roughly 300-350 pages) while also developing other characters and writing an insanely good love story/plotline. This was such an amazingly written and surprisingly fast read, I truly can’t wait to read more by Helen Hoang in the coming years! I have the utmost faith that whatever she writes next will be fantastic!

  • Let’s Talk About Love

This book made me cry in da club. Well.. not the club, but ya know… school. Look, I cried and it meant a lot to me and it was all very intense. We love Ace rep.

This book broke me. It hit so close to home it had me crying on the bus and cry-laughing every couple of pages. I have never related so much to a character in my entire life and honestly, just thinking about how valid this book makes me feel makes me want to start crying all over again. Remember, whoever you are and however you identify. You are valid and you do not need people in your life who think otherwise. You are valid and you matter and I love you.

Also, if you’re Ace of sensitive to Ace-characters/stories maybe don’t read it it just before class starts because people *will* know that you have been crying and it will be very awkward.

and andStormbreaker and The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Mostly Void, Partially Stars (Welcome to Night Vale Episodes, #1)

  • Stormbreaker

This was purely a nostalgia read. There is a lot wrong with it but I still loved it because this was my comfort read as a kid and I guess it still kinda is?? Huh weird.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite series of all time and Alex Rider, in my mind, is one of the ultimate YA characters, so hopefully, the tv show will do him justice. I have high hopes.

  • The Perks of Being A Wallflower

I’m going to say something controversial yet so brave. This is one of the best books ever written. I truly adore this book from it’s writing to Charlie as a character, this book was amazing when I read it in 2012 and it holds up still in 2020. It does so much in such a small space of time and in so little pages and I commend Stephen Chbosy for it. It’s such an intricate and well-constructed look into Charlie’s life and I really and truly love it.

  • Mostly Void, Partially Stars

This brought me so much unadulterated and pure joy that I couldn’t not add it to this list. This story is so fucking weird and it truly made me smile on some of my worst days last year. If you like the silly and the strange with small hints at real life that will make you go “huh, I see what you did there” please please for the love of Cecil and Carlos, read this book (or, alternatively, and what I highly recommend you actually do, if possible, listen to the podcast!)




13 thoughts on “MY TOP 9 FAVOURITE READS OF 2019

    1. She’s one of my favourite authors, I hope you’ll give her a try! I recommend reading The Rules of Magic before Practical Magic because it’s a prequel of sorts and will give you more insight into the world and characters! Also, it’s just really good!

      I hope you enjoy!


  1. I haven’t read any of these xD

    I really liked The Boy Who Steals Houses (here I go again xD), Six of Crows (I mean c’monnnn), and Waste of Space (if you haven’t read it, please try it- it’s about a reality TV show where they basically kidnap children and make them believe they’re in space)

    But seriously I think I’ll try one of these- they sound amazing!!

    I hope you read many fantabulous books this 2020 (and hopefully with ease since we finally have 2020 vision ahahahahha)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nooo, they’re all soo good!

      Ahh, I’ve heard such good things about The Boy Who Steals Houses, this may sound obtuse but what is it about?

      I actually read Waste of Space because you recommended it and I loved it! It was such an interesting read!

      I hope you have an amazing 2020 too! Oh my god the 2020 vision joke! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s about a homeless boy (sam) and his brother (avery) and they break into houses to live in and stuff… also they steal but mainly sleep. then he makes friends with a family that’s literally just the weasleys stuffed in a messy yellow house in australia. also there’s a really random twist at the end but somehow it works. also it will crush your soul forever (I only survived bc I don’t have one)


        I can see so much clearer now! xD


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